Online Food Delivery Services Essay

Online Food Delivery Services Create Higher Revenues for the Restaurant and More Jobs for the Americans.

Online food delivery raises revenue for restaurants and it also creates a job for people. It is a perfect marketing strategy for a restaurant especially to target millennial customers.
Based on the survey above, please write an analytical result from the data.

Online Food Delivery Services Create Higher Revenues for the Restaurant and More Jobs for the Americans

The survey provides interesting insights about online food delivery services. From the survey, it is evident that there is a significant number of millennials who have adopted to use the food delivery services since over 30% of those who took part in the survey reported to have used it in the past month. With regards to frequency of using these services, it was amazing to note that there is a section of millennials who always use online food delivery services. However, the largest percentage of the participants reported that they “sometimes” use the services. From the survey, the percentage of participants who have never used the online services is way lower compared to those that reported to use the services always and sometimes. This indicates that there is great potential to have millennials order food frequently from online food delivery services. From the survey, some of the elements that have driven millennials to opt for the services are the flexibility and comfortability of the services. This is evidenced by the participants response that when they hear online food services some of the terms that come to their minds include easy, comfortable, Thaifood, and convenient. These terms can be attributed to the fact that all one needs to have ready food is just a smartphone and internet connection and at a click of a button, food is delivered.

It is evident from the survey that price is one of the factors that millennials examine before ordering their food. Approximately 75% of the participants reported that price is a factor they consider when selected their preferred food delivery services. This is a result that owners of the food delivery services should use to ensure that they are competitive enough in the market. Some food delivery services have actually opted to give discounts, promotion codes, and bonuses in order attract more millennials to order food from them.

Delivery time is an element that almost every person looks up for when ordering food through online food services. Usually, individuals will prefer to buy food from services that will take the shortest time possible for the delivery to be made. This fact is clearly evident in the survey as approximately 80% of the respondents reported that delivery time is an important factor when ordering food. It is for this reason that most startup companies are advised to have standby riders to distribute their orders or set up outlets at strategic parts so as it is easy for them to make timely deliveries.

The survey results also indicate that the users are always ready to give out tips as over 80% of the respondents confirmed that they usually give it out tips. It can also be deduced from the results that the amount of tips that are given correlate with the nature of service. For instance, 50% of the respondents reported that they give up to 20% in tips if their food is delivered on time. This result indicates that one way that online food services can be competitive is by ensuring that they do not delay their orders.

Indeed, online food services increase the revenue of the respective restaurants. The survey indicates that over 50% of the participants agreed to ordering food from the restaurants mainly because of the online food services. It can therefore be deduced that the number of sales that these restaurants are making have increased as a result of online food services. Among some of the reasons that have been cited for using online food services include; being lazy, lack of enough time, having a busy schedule, and it is time-saving, and preference of the participants to eat from home. Based on these reasons, it can be concluded that online food services is a new model of business that is likely to cause a major change in the food industry. Despite increasing the revenue for the restaurants, it will also create employment as more riders will be sort and information technology experts will step up to update the food applications so that they are as competitive as those in the market.