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Dissertation Consulting

Imagine an Ivy League Ph.D. alumni guiding you through your entire thesis or dissertation writing process as a dissertation consulting guru? That’s what our dissertation consulting services entail.
It is without a doubt that you will need a lot of your quality time to complete your Ph.D.
During my time as a Ph.D. student, it was strenuous to do my dissertation.
I had to ask my boss for an education leave, which he reluctantly gave me.
Just like me, most of us, work in institutions where getting a chance to do your Ph.D. is impossible.
There is no luxury of time!!
Time is ExTrEmElY LiMiTeD!!                                                                                                    Time is Limited: Make an Order
No need to worry anymore, technology and globalization have made us a block, a family, you can now get dissertation consulting services at your convenient time.
You can get your dissertation help at any part of this world

Our Dissertation consulting services are the best, discover your best

Our Dissertation consulting services are the best, discover your best

Dissertation consulting is a program that entails offering a professional thesis or dissertation coaching and

Critical review in your project work. The depth of Ph.D. level coaches in our institution is phenomenal. Our

Dissertation coaches have tremendous experience and have reviewed and prepared numerous graduates for their final presentation.
All our students come back looking for their Dissertation coaches to thank them!
Such an amazing experience!

The Benefits of a Dissertation Consulting Programme

1. You will graduate.                                                            Safeguard your Graduation Today

Nothing will stop you from wearing the graduation gown.
Our team provides you with immediate help in your dissertation.
Securing a tutor as part of your dissertation process cements your success. Often, our learning institutions do not provide us with the prerequisite assistance in the dissertation process.
Our professors have a workload of students on the queue.
No need to be desperate to the professor anymore.
Smart Customs Essays will bridge the gap between your dissertation and what your institution provides.

2. We will save you more money and time, and ensure that you can have enough time for your loved ones and other essential hustles of life

With our 24/7 support team, we will keep you up-to-date and on track with your dissertation. We will guide you through all that you need to know in your dissertation process

Proven Reasons why you need our Smart Dissertation Consultants

• All our staff has PhDs.

The process of recruitment in our firm is intensive. We understand the significance of the thesis or dissertation in your academic performance. It is, therefore, fair if we trust your dissertation with someone who has better professional knowledge than you have.
Our dissertation tutors will guide you and equip you with the confidence that you need for your presentation.

• All our staff has experience of more than three years.

We understand the strict deadlines that your supervisors offer. We know that time is of the essence. You need your dissertation ready days before your presentation. You also need ample time for guidance and training by our dissertation consultants. Our experienced dissertation tutors ensure that your dissertation is prepared in time. We will need a little of your time and cooperation.

Dissertation consultancy services cross the bridge between your degree and what your institution provides

Dissertation consultancy services cross the bridge between your degree and what your institution provides

• We have a diverse team of dissertation consultants

We pride ourselves for having a platform with consultants from all academic disciplines. We are therefore able to match your dissertation with the most qualified tutor (having a background in your field of study).
You have the liberty also to choose a writer from a pool of writers, based on your preferences.

• We have flexible operating times

Our primary purpose is to make sure that our clients get their services whichever time that they need them.
We understand that most of our students nowadays also work. We are therefore available during the day and at night regardless of your time zone.

• One-on-One Assistance

Our writers are on standby to address your query. Do not shy away; nothing is impossible. You need to mention it. We will guide you through the whole dissertation process. We will be there for you during the day and at night.

• We guarantee you 99.99% satisfaction

I don’t have to talk too much about the depth and competence of our dissertation consultants.
You will look for them, to thank them, after your graduation.

Common Issues addressed by our Dissertation Tutors

1. Topic Selection

Topic selection is not a walk in the park. You need to select a topic that fits your discipline, is researchable, and most importantly, an issue that will be approved by your professor or supervisor.
Other than considering the institutional requirements, we must go through all the stages needed in selecting a perfect topic. The steps are:
a. Checking the requirements of your dissertation
b. Selection of a broad field to research
c. Searching for the relevant articles and books
d. Finding a niche
e. Consider the research type
f. Determine the relevance
g. Make sure that the topic is plausible
h. Get your thesis or dissertation topic approved
Do not worry. We offer the topic selection service for free

2. Research Proposal Writing

We understand that the goal of your proposal is to present a justification of why you need to study a particular research problem and to provide the practical ways in which the study ought to be conducted.
We will work hand-in-hand in:
a. developing testable hypotheses and research questions
b. finding the relevant gaps in contemporary theories and other applicable literature
c. Creating problem statement
d. selection of an appropriate theoretical framework
e. and sketching out the methodology

3. Preparing the Best introduction for your Dissertation

The introduction is the first and one of the most critical opportunities that you have been given to impress your reader, your supervisor or professor.
By the time he or she is done reading the introduction, your professor has a rough idea of the marks that they will award you.
It is, therefore crucial that you get professional assistance in the introduction.
It is in this section that your professor will find out the following:
a. what your study is about
b. What motivated you, the student to conduct the study
c. The importance of the research topic
d. background information about the topic
The introduction puts the research into context, prepares the reader the short journey of research, describing the depth of study and challenges experienced.
The dissertation consulting process ensures that every section of your thesis or dissertation is at its topmost quality.

4. Preparation of a comprehensive and to the point literature review and problem statement

When the literature review is done wrongly, numerous aspects of the dissertation may not be realized.
At smart custom essays, we will assist you to get the required articles and make summaries optimally effectively. We will ensure that the research gap of every article summary is well stated and that it aligns to the problem statement.

5. Selection and implementation of the appropriate methodology

Selecting the most appropriate methods is a key factor that may make or break the dissertation. Before choosing the best methods for your project, we always consider the following factors:
a. The results of the thesis, or the research goals
b. The statistical significance of the results
c. Qualitative vs. Quantitive data.
d. The sample size of the population under study
e. Timing. How urgent are the results?
f. How available is the existing information?
Once all the factors have been considered we can now embark on the data collection process

6. Collection and management of your data

Due to the shortage of time and skills, you will need guidance in navigating the approval of human targets.
We will help you understand problems as well as come up with the solutions of challenges that come along in the process.
We will also assist you in the creation of a database meant for data entry, inspection, and cleaning of your data.

7. Quantitive and Qualitative data analysis

We now convert the data collected into meaningful insights. Our team of dissertation consultants will equip you with the required quantitive and/or qualitative skills.
By the time we are done with you, you will be in a position to differentiate both types of analysis and select the most appropriate method of analysis for your dissertation.

8. Discussion

The results obtained in your research need interpretation.
Your professor expects you to describe the significance of your findings and explain new insights or understandings that have emerged from your study. We will assist you in explaining to your reader how your study advanced the knowledge of your research problem.

Dissertation Editing Services and Free Plagiarism check

A thesis or dissertation is an essential undertaking for your academic life.
The expectations of learning institutions are very high.
For you to get good grades, your work must be of high quality.
We understand that by virtue of you being a college student, you may be overwhelmed with so many deadlines.
You may be very busy to do the editing of your assignments or research papers yourself.
We prepare a complete final draft for your dissertation.
We have helped many in the past to submit their dissertation in the best condition possible.
Our dissertation consultants will ensure that your documents and presentations and free of any error.

Get the Best from your Dissertation

a. Improving your language
b. Eliminating grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes
c. Ensuring all the academic conventions and writing styles are met
d. Ensure that the references are well in-text cited and the appropriate referencing style is followed
e. Check your document for plagiarism, and ensure that it is 0% plagiarism free.