External link to Kim Woods 5 Pages

Kim Woods 5 Pages

5.5 pages plus cover and reference pageCurrent references in APA formatState and federal laws affecting education of individuals with special needsFocus on IDEA and provisionsProvide insight as to the roles of laws in special education and identify strengths and short comings of current lawsMake clear connections between law/laws and their impact on education AND individuals with special needs. Individualized and systematic strategies for instruction might […]

External link to Stanford Prison

Stanford Prison

4.The Stanford Prison Experiment, (SPE), was a significant study in the field of social psychology. Its findings raised important questions about human subjects and psychological research. This discussion question will be answered by you going to the SPE Official Website. You’ll find the slide show at the bottom. The navigation arrows are used to scroll through slides.You can also watch a video documentary of 30 […]



24. DISCUSSION 8 -BARNUM EFFECT Due Sunday, November 13, 2022, 11:59 PM Time remaining: 2 days Read the Psychology Today article found here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201008/when-it-comes-personality-tests-dose-skepticism-is-good-thing#:~:text=In%20the%20true%20Barnum%20effect,them%20to%20a%20%22T.%22 Now that you have read the article, define the Barnum Effect and explain in 300 or more words the role the Barnum effect has on the validity of personality tests. Barnum effect is a form of prejudice that can cause an […]

External link to The Genetic And Environmental Causes Of ASD?

The Genetic And Environmental Causes Of ASD?

18. What are a few of the genetic and environmental causes of ASD A neurodevelopmental illness generally known as autism spectrum issues (ASD) is recognized by points in social interplay and communication and the presence of restricted pursuits and repetitive actions. Environmental and genetic elements can contribute to the autism spectrum dysfunction. The frequent and distinctive genetic variation has been related to research on how genetic elements […]

External link to DEATH AND DYING : PSYC-401 Comprehensive Assignment –Literature Review

DEATH AND DYING : PSYC-401 Comprehensive Assignment –Literature Review

22.Your literature review should use all the articles from your annotated bibliography and can include more sources as needed to explain at least three different themes in the research. These should be journal articles and scholarly sources – not websites or magazine articles. Use APA format. See sample literature review in APA format that is posted under Course Information. Minimum 2 pages 12 point Times […]

External link to What Are The Components Of Battered Women Syndrome And Why Do Some Women Develop This Condition And Some Women Do Not.

What Are The Components Of Battered Women Syndrome And Why Do Some Women Develop This Condition And Some Women Do Not.

15.What are the components of Battered Women Syndrome and why do some women develop this condition and some women do not.-250 Words-Not use quoted material unless it is material that is famous or impossible to paraphrase. If you do use quoted material make sure to explain the quoted material after presenting it. Over the past three decades, specialists in the area of health and mental […]

External link to week5personalityinstructions


23.As we have come to learn so far, there are a variety of different points of view on how personality develops. Research continues in each of these areas to help further our understanding of personality. This assignment is an opportunity for you to dig a bit deeper into one of the perspectives.Using current (no more than 10 years old) empirical research articles (use the Psych […]

External link to Dp 3-1

Dp 3-1

20.Review the video “Linear Correlation” in the Calculations section of the “Statistics Visual Learner” media piece.It is sometimes said that the higher the correlation between two variables, the more likely the relationship is causal. Do you think this is correct? Discuss. It is often held that a higher degree of correlation between two factors indicates a more causal link. Because of the previous justification, I […]

External link to Short Paper

Short Paper

4.Foundational Theories of Human Development PaperReview this unit’s readings, and include specific information with citation within your written response as appropriate.Write a (3–5) three- to five-page paper (excluding APA title page and reference pages) comparing Freud, Mahler, Adler, and Erikson. Compare and contrast the developmental models of Freud and Erikson, and then compare and contrast the developmental theories of Adler and Mahler. Are there any […]

External link to False memories

False memories

30. Define false memories and discuss how both cognitive processes and environmental factors combine to produce them. • Discuss the implications of false memories. • Consider a false memory of your own and, using a personal example, explain how the previous analysis of causes of false memories applies in that Both unconscious and conscious mental processes reconstruct reality in a way that is not perfect. Many […]

External link to Module8Discussion.


25. One of the skills that is important in the user experience and understanding the customer is empathy. If you were working in a large organization as an analyst or a project manager in the healthcare informatics department, what steps would you take to build or create empathy? Do you have good skills in building empathy with others or is this something you can work […]

External link to DP 3-2

DP 3-2

24.Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of correlational and regression studies; discuss concepts such as positive and negative correlations, correlation coefficients, confounding variables, and causality Linear regression and correlation are two most commonly used techniques to examine the relation among two variables. Regression explains the relationship in an equation. Correlation evaluates the effectiveness of the linear link to two factors. In this article, we will review the strengths […]

External link to Brainstorming skill in learning

Brainstorming skill in learning

54. What did you learn about the technique you selected? Where were your challenges? How can you use this tool or skill for creative problem-solving in the future? Include both personal and organizational applications. The representation of information in graphs called mind mapping is an adaptable tool that students in a variety of learning activities. It aids in the creation of new concepts, the deep study […]

External link to Psychology


42. Write a two-paragraph summary of your thoughts of the videos:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=falHoOEUFz0&list=PLDPDyTQerfAaQUdfKH-wDHv2VeCI5bKqRhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-sVnmmw6WY&index=1&list=PLKiXyiMuXCLCIR6qt-c7NLYteGDLyxfSWrite a one-paragraph summary of each video–6 sentences per paragraph. Make sure you identify what cognition is in your summary. Please make sure your paragraphs are at least six sentences long. You can write more than two paragraphs. Please identify at least two new things you learned about cognition.Then, select the answer for the scenario […]

External link to Case 6

Case 6

4. Fluid in the Ear In this module, you will complete an interrupted case. This type of case study presents a problem for you to solve in a progressive disclosure format. This format allows you to practice the scientific method from question formulation to hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data analysis and interpretation. You will need to apply knowledge of key terms, concepts, and principles […]

External link to Existential Therapy

Existential Therapy

2. Discussion the Existential Therapy The existence theory is an old school of thinking. It focuses on individual freedom and preferences. It affirms that individuals determine their own meaning and their existence. Soren Kierkegaard was philosopher from Europe is considered one of the pioneers in existential philosophy. He was closely followed by Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre who explored these ideas further (van Deurzen and co., 2019). They believed it […]



Running head: FINANCIAL COMFORT AS A PREDICTOR OF RELATIONSHIPSATISFACTION 1 For the final paper you are to research a specific aspect of cognition, emotion and motivation thatmost interests you. Integrate a discussion of how you see your research findings as significant to yourclinical work or the field of psychology in general.Select a minimum of eight (8) current (published in the last 5 years) peer-reviewed research […]

External link to “Beguilingly Plausible and Utterly Invalid."

“Beguilingly Plausible and Utterly Invalid."

Read Ray Prebble’s argument found here:https://philosophynow.org/issues/124/Are_You_A_Garbled_RelativistLinks to an external site.Present and explain the argument that he calls “beguilingly plausible and utterly invalid.”Why does he think that the argument is invalid?What would James Rachels say about the argument Prebble deems invalid?Would Rachels agree with Prebble? Cite the relevant texts to support your claims. “Beguilingly Plausible and Utterly Invalid.” Moral relativisms are the result of adhering to […]

External link to Mindsight and The Perception of the Internal World

Mindsight and The Perception of the Internal World

Explore the following interview with Dr. Dan Siegel. Discuss how the information Dr. Siegel sharesenhances your understanding of self and others.Read the following interview:https://www.psychalive.org/what-is-mindsight-an-interview-with-dr-dan-siegel/https://www.psychalive.org/exclusive-interview-series-with-dr-dan-siegel/Watch the following video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4tR5Ebc4Mw Mindsight and The Perception of the Internal World For the majority of people in this world, feelings they experience in daily basis determine their lives. This could be due to the belief of the brain being fixed and doesn’t […]

External link to Final Research Report

Final Research Report

Write a brief research report (up to about 7 pages, not including title page, abstract, and references),based on an analysis of the data file. Choose a hypothesis, cite at least three references to justify yourhypothesis, test your hypothesis with an analysis of the DATA540.SAV file, and then report and discussthe results. Your results should include both descriptive and inferential statistics. Final Research ReportCalifornia Southern UniversityPSY87540: […]

External link to Psychology


47. OCD review Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of the most serious chronic disease which affects a significant percentage of the population. The main example of “obsessive-compulsive and related disorders,” which are frequently underdiagnosed and undertreated, is OCD. The disorders are now classified as a group as part of the Diagnostic and Manuel of mental Disorders. OCD is an important illustration of a neuropsychiatric illness that […]

External link to Morality and power nexus

Morality and power nexus

41. Does a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases. Do you agree? There is a belief that when people attain the position of authority and are rewarded with a moral lapse, they fall. This idea, which dates to thousands of years ago remains the dominant knowledge of the relation of authority with ethics. This argument disproves the assertion. In this article, Jobin et […]

External link to Stress Profile

Stress Profile

31. Identify at Least 5 of Your Personal Stressors and 5 Daily Hassles The events or situations which could affect their health or that of their loved ones are called personal stressors. Stressors can occur directly, for instance, the time you suffer from a serious illness, or it could be indirect, for instance, the time a loved one is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease (LaRocca 2020). Pressures […]

External link to Life’s Critical Events

Life’s Critical Events

26. LDRS 420 Assignment – Life’s Critical Events PaperBarth (as cited in George, Sims, McLean, & Mayer (2007) wrote, “The story of your life is not your life. It is your story … many leaders reported that their motivation came from a difficult experience in their lives” (p.2). It is through these transformative experiences (events) that authentic leaders give meaning to their lives, and they […]

External link to Depression in Adolescent

Depression in Adolescent

4. Why is it important to recognize early stages of Depression in adolescents? What do these symptoms present as? Are there any tools that can be used in the office to help with evaluation( i.e. PHQ or HEADDS assessments)? Are there any national or local resources available for our patients? Depression among adolescents is a significant issue that impacts mental health and causes a constant […]

External link to Critical Article Review

Critical Article Review

InstructionsPurpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to show your understanding of peer-reviewedempirical articles through: 1) reviewing original research; 2) evaluating claims, methods, and conclusions;and 3) communicating your analysis in a way that translates scientific information into common terms fora general audience. In writing an article review, you gain skills in summarizing key points and findings,interpreting results, evaluating the validity of the methods […]

External link to Psychological well-being of students of color in grades K-12

Psychological well-being of students of color in grades K-12

A synthesized review of the literature ) over the last five years of what empirical research and peer-reviewed journal articles say about the Psychological well-being of students of color in grades K-12.Other keywords that can be used are “well-being”, Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Psychological well-being of students of color in grades K-12 The psychological well-being of children of color in the grades K-12. The concept […]



Discussion Prompt Define the term telemedicine  Discuss the differences between collaborative care and integrative care.  Discuss the development of telemedicine considerations in children and youths and how youcan collaborate with their current pediatric primary care provider.  Consider a situation where you believe the child is in an abusive situation, either with acaregiver outside the home or for an adolescent in an abusive relationship with another […]

External link to Biopsychosocial


25. What is biopsychosocial Drs. George Engel pioneered the biopsychosocial method at Rochester several years ago. Contrary to the traditional biomedical methods of medical practice, which put a focus on pathophysiology as well with other biological approaches to the disease process, our educational programs insist on the importance of understanding the human body’s health and disease and its interconnectedness. To comprehend the relationship between health and illness as […]

External link to Developement Psychology

Developement Psychology

28. Home>Psychology homework helppsychologyTake a moment to review the stages of prenatal development and complete the following: Reflect on the stages of prenatal development.Select one of the stages.Identify an environmental risk related to that stage of prenatal development.Describe why you chose that environmental stageWhat organs are at risk?How common is the exposure to this environmental risk?How dangerous do you feel this risk is, and why?Using […]

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