Nursing Dissertation Topics


  1. common Nursing dissertation topics
  2. Clinical Management Dissertation Topics
  3. General Nursing Dissertation Topics
  4. Pediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics
  5. Health Organizations Dissertation Topics
  6. Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics
  7. Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Nursing Dissertation Topics

Pursuing a nursing degree, especially when it comes to research calls for several considerations including the hardest part of choosing a nursing dissertation topic. A lot of the examples of dissertation topics on the internet nursing dissertation topicshave been done over and over again hence have no great value. Therefore, our nursing dissertation writing services provide the best topics for nurses at any level study, undergraduate and postgraduate.

Common dissertation topics are outlined below:

  • Ways that nurses use to develop their working environment and to treat the elderly in society.
  • The problems associated with diabetic patients
  • Measures that can be taken to control and reduce challenges within hospitals.
  • Programs for controlling stress levels among young adults in the hospital setting.
  • The problems nurses face when they return to the nursing profession after a long break
  • The effectiveness of nursing models in various conditions
  • Effective programs for nursing practitioners
  • Ways to improve nutrition programs among older adults in their homes
  • Relationship between nursing practice and service quality offered by health care providers
  • The role and responsibility of nurses in the treatment of cancer problems
  • The relationship between psychological well-being of nurses and nursing professionals.
  • The main challenges affecting nurses in their practice
  • Relationship between nursing practices and clinical management
  • The effect of nursing theories on the nursing profession
  • Ways through which nurses use to cope with fear challenges.
  • Steps necessary for improving patients conditions
  • Mental illness and its impact on patient growth
  • Ways to control and reduce mental illness among older patients
  • Importance of nursing behaviors in health care settings
  • Why nurses should promote their brand image and reputations
  • Nursing ethics and its significance in health care practice
  • How to manage patients to accept food
  • How to deal with burnout challenges among nurses
  • Relationship between intuitions and nursing professionalism
  • How to promote verbal communication among nurses and patients
  • Self-management practices adopted by patients
  • Therapy practices among older patients
  • Do the Asthma self-management programs function better when the family of the sufferer is involved?
  • Why nurses should be allowed to proscribe drugs to patients
  • Importance of good relationship among nurses and their patients
  • The dangers of HIV/AIDS and how it can be controlled.
  • Importance of child health care units
  • How to balance nursing work and home activities
  • How laughter therapy can improve patients conditions
  • Ways to improve kindness and caring behaviors among nurses 

Clinical Management Dissertation Topics

Clinical management in the nursing field does involve not only the application and use of nursing interventions but also the management aspect of the nursing profession and general healthcare within a hospital, health center or a  clinical setting.

Some of the common topics within Clinical management include:

  • Administrative challenges within Adult Nursing Staff and work conditions
  • Clinical management of patients with cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure in a hospital environment
  • Critical Care Nursing: Studying patient safety management
  • Clinical management risks while dealing with prostate cancer patients
  • Management issues in providing hospital care to patients
  • Perceived management challenges in child health care
  • Management strategies to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder
  • How Telemedicine Changes Healthcare Administration
  • High nursing staff turnover in a community hospital may jeopardize patient safety and fail to optimize performance at a small healthcare facility: examining causes and possible solutions.
  • Comparative analysis of private and national healthcare systems
  • Risk management and needs assessment in health care.
  • The potential benefits of cognitive behavioral management therapy
  • Improve and standardize the quality of care in the management of neonatal intensive care unit.
  • How effective is health care management of the elderly (above 65years) with dementia
  • A holistic approach to pediatric HIV/aids management
  • A holistic approach to the management of pediatric obesity.
  • Mental health counseling and management in different cultures.
  • Denominational support for clergy mental health management

Here are examples of topics and factors to consider while writing a nursing dissertation in clinical management:

  1. General issues and challenges encountered in the clinical management of a patient suffering from prostate cancer.

    Prostate cancer is on the increase among men and finding out the major issues and challenges nurses experience in its management can be a great breakthrough.

  2. New interventions in the management of patients in the intensive care unit

    A nursing student might decide to focus on the adults admitted to the ICU and identify the most important interventions a nurse can use to ensure the patient receives the best care.

  3. Perceived issues when it comes to the management of elderly patients

    Clinical management of elderly patients is a challenge in the nursing field. There are people who have their own perceptions. Therefore, it will great if these perceptions are demystified through scientific research.

  4. Clinical management and psychosocial treatment offered to patients in prisons that are drug dependent

    Prisoners might in some cases not receive the best of clinical management. According to nursing theories, every patient is entitled to quality healthcare. Therefore it is important to identify the best treatments for patients in prisons especially those with psychosocial problems.

  5. Possible interventions in the clinical management of communicable diseases

    Communicable diseases have several interventions. Therefore, a nursing student can decide to focus on two or three infectious diseases and identify the best of interventions in the management of these infectious diseases.

  6. Clinical management of patients with non-communicable diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure

    NCDs are on the increase globally. A nursing student can undertake a meaningful study when he or she focuses on possible clinical management practices for such diseases.

General Nursing Dissertation Topics

The study of general nursing has one principal aim; to ensure that nursing care is spread across all the sections of a society irrespective of class and standard of living. It focuses precisely on the responsibility of a nurse as a voice and advocate for the best quality of life.  Some of the important nursing dissertation topics on general management include;

  1. Challenges that nurse experience when they come back to work after a break or leave. This topic can give a clear insight into what an ordinary day of a nurse who is just from a break looks like, the challenges they face and hence provide some solutions.
  2. Roles of nurses as assistants to medical practitioners. Nurses have several duties and clarifying or giving a clear picture of what they need to do is a breakthrough to the nursing career.
  3. Preparation of nursing plans for patients that require selected attention like those that need psychological counseling. Patients with psychological problems need attention and closer monitoring. Giving a deep thought and coming up with a nursing plan for such patients can be helpful to the nursing profession.
  4. The roles of nurses in off-site healthcare centers. Hospitals tend to have off-site centers. These centers need the attention of a nurse. Coming up with the precise duties of a nurse in such centers can help curb the confusion that exists most of the time.
  5. Managing nursing staff that is providing care in an epidemic hit area. Epidemics are emergencies and there is always a lot of activities when it comes to the provision of healthcare. It involves a number of people in the healthcare field. Therefore, managing such a large number of people can be challenging. Looking out for a solution can be of help to the nursing profession.

Pediatric Dissertation Topics

Pediatric nursing topics have got a lot of popularity over the years among students doing their research. Pediatric nursing is one of the leading fields in academic healthcare studies, and they are the most searched topic on the internet. Nursing care of the children is of great importance. Pediatric nurses are on high demand because of the much attention towards pre-natal and post-natal care given to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, students look for an ideal topic they can tackle as they go through their studies. When a student is writing a dissertation on pediatric nursing, he or she needs to look closely at the positive impact on patient care. Some of the dissertation topics on pediatric nursing are;

  1. The importance of public health in addressing the obesity and overweight issue among children. The student can concentrate on a particular geographical area and age group to ensure the topic is not too broad.
  2. A post-natal plan for children suffering from respiratory disorders. Respiratory disorders have been shown to cause deaths among infants. Such a study can generate a very effective plan for infants with respiratory disorders.
  3. The roles of nurses in making sure children from slums have good health. This study must be focused to certain geographical area that is a slum.
  4. The public health model and its utilities in maintaining the health of various sections of society: A case of children aged 0 to 5 years in a certain society, country or any geographical location.
  5. Cost control measures and their effects in the pediatric centers across a country. A student can choose to look at a section of centers in their country.
  6. Duties of a pediatric nurse in a health care facility. Nurses tend not to understand their roles in the pediatric department; such a study can be an eye-opener.
  7. Managing the communication problems in the pediatric ward. Nurses can find better ways of communicating if such a study is carried out.

Other major childcare dissertation topics include:

    • The impact of divorce on child development
    • The impact of parent death on child development
    • How to improve ethical behaviors within pediatric settings
    • Burnout problems during child patient care
    • Emotional challenges among nursing staff
    • Training within child nursing in developing countries
    • Child nursing standards among nurses working in developed countries
    • Obesity challenges among children
    • Communication challenges among nurses and children
    • Nursing control measures among children
    • Staffing practices among nurses in pediatric settings
    • Neonatal nursing staffing practices
    • Child nursing problems within modernized urban hospitals
    • How nurses deal with rare diseases among children
    • Way to increase child wellbeing within wards

Health Organizations Dissertation Topics

Major agendas in the health sector are supported and driven forth by the largest and leading health organizations globally. Such organizations invest so much in research and development as a primary way of establishing the best of treatments and health care provision. Therefore, a nursing student can generate the best dissertation when he or she focuses on one or more health organization. The following are possible topics for a nursing dissertation on health organizations;

  1. Trends over the years in the research funding by the National Institutes of Health. The national Institute of Health provides funding and support to researchers in the medical field including nurses. Analyzing their trend in funding over the years might help the institution make changes in the policies as far as health and research is concerned.
  2. The focus on public health policies as described by the health department. A nursing student can focus on her or his specific country. Find out the policies that are given priority in the health department as far as public health and the nursing profession is concerned.
  3. The approaches and the policies used by the World Health Organization in understanding the development of a child. WHO has written reports and conducted surveys on maternal and child health. Analyzing their policies and the approach they use in understanding child development can help create an approach in the nursing practice that will help tackle issues related to child development and complication associated with the development of a child
  5. Effectiveness of the Nation Health Service in providing healthcare to the elderly, pregnant women and children. A student nurse can decide to focus on any vulnerable group and find out how effective the NHS has been in providing health care to these groups of people.
  6. Research, development and innovation strategies towards healthcare as outlined by NHS. A nursing student can decide to focus on the NHS and look at how the policies and strategies have helped shape the health care system.
  7. UNICEF, WFP, World Vision are other international health organizations that a nursing student can focus on. Go deeper into analyzing their policies and strategies, the impact they have on the health sector and what they share in common, the culture, dynamics and strategic management. Dissertations on health organizations help in adjusting the policies in place.

Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Critical care nursing is very significant especially in hospitals or healthcare facilities that provide tertiary care to patients. A nurse is an important person when it comes to critical care. Therefore, as a nursing student writing his or her dissertation, considering a topic on critical care is very important. The following are some of the topics that can be explored through a critical care nursing dissertation;

  1. Evaluation of the staffing procedures when allocating nurses to critical care wards. Not every nurse can work in critical care wards or units. There need to be specialized nurses who have been solely trained to take care of patients in critical care units. Therefore, a student nurse can identify some of the ways or criteria followed when allocating duties to nurses in critical care wards.
  2. The application of Ropan Logan Tierney Model in preparing care plans for psychiatric patients. Care of psychiatric patients is critical. Therefore, such a model can be of help when planning care plans. A student nurse can analyse and identify the best ways of applying this model.
  3. Evaluation of the conceptual model of critical care nursing. The conceptual model has been used over the years by nurses when providing care to patients in critical conditions. As a student, it can be significant evaluating its use and effectiveness in critical care nursing.
  4. A plan for rehabilitating a patient paralyzed by a brain stroke or any kind of stroke. Stroke is very critical and challenging when it comes to management. Therefore, a student nurse writing his or her dissertation on critical care can come up with the best plan for taking care of patients with stroke.
  5. The quality of care given to patients suffering from Acute Myocardial Infraction. A student can decide to compare the care provided by the nurses on night and day shift. He or she will be able to note the differences and areas of improvement.

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

The mental health needs of a certain population vary. The needs of women, men and youths are totally different. Nevertheless, mental illness can be managed or even prevented when there exist appropriate interventions for mental patients. Appropriate intervention can be identified through research. The following topics can help students interested in writing a dissertation on mental health.

  1. The effectiveness of psychiatric medication and treatment for patients with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is one mental illness that is on the rise among different age groups and gender. Therefore, a student nurse can go further into analyzing the efficacy of medications and intervention offered to patients with schizophrenia. Are they effective? What is being done right or wrong? What changes can be made? These can be some of the guiding questions.
  2. How to attend to needs of elderly patients suffering from loneliness and depression. Most of the time, the elderly are diagnosed with depression and loneliness because they have been left alone to fend for themselves. Therefore, it is logical for a student in the nursing profession to identify the best practices that can be employed when attending to the needs of such patients.
  3. Drug abuse in relation to mental health among youth and adolescents. There is an increasing case of drug abuse among young people because they want to be excited and have the freedom to do so. What they don’t understand is that the might be at risk of mental illness. A nursing student is in a better position to go out and identify the relationship between mental illness and drug abuse in this particular age group.
  4. Understanding the mental and health needs of women exposed to physical and sexual abuse. These two kinds of abuse are rampant among the female population. Therefore, a nursing student can research the mental needs of this population and identify the best ways of taking care of them.
  5. Stress and mental illness among homosexuals and social pressure. Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals do not receive much attention when it comes to research. These are a group of people like any other and they experience lots of social pressure that might contribute to mental health issues.
  6. Unemployment as a contributing factor to mental health issues or illnesses. Lack of employment can be stressful. Therefore, a nursing student can go further and analyze the relationship between unemployment and mental health issues.
  7. The relationship between mental health issues and incidences of suicide and murder. The student can decide to focus on the youth or a specific gender, male or female.
  8. Understanding the legal aspects associated with research in mental health. Patients with mental illnesses need critical care. When using them as a study population, a student needs to understand the legal aspects associated with violating any of their rights. This creates an easier of carrying out research with such a population.
  9. The operationalization of the Roper Logan Tierney model as a tool in the nursing practice for the care and treatment of psychiatric patients.

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