Nursing Dissertation Examples: Top 20

Nursing Dissertation Examples

Find below top 20 nursing dissertation examples done in the past:

1. The Impact Homeless Lifestyle on Adult Patients Receiving Primary Health Care Services.

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The purpose of this study was to understand how the homeless lifestyle is as well as how the lifestyle impacts the quality of primary care rendered to homeless adults and some of the changes that need to be made to ensure people with such a lifestyle receive improved and quality services just like anyone else. The study was conducted using a systematic review of literature across different medical databases including UWE library, Medline and CINAHL to identify appropriate articles that highlighted the aim of the study.

The findings of the study indicated that the majority of homeless people lived under dilapidated conditions, some had mental health issues, others were abusing drugs and under poor nutrition. Therefore, they needed an all-around medical care system. Nevertheless, homeless people indicated that there were challenges in accessing healthcare and nutrition services. Furthermore, they said they were being judged and ridiculed by the healthcare providers.

In conclusion, the researchers of the study noted that improving the quality of primary health care and looking at the needs of the homeless is critical. Homeless people are like any other person and require access to health care services and rehabilitation services.  In improving the quality of care, healthcare professionals need to be sensitized on the needs of homeless people, how they need to engage them in order to avoid the judgment felt by homeless people.

  2. The Nursing Labour Force in the health care system of the United States

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Over the next years, the United States anticipates a tremendous demographic change due to the rapid changes and aging of the baby boomer population. These changes will lead to increased demand for healthcare services. Therefore, the numbers of healthcare professionals in healthcare facilities need to go up including nurses. More nurses will be needed to provide quality, accessible services to the population.  The aim of the study was to give a brief analysis and description of the nursing workforce in the United States in terms of numbers, the qualifications needed for one to become a professional nurse or be employed as a nurse and the challenges nurses face as they go about their duties on a daily basis. Finally, the paper discusses the shortage of nurses, how this can be addressed and possible solutions or recommendations to help increase the number of nurses and the quality of care given to patients.

3. The Impact of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) on women who have reached menopause

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The aim of the dissertation was to answer the research question, what are the reasons for the prescription of HRT to menopausal women despite the associated risk to breast cancer? The study was carried out using a literature review methodology. Studies were selected, appraised using appropriate and certified appraisal tools by the Public Health Resource Unit. These tools were effective in assessing the validity, reliability, and applicability of the research articles identified. With such a process, it was easier to conclude whether the results could be used to give a general conclusion. A conclusion that can be used across all menopausal women. Therefore, the study was conducted across different population setups and characteristics. The results obtained were conclusive on the risk factors associated with breast cancer as a result of using HRT in menopausal women.

4. The impact of mentors on the learning experience of student nurses

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The studies consulted summarised the systematic literature review of research regarding the mentorship of student nurses. Mentorship was evaluated in terms of its development, implementation, outcomes and wider effects. Those research articles identified were presented for critical analysis in relation to development, implementation and the impact of mentorship.

According to the findings, mentorship was based on policy and standards, the mentor role and mentorship relationship remained unclear and needed further clarification. There was also a need for monitoring and evaluating the relationship that existed between mentors and student nurses. Such policies could make it easier for when the performance of both the mentor and student nurse was were being audited. Therefore, mentorship was found to indirectly enhance the development of skills to a nursing student through networking and creating a platform for student nurses to gain their clinical experience. Through creating a positive and encouraging learning environment, the mentor had higher chances of improving the skills of their students to help them become more skilled nurses.

5. Assessment of the Mental Health Equity Strategies for Healthcare Facilities in Scotland

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Equity is an essential factor in the healthcare system. The aim is to provide equal healthcare services without any kind of discrimination. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health at a global level requires equity in policies and

mental health nursing dissertation example

mental health nursing dissertation example

strategies used for handling mental health patients. According to reports, mental health services in Scotland violate the rights of mental health patients. Patients are neglected or discriminated based on age, their geographical locations, ethnic backgrounds and the type of funding. The aim of the study was to use an equity framework in analyzing the health strategies and policies used on mental health patients in Scotland in order to indicate whether the systems are within the requirements stipulated by WHO. To reduce mental health inequalities in Scotland, future policies must intentionally recognize the established importance of mental health service equity to provide fair services.

6. Investigating the Benefits and Effectiveness of a Pharmacy Medicine Information Helpline

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There exist several helpline portals available in countries related to the use of medicines with various services to suit the demands of society. Pharmacy medicine helplines in particular aim to answer any questions or concerns that the end user may have regarding their medicine or related service. Questions may include information about the drugs; such as adverse effects of the medication they wish to use, possible interaction complications, and usage directions in cases where the details were missing within the dispensed drugs packaging, frequency of dosing, storage conditions and remedies for storage errors alongside numerous other queries that the consumer may have. The information is generally provided by the pharmacist, helpline information pharmacist or trained expert.

The purpose of the study was to analyze the effectiveness and benefits of helplines to a target population. To investigate the intended purpose of the study, a detailed quantitative study was performed using the target population and sampling techniques. A predesigned questionnaire was then distributed to the target population and the responses were collected, tabulated and analyzed using ANOVA and various simple statistical tools.

The results of the study revealed that mixed responses were obtained from the target population which correlates extensive use of these services. Although some of the issues relate to confusion and dissatisfaction, most of them expressed happiness and satisfaction over the guidance provided by the services. Future recommendations which could be tracked and hyperlinked from the present dissertation are patience, reliability of suggestions and detailed explanation by the staff working in these services.

7. Assessing the levels of stress among Experienced Nurses

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The study primarily focused on the definition of stress among nurses using a reflexive method. The study focused some of the issues that contribute to stress among nurses and the possible solution to these issues in order to avoid compromising the quality of care rendered by nurses and the lives of patients. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), stress is an issues of concern globally.  Certain types of stress can be termed as unavoidable and at times can even be important for an individual. At the same time when an individual is not able to cope with the stress that has been induced on them; it can cause harm to the individual, both physically and emotionally. Stress affects nurses both internally and externally thus affecting their performance and the quality of services provided to patients.

8. Mentorship requirements of nurses working within advanced roles: An explorative study


The study focused on the mentorship requirements of nurses in senior positions. The aims and objectives were to create and develop a deeper understanding of progressive practice and the mentorship requirements senior nurses need when moving into advanced practice roles. Based on data collected from interviews and focused group discussions, nurses are anxious and not sure of what to do when they are transferring to senior positions. In conclusion, an advanced model can be used to create comprehensive mentorship guidelines and support for new nurses in senior positions. Mentorship is important across all levels of the nursing profession because it helps in creating a platform to share knowledge and discussions on the emerging issues in the nursing profession.

9. Determining the ways for nutrition improvement in old age homes

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The level of malnutrition among the elderly is always ignored. The best way to treat malnutrition is to improve on the drinking and the eating patterns. Meals need to be balanced and the dietary requirements of the elderly person put into consideration. Nevertheless, dealing with older people is a challenge because they have their own preferences, the taste has changed, they might have lost some teeth and appetite while at the same have other underlying conditions that need both medical and nutrition attention.

The study focused on identifying the best ways of improving nutritious food intake among the older people. It was found that ready-made liquid foods are a preference to many older people. Therefore, homes for the elderly can introduce liquid diets for their patients. Further research needs to be done to identify the best ways of making these foods more nutritious and acceptable.

10. Challenges related to treating the injury of a diabetic patient.

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Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is associated with increased hospital mortality and morbidity. Identifying the challenges associated with traumatic injuries that lead to admissions in hospitals can be critical in establishing the best strategies. The healthcare providers and nurses need to understand these strategies to help in establishing the right management plans. This study focused on the challenges nurses get when managing and treating injuries of diabetic patients. It was found that nurses have lots of challenges when it comes to dealing with diabetic wounds because there is no standard way of treating them. Therefore, standard strategies need to be established and documented to cut down on the challenges and improve the effective of nursing care to diabetic patients.

11. A holistic approach to management of childhood obesity in the United States

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Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Childhood obesity has complex risk factors and thus posing a great challenge in dealing with it. Nurses and other healthcare professionals working with children and adolescents experience wide variety of obesity and overweight. The aim of this study was to provide an understanding of the aetiology of childhood obesity, medical complications associated with it and provide recommendations for a holistic approach to treatment and management. The study concluded that, special attention needs to be given to the psychological and spiritual aspects related to childhood obesity and overweight in the context of a holistic approach.

12. The effects of the housing conditions in the recovery of a patient at home

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Home health care is care provided by skilled health professionals including nurses under the guidance of the head physician. Recovery at home helps patients develop greater independence and avoid long-term institutionalization. The physician might recommend home recovery or it can be requested by the family members or the patient. According to the study, the housing conditions have a greater impact to the recovery of a patient. A home where family members give their full support hastens the recovery of a patient. Furthermore, the support given by nurses at home determine how fast and effective the recovery process is. Therefore, family members must be in full support of home recovery and make the environment patient friendly.

13. The challenges of non-verbal communication while dealing with a special category of patients.

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Special category of patients includes patients on psychotherapy, that is, patients with mental health issues. According to research, over 60% of communication is passed through non-verbal cues. For a special group of patients, non-verbal communication poses a number of challenges because these patients do not process the information at the same rate as a person without mental illness.  The nurse and other health professionals must be able to understand the patient’s non-verbal communication. According to research findings, what the patient shows might not be what the health care professional understands. Therefore, there need to be standard strategies in helping nurses and psychiatrists in understanding the non-verbal cues of patients that need special care.

14. Identifying the difference between caring and kind in nursing

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Caring is the dynamic essence of nursing. Nevertheless, different terms are used interchangeably to describe the nursing care. The aim of this study was to analyse the different concepts in nursing care and how the nursing theories are incorporated into the nursing practice. According to the findings, caring is defined differently based on different scholars and having a universal definition is not possible. Understanding your role as a nurse is the first step to differentiating caring from kindness. This understanding can help built the nursing profession.

15. The significance of interaction between the nurse and the physician during an emergency: A case of Indonesian Emergency Department.

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Positive collaboration between nurses and physicians is critical in an emergency situation because it determines the quality and responsive care given to the patient. The aim of the study was to examine the attitude of nurses and physicians towards working together in an emergency department in Indonesia. The study was conducted using a comparative scale to determine the nurse-physician attitude.

According to the findings, emergency nurses have a positive attitude towards collaboration as compared to physicians. Furthermore, the experience of the health professionals was significantly related to their attitude. In conclusion, their need to be improvement in attitude towards collaboration in the health care field. Team work enhances efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered.

16. Characterization of Depression in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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This study indicated that depressive symptoms affect many children especially children with autism health care challenges. The researchers of the study argued that there is need for the provision of effective medical intervention to reduce depression among children with autism problems.  The study findings indicated that various parameters such as consideration of the psychological well-being of the children and analysis of the environmental context of the children is important

It was also concluded that environmental factors contribute towards cases of depression among children and there is need for adopting multiple ways o dealing with depression among children. The researcher also recommended the need for adopting therapy and change of lifestyle to deal with depression challenges. Parents should talk to their children and only do things that make them feel good. Adoption of activities such as exercise or play and having enough sleep are also important towards dealing with depression challenges according to the study findings. Parents should give their children time to walk and observe nature, watch movies and listen to music as a way of dealing with depression. Avoiding negative thinking and eating the right foods is also important in controlling depression, stress and anxiety among children. Evidently, this was an informative study since it provides several research based data on how health care providers and nurses can deal with depression challenges among children. It indicated that having a strong network and support is important in controlling and reducing depression challenges.

17. Genetic Moderation of Pain and Fatigue Symptoms Resulting from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Breast Cancer Program

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  • According to this study finding, breast cancer is a big challenge among women living within the US. Breast cancer survivors adopted immediate treatment after experience physical signs and symptoms. The study also indicated that cancer is associated with low quality of life, high levels of fatigue and high levels of pain. The researcher of the study suggested the need for adopting further studies among women outside US to determine the dangers of breast cancer challenges.

18. The Effect of Depression, Inflammation and Sleep Quality on Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

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  • Results from this study revealed that cardiovascular disease is among the number one killers of people around the world. Some of risk factors of the disease include age, high blood pressure and history of diabetes. Over smoking and high cholesterol also causes the problem
  • The researcher of the study noted that metabolic disorders as well as depressive symptoms and sleep quality are posing a greater risk for the problem and should be controlled.
  • To control the disease it is important that patients avoid depressive symptoms, inflammation as well as sleep quality and other long-term risk challenges. This is because high inflammation in men is strongly associated with future risk of the problem and men should try to sleep well at all times. They should also keep sleep diaries and reports any symptoms

19. Investigating Health Related Quality of Life in People with Schizophrenia

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  • The researchers of this study noted that schizophrenia is a big health care challenge. It reduces the quality of life of the patients. The study also noted that mental illness should be controlled among older adults. To control mental illness patients must adopt therapies.
  • The researcher also noted that some of the factors associated with low quality of life include depression, obesity as well as low body mass index, and physical activity. This means that depressions and anxiety should be avoided to improve patient’s life. The study results also indicated that social relationships, psychiatric symptoms as well as psychiatric care, and lack of employment promote mental challenges among young adults.

20. Perception and obesity: The effect of actual body size and beliefs about body size on perception of the environment

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  • This study indicated that action abilities are mainly due to problems associated with physical body size and many include issues such as perception and experience. The study also indicated that physical body size and individual values affect their perception.
  • The study concluded that people should take advantage of naturally-occurring dissociations to avoid body problems. This can help reduce challenges associated with overweight and obesity or diabetes. In most cases, the obese individuals appear weak and they should adopt exercise to improve their conditions. People with poor body shape should change their lifestyle and eating patterns according to the study results.

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