External link to Research Poster

Research Poster

Research Poster  Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) not only lead the way with respect to mortality rates at a global level but also account for the majority of deaths in high-income countries. According to Bashir (2021), the most common causes of death in Saudi Arabia are ischemic heart disease, road injuries, stroke, chronic kidney disease, lower respiratory tract infections, Alzheimer’s disease, conflict and terror, cirrhosis, neonatal disorders, […]

External link to Medical Errors – Policy and Procedures

Medical Errors – Policy and Procedures

Medical Errors – Policy and Procedures   Reporting errors in healthcare is an essential component of patient safety. For this assignment, you will assume that you are a healthcare administrator at a healthcare facility (Hospital, long term care facility, clinic, etc.). You are tasked with creating a process for reporting errors and reducing adverse events at your facility. Your submission will demonstrate your knowledge of […]

External link to Compare and contrast nursing theories (Martha Rogers a nd Rosemary Parse)

Compare and contrast nursing theories (Martha Rogers a nd Rosemary Parse)

 compare and contrast approaches against Martha Rogers and Rosemary Parse . Point out their individual distinguishing aims. Provide a comprehensive contrast and comparison which includes similarities and differences, as well as opportunitites and threats to implementing into the various areas within nursing, including practice, administration, research and education. Theories may have similar purpose and intent; however one may have more utility in administration and the […]

External link to core forum

core forum

explore the following site – On the first site (Common Core State Standards Initiative) http://www.corestandards.org/ (Links to an external site.) view the video at the top of the page (you’ll see a video tab).  In addition, read What Parents Should Know, Frequently Ask Questions and Myths vs. Facts (under About the Standards), and Key Shifts for both English Language Arts and Mathematics (under Other Resources). -On […]



  To Prepare Review the Skin Conditions document provided in this week’s Learning Resources, and select one condition to closely examine for this Lab Assignment. Consider the abnormal physical characteristics you observe in the graphic you selected. How would you describe the characteristics using clinical terminologies? Explore different conditions that could be the cause of the skin abnormalities in the graphics you selected. Consider which […]

External link to CBSC630: Midterm 2

CBSC630: Midterm 2

  Write a 3 to 4-page paper where you discuss the uses of Python in hacking. This will require you to find an article on the use of Python in Hacking and explain how the article covers the use of Python in the hacking process.        Build a PowerPoint presentation on the uses of Python in hacking. You will use the information from […]

External link to Moda – Szacunek dla siebie i innych

Moda – Szacunek dla siebie i innych

  Moda – Szacunek dla siebie i innych „To, co nosisz, to sposób, w jaki prezentujesz się światu, zwłaszcza dzisiaj, kiedy kontakt z ludźmi jest tak szybki. Moda to natychmiastowy język.” — Miuccia Pradah Podobnie jak w dzisiejszym życiu rozwojowym Hurtownie Wólka Kosowska, połączenie między ludźmi jest szybsze niż kiedykolwiek. Dlatego dobre przygotowanie w każdym szczególe pomoże Ci uzyskać najlepsze wyniki dla ludzi wokół Ciebie, […]

External link to CJ 500 5-2 Milestone Two: Submit Criminal Justice Issue Analysis

CJ 500 5-2 Milestone Two: Submit Criminal Justice Issue Analysis

II. Issue Analysis A. Select a criminological theory that informs your understanding of the issue, justifying your selection. B. Identify factors contributing to the issue, justifying your identifications with the selected criminological theory. In other words, what are the factors contributing to the issue? How is the identification of these factors supported by the selected theory? C. Describe how the issue impacts the criminal justice […]

External link to CJ 500 5-1 Discussion: Victim Involvement and Restorative Justice

CJ 500 5-1 Discussion: Victim Involvement and Restorative Justice

There has been a significant trend toward more victim involvement in the criminal justice system in recent years. Legislation has been passed to provide victims with certain rights, and there has been a movement to alter the U.S. Constitution with an amendment concerning victims’ rights. Victims have also participated in the process known as restorative justice, which focuses on the needs of both the offenders […]

External link to CJ 550 5-2 Milestone Three: Performance Assessment

CJ 550 5-2 Milestone Three: Performance Assessment

D. Performance Assessment: In this section, you will assess the performance of your selected subdivision in the organization in relation to the missio n and goals of the overall organization by performing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. i. Identify the major internal factors that positively and negatively affect the organizational performance. Justify your identifications. For example, a key internal factors may be […]

External link to CJ 550 5-1 Discussion: Assessing SWOT Analysis Findings

CJ 550 5-1 Discussion: Assessing SWOT Analysis Findings

First, read the report completed by the Blue Ribbon Task Force of Akron, Ohio: Final Report and Recommendations https://www.akronohio.gov/cms/BlueRibbonReport/brtf___final_report_and_recommendations.pdf Then, in your initial post, address the following: Classify whether each finding is related to a strength, weakness, opportunity and/or threat. Also, offer an explanation as to why you came to your conclusion. 2 PARAGRAPHS, APA CIATIONS

External link to Building Understanding and Respecting Families

Building Understanding and Respecting Families

To begin, choose  three types of families from the list below. Keep in mind the  role as an  early childhood professional who does anti-bias work involves you in  teaching the children with whom you work to respect and understand all  kinds of families without over-generalizing or stereotyping. 3 family types chosen: 1) Transnational Families 2) Gay/Lesbian-headed families 3) One or more family members incarcerated Consider […]

External link to Econ prin D6

Econ prin D6

The insurance system has benefits and drawbacks for patients, providers (physicians), and insurance companies. Identify at least one benefit and one drawback for each of these stakeholders. Explain how insurance benefits/hinders each stakeholder. How does the demand theory apply to the relationship between each stakeholder and the insurance industry? Does insurance impact the quality of care provided by physicians? 

External link to Analyzing Barriers to Communication

Analyzing Barriers to Communication

  Regardless of family configuration,  background, strengths and/or challenges, every family wants the best for  their child(ren). When early childhood professionals partner  effectively with families, both contribute significant insights and  knowledge. Communication between early childhood professionals and families may be  complicated by differences in values, beliefs, traditions, expectations,  and languages. Although every communication exchange should reflect a  thoughtful, planned approach that takes into consideration each […]

External link to Sherry Turkell Book

Sherry Turkell Book

Part I Read  pages  53-82 in the Sherry Turkell Book. Please note each main point should be a min. of 20 words, and each should include a full citations (author last name, year of pub, page #).   Include word counts 1. Provide 5 main points from chapter 3. Be sure to cover the entire reading with points from the beginning, middle & end – min […]

External link to Article leadership

Article leadership

   Presentation/Article Critique: Presentation Selected journal article (2010-2022) related to administration, management, or leadership in public health. After a brief introduction, your presentation must cover information in the article, what you found valuable, any information about effective administration style, administrator characteristics or qualifications, and the work environment/workplace condition. Also, include your discussion about your analyses and critiques of the article based on the course information. […]

External link to Nursing Theory scenario/Responding to classmate

Nursing Theory scenario/Responding to classmate

   Then, comment on one (1) classmate’s posting . Be sure to say something substantial. Did you learn something new? Do you agree? Why or why not? How would you modify this information? 200 words Below scenario and classmate answer to comment Scenario #2 Question: You are assessing a 33-old female of Hispanic descent admitted on the Medical-Surgical Unit. She has been diagnosed as having […]

External link to Module 4 Application Exercise

Module 4 Application Exercise

In Module 4, you interacted with content about rates of justice involvement (as victims and offenders) across races and ethnicity.  Part 1:  What statistic or statistics that you reviewed in Module 4 was most interesting, thought-provoking, and/or surprising to you? Why? Part 2:  Given what you learned in Module 4, what strategy or strategies (e.g., more policing, gun control, providing opportunity/upward mobility, community building, etc.) […]

External link to Doc and Talk #1 – "13th"

Doc and Talk #1 – "13th"

Based on your viewing of the documentary “13th” please respond to the following prompt. Your response should be approximately 1-2 pages, typed, and double-spaced.  Prompt: How has the social control of African Americans in the United States changed or adapted over time? What impact do you think this historical experience has on modern race relations and, more specifically, the contemporary justice system? What were the […]

External link to McMartin Preschool Trial Viewing Guide

McMartin Preschool Trial Viewing Guide

 Viewing Guide: CJL 3510 – Indictment – The McMartin Trial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMijKJg-7rk Prosecutors 1. The text discusses the prosecutor’s office at work. From the tape, cite some examples of work issues related to the text. 2. How does discretion fit into the picture? 3. Cite a specific example of conflicting goals? 4. What role did politics play in the prosecution of this case (cite specific examples)? […]

External link to week 4 second question

week 4 second question

  For your RQ, you need two variables.  If you compare those with ADHD to a control group you would have a grouping IV.  See if you can then fit your RQ into this format: Is there a difference in DV based on level of IV?   The scale you select to measure attitudes must be a known scale from literature (with psychometric properties).  See if […]

External link to Case Study of Harris

Case Study of Harris

APA format  Case study of Harris    Harris: Spinal Cord Injury at T3, Complete  Harris is a 20-year-old African American male with a diagnosis of complete spinal cord injury at T3 and resultant paraplegia. Harris also has a diagnosis of a fractured right tibia and fibula and right proximal radial and ulna fractures. Harris was admitted to the rehabilitation hospital from the acute-care hospital where […]

External link to Methodology in practice – Shopping cart CLA

Methodology in practice – Shopping cart CLA

CLA assignments should be formatted in accordance with the most current APA edition. The paper should be 4-6 content pages in length (excluding the cover page and reference page). The inclusion of properly formatted headings and sub-headings as well as citations and corresponding references based on the assigned readings is required for the assignments. In addition, be sure to review the rubric requirements/instructions to determine […]

External link to breast feeding meeting in person experience

breast feeding meeting in person experience

rubric  Provides the name and address of the organization. Details a clear description of the purpose of the organization. Kendall Regional Hospital //11750 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33175 Shows an excellent understanding of the population served at this organization. Mentions type of people attending these meetings. Identifies professional services available in this setting Discusses with detail the ways the organization communicates internally and with […]

External link to Own words no plagarism

Own words no plagarism

A portion of the requirements are copied below. ****THE REQUIRED submissions MUST be in the zipped file format – not RAR nor any other format.  The contents MUST be the actual SQL file and the Word document.  ******The Word document must contain full  screen captures – not a cut and  paste of only a section- but the entire screen demonstrating the execution of each step […]

External link to Course Evalutaion 1

Course Evalutaion 1

Go online and select an open access article such as in the Journal of Business Research, the Westcliff International Journal of Applied Research, Springer Business Research Journal, MDPI, and BRQ Business Research Quarterly and select an article published within the past two years. Select an article of interest to you and that employs one of the research techniques we have discussed/will discuss in class: surveys, […]

External link to First assgn 6051

First assgn 6051

 This is the first paper that is due for this class. Your focus for this paper is to write a proposal for a nursing informatic project for your organization. There are couple of things I want to stress for this paper.  1.  Write the paper in third person. 2. It must be a nursing informatics project. If you are unsure of your topic, email me. […]

External link to Infrastructure review

Infrastructure review

  Infrastructure Review As a nurse executive leader, you may very well be tasked with the evaluation of the current technology safeguards, infrastructure, and regulations surrounding the security of the enormous amount of patient data collected in your organization. As nursing continues to increase point-of-care clinical technology, there is potential to increase vulnerabilities and risks with protected health information. There are a variety of tools […]

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