Pick a society that has faced oppression, either currently or during a specific time in the past. Remember that this is a world music course designed to expand your horizons, so tr

american studies writing question

Please provide an answer that is 100% original and do not copy the answer to this question from any other website since I am already well aware of this.
Welcome to the oppression project. This is a new addition to this course based off of some feedback from students and some feedback from the A&S dean and her team. In short, the assignment is to address the first three global awareness outcomes in a short paper (6-8 Full Pages Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Not Including References). Those outcomes are:
The ability to understand global cultural diversity, through immersion in perspectives, viewpoints, and traditions of a culture or more than one culture outside of the United States, past or present.
The ability to compare and contrast the unique characteristics of world cultures and the universality of human experience through examination of traditions, social organization, and ways of life.
The ability to analyze and understand the interconnectedness of global and local concerns.
There are several advantages to having a project like this at the very beginning of the course, but let me highlight two of them. First, this is my first opportunity to get to know you as a writer, so I can help fix any issues before we get into the bulk of the course. Second, you will be using the five aspects of society framework in this assignment, which will be the same framework for the much bigger “expert” project (and possibly the global awareness project if you choose that route).

The five aspects of society framework:
The five aspects of society framework is also a really great place to start in any of your coursework across the university that concerns the study of people in general. I think about them a lot. In fact, whenever I hear someone mention the word “society” in a class discussion, my mind automatically goes to these five aspects.
The five aspects of society are these: political, economic, social (including religious), idealistic, and artistic. Please note, you do not have to have an extensive section on the “artistic” aspect for this particular assignment because we are at the beginning of the course, but later in this course in the “expert” project, it should be the bulk of the paper. Here are some more details, but as you read, think about how each aspect affects the others:
The political aspect refers to who is in charge.
Example: Is this society a democracy or a monarchy?
Connection to other aspects: How tightly does the political system restrict or encourage (fund) artistic expression?
The economic aspect refers to how people make a living (which may not include a monetary system).
Example: Is this society a free market or one based on inherited/communal wealth?
Connection to other aspects: Are there wealth disparities in this society, and do they affect the political and social aspects?
The social aspect (including religious) refers to how people interact with each other.
Example: Is there social mobility in this society? Is it a caste system? Do religious leaders wield great power?
Connection to other aspects: It can be fascinating to see how people divide themselves based on what they perceive to be vast ideological or political differences when, from an outsider perspective, the two factions have much more in common.
The idealistic aspect refers to the ideals that the society holds dear and true.
Example: Does this society value scholarship, free speech, competition, religious tradition, military strength, or pacifism?
Connection to other aspects: In my view, the idealistic aspect drives all of the other aspects of society. Humans are driven by ideals, and they construct the political, economic, social, and artistic constructs to make them happen. For example, the US was built upon Enlightenment period ideals of (e.g., life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), so our country has one of the most inclusive college and university systems in the world, arguably to be a land of opportunity. Many of these colleges and universities (or individual projects within them) are funded by federal and state governments. You can see how ideals can really become the lifeblood of any given society.
Lastly, the artistic aspect is the manifestation of the idealistic aspect through artwork (remember you do not have to have a lot of material for this aspect in this assignment, but you will for the expert project). You can think of it as the idealistic aspects’ megaphone.
Example: In the 1960s in America, protest music was an overwhelming part of the artistic aspect of society, which in turn reflected the idealistic sentiments of the youth culture at the time.
Connection to other aspects: I’m sure you can think of some cringe-worthy examples of artwork (musical or otherwise) that has been created for propaganda purposes in some totalitarian regimes.

What to do in this assignment:
There is a formal rubric attached to this module, to ensure fairness and to show my superiors that we have a culture of assessment, but here are some directions using informal language:
1) Pick a society that has faced oppression, either currently or during a specific time in the past. Remember that this is a world music course designed to expand your horizons, so try to pick a society you do not know much about. Here are some examples of societies or specific types of music in those societies (to better help you find material), but I encourage you to find something that appeals to you: Capoeira (from Brazil, created by enslaved people), Irish ballads (when facing oppression and land seizures from the English), Tibet (facing oppression from China), India (facing oppression from the English), Trinidad or other Caribbean countries (facing oppression from most of Western Europe, lots of socially conscious music sprang up from that). Remember that your required textbook for this class has some great examples.
2) Find information about that society from reputable sources. There are a lot of books on reserve for this course in Coe Library, so consider going to the front desk and leafing through. We live in the information age, so there are plenty of good resources online, but there are plenty of bad ones, too. Look for resources associated with universities (.edu addresses) or non-profit organizations (.org addresses). Oxford is the definitive publisher in this field. They have some online resources available, but they also have little books (with CDs) just like our required textbook. A list of those books is in the front part of our required textbook under “Global Music Series” and most if not all of them are in Coe. One note, Wikipedia is not a reputable source, but those sites often have links to reputable sources. It might be an OK way to start a search, but please do not cite a Wikipedia article.
3) Write a one-page introduction about how you will meet one or more of the first three global awareness objectives (earlier in this post) by the end of this paper.
4) Dedicate about a page and a half (sometimes more, sometimes less based on the society) and write what you now know about each of the five aspects of that particular society: political, economic, social, idealistic, and artistic (you do not have to emphasize this one too much). You can have those words as subheadings if you want to.
5) Write one to two paragraphs summarizing how you have met at least one of the first three Global Awareness outcomes (this can be similar to your introduction).
6) Create a page of references or works cited. I am not looking to give anyone a hard time about how you format these references, as long as they are consistent and they look good. Please do whatever format you do in your field (mine is APA, but we have a diversity of majors in this class).
Requirements: 6-8 Full Pages Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc file
Please provide an answer that is 100% original and do not copy the answer to this question from any other website since I am already well aware of this
Please be sure to include an introduction paragraph with a clear thesis statement in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph
Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions
No plagiarism & No Course Hero & No Chegg. The assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool
Please be sure to include at least one in-text citation in each body paragraph
Please be sure to use sources that are credible or scholarly
Requirements: 6-8 Full Pages Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc file
Jarrett Hatch The Oppression Project Intro to World Music North Korea Introduction Throughout this paper I hope to complete the first and second global awareness objectives. I hope to gain a better understanding of global cultural diversity, through immersion in perspectives, viewpoints, and traditions of a culture outside of the United States. I am also eager to compare unique characteristics of world cultures and the universality of human experience through the examination of traditions, social organization and ways of life. Through my study of North Korea, a country that has a long history of oppression, I hope to gain a new perspective of world culture and a new appreciation for cultures other than my own. The first objective that I will attempt to achieve throughout this process is an understanding of global cultural diversity. This will be done through the observation and analysis of the culture of North Korea. I will be analyzing the political, economic, social, idealistic, and artistic aspects of North Korean society. I do not have any prior knowledge about the customs or traditions of this culture and am excited to learn more about them. I believe that this will allow me to gain a new appreciation and interest for not only this culture but others outside of my own as well. The second objective I hope to accomplish during this paper is comparing unique characteristics of world cultures and the universality of human culture. As I stated previously, I
do not know much about this culture but after this secondary research I will have a better idea of how the culture of the United States compares and contrasts to that of North Korea. I do not know what to expect from this process, but I am enthusiastic about learning about a new culture and examining their traditions and customs. I will be examining North Korea through the five aspects of society framework to better understand the culture and society of this country. The five aspects of society are: political, economic, social, idealistic, and artistic. After examining North Korea from each of these lenses I believe I will have a fairly good grasp on the culture and customs. Political When studying a different culture, I believe it is insightful to have a basic understanding of the political structure and how that fits in with everyday life. It is important to understand how freely the government allows its people to live, and if they are allowed and encouraged to express themselves through art and music. The political structure of North Korea is interesting and pretty complex to understand. According to a country report of North Korea in 2016, the Democratic PeopleÕs Republic of Korea, its official name, is a One-party rule system that is based heavily in the ideas of juche (self-reliance) and songun (military-first) (ÒPolitical StructureÓ 2016). The ideologies that the government rules with are interesting and offer a clear insight to how the rest of the world sees North Korea. The idea of juche is interesting because the rulers of the country believe in self-reliance and solving problems by itself. This makes me believe that North Korea, as a country, is not very open to influence from other cultures or countries. This makes me believe two things. First off, this cultural isolation probably stifles the possible growth
of this society in some regards because it is not receptive to new ideas. It also makes me believe that there are strong, long-lasting traditions that these policies have cultivated. I think that this isolation is dangerous and without outside influence there is a high likelihood of groupthink occurring. But it also makes me excited to learn about the traditions that the citizens of North Korea have been practicing in this region even before its establishment in 1948 (North Korea 2018). Economic Along with political aspects of a country, I believe that it is vital to be aware of the economic standing in order to understand a society. The way that a country makes money, and how advanced its technology is, has major implications on the quality of life of the people that live there. Whether a country is more industrial or more agrarian can offer suggestions about how the people live and how happy they are. According to an article titled International Symposium on North Korea’s Economy and Fisheries, ÒThe sea is not only the main source of protein for the North Korean people, but also the major source of its export earningsÓ (Kim 2014). This tells me that the country is more agricultural and rural in nature. While there may be a few cities that are large and industrial, it makes me believe that most towns and cities are small and technologically behind the rest of the world. While this does not necessarily have a direct correlation to happiness, I think some assumptions can be made about how these people are living in their society.
Another article states, Òthe informal service sector contributes to North Korea’s economic growth, but the lack of private property rights constrains the development of manufacturingÓ (David-West 2013). This quote makes me believe that there is opportunity for growth and industrialization to explode in North Korea, but the economic and political structures are holding the people back from their full potential. It seems to me that the government does this in an attempt to control their people and keep them oppressed. This is just a theory, but if there is opportunity for growth that is not being taken advantage of, there must be a reason. Social The social aspect of society is arguably one of the most important things to study when trying to understand a new culture. I am most eager to analyze this aspect because I think this will give me the best idea of what the people are like and how they interact with each other. It will be interesting to discover if the society affects the political and economic aspects or if it is the other way around. It was interesting to study the dynamic of this society, and it was honestly surprising to read. According to the article Erich Fromm and North Korea: Social Psychology and the Political Regime, ÒNorth Korea is a highly gendered, male-dominated, patriarchal society centered on the image and authority of the fatherÉÓ (David-West 2013). While it is not completely surprising that an agrarian and less-advanced society is male-dominated or patriarchal, it was interesting to learn about. The citizens of North Korea view their leader, Kim Jong Un as their own father. Even if the children are raised without knowing their
biological father, they are raised to view their dictator as their own father and hold him in the highest regard (David-West 2013). The same article goes on to say ÒÉwomen are economically inferior to men in North Korea,Ó (David-West 2013). Again, it is not necessarily a surprise that this is the way that the country views women, but it was interesting to learn about this dynamic. Even the proletarization of women was not done in an effort to empower or include women, but instead was done to utilize female labor in the economy (David-West 2013). The societal aspect was one that I was very interested in and was not disappointed by what I found. It was an insightful discovery learning how dramatic and influential the gender roles are in this society. Idealistic Another indication of how a culture operates is the values the society views as important. This can be seen in the attitude and actions of individual people and the society as a whole. It will be an interesting aspect to uncover and will also give insights about how the culture operates. According to the article by David-West, ÒThe ethnonationalism of the North Korean regime is not a secret,Ó (David-West 2013). This was interesting to learn about because it painted the country in a new light and showed how highly this culture views itself. It goes beyond a point of nationalism, which is not an uncommon concept for a country to value but takes it to a new place that also involves ethnicity and heritage. This culture believes not only are they the best country, but that their race is superior than others. They are so ingrained in the idea that their way of doing things is superior
to others that they oftentimes are unaware and unconcerned with what other cultures think of them. The article goes on to say, ÒThe social and political expression of group narcissism creates a situation in which the world does not exist in the normal sense,Ó (David-West 2013). This shows that the perceptions of reality have been manipulated so far by the ruling class and by the idea of self-reliance that the citizens no longer view the world as it truly exists. This was an interesting revelation, I was not expecting to discover somethings so controversial about the way the culture views itself. These values are very strange to me because in our culture we are taught not to think this way and focus on inclusion of other ideas and cultures. Artistic It is important to also be aware of the art that a culture is responsible for when studying their values and beliefs. It is interesting to study the art of North Korea because it is almost as mysterious as the country itself. It may seem like there is a rich and diverse culture after looking at the art from this country, but that all might be contrived in order to make the country appear better than their reality. According to a BBC article, ÒFor all the impressive skill of its talented pool of artists, artistic freedom in North Korea might only be an optimistic myth,Ó (Boboltz 2015). This is an interesting insight. The country appears to be something that it is not and is actually regulating one of the things that is supposed to be the most freeing and unregulated. It was shocking to me that even this aspect of their society is fabricated. Summary
After analyzing different aspects of the society of North Korea, I believe that I have a better understanding of this culture and have also fulfilled the objectives that I set out to throughout this process. The first objective that I set out to complete was an understanding of global cultural diversity. The second objective that I was hoping to accomplish was comparing unique characteristics of world cultures and the universality of human experience. I believe I was able to accomplish these objectives and have learned a great deal in the process. I was unsure of what would come from this study of North Korean culture, but I definitely am coming away from it with a fresh perspective on how oppressed these people actually are. Most of their culture is manipulated by the ruling class, and even the values that they hold close to their hearts has been ingrained into them for unjust purposes. It gives me a new appreciation for the country and culture that I have grown up in. I believe that I was able to gain new perspectives of another culture while simultaneously being able to compare and contrast this new culture with my own. I have learned a lot about cultural diversity and how interconnected humans really are.
References Boboltz, Sara. ÒNorth Korea’s Arts Scene Is Just As Mysterious As The Nation Itself.Ó The Huffington Post, TheHuffingtonPost.com, 22 Sept. 2015, www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/north-korea-art-scene_us_55ef4c0ee4b093be51bc9a0a. David-West, Alzo. ÒErich Fromm and North Korea: Social Psychology and the Political Regime.Ó Shibboleth Authentication Request, 4 Mar. 2013, journals.sagepub.com.libproxy.uwyo.edu/doi/10.1177/0896920512466275#articleCitationDownloadContainer. Kim, Suk H. “International Symposium on North Korea’s Economy and Fisheries.” North Korean Review, vol. 10, no. 1, 2014, pp. 3-4. ProQuest, http://libproxy.uwyo.edu/login/?url=https://search-proquest-com.libproxy.uwyo.edu/docview/1681110926?accountid=14793. ÒNorth Korea.Ó History.com, A&E Television Networks, www.history.com/topics/korea/north-korea-history. “Political structure.” Country Report: North Korea, 18 May 2016. Academic OneFile, http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/A466065142/AONE?u=wylrc_uwyoming&sid=AONE&xid=2c0fda98. Accessed 18 Sept. 2018.

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