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Repression vs False Memory Someone claims that her father molested her when she was a child.  She claims that she had repressed this memory because she was too afraid of remembering it. You have learned about repression (intentionally forgetting painful memories) and false memories.  Would you conclude that the father is guilty or not guilty?  How would you support your decision?

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4/18/2021 Take a position related to reliability of clinical judgment and write an argument about the admissibility/non-admissibility of mental health professionals’ testimony. Back up your assertions with references from case law or from peer-reviewed literature. (Just choose a side and argue it; it doesn’t have to be the side you believe in, and it’s okay if you are uncertain. But write up a solid argument.)

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Research Prospectus Paper

Research Prospectus Paper Students will complete a research prospectus paper that includes at least one topic in the area of close relationships. A research prospectus (3-4 pages of text) is a research plan that includes a title page in APA format, a brief review of the literature (2-3 articles), a hypothesis, an explanation of the research design, an explanation of the proposed method, a discussion […]

External link to Reaction/Opinion Paper/ No Spacing bewteen sentences or paragraphs/Ocean/onepage

Reaction/Opinion Paper/ No Spacing bewteen sentences or paragraphs/Ocean/onepage

OCEAN – The Five Factor Personality Model: Write a one page reaction/opinion paper based on the topic listed below.  The due date for this paper is Thursday by 11:59pm submitted in the assignment page with the “SUBMIT BUTTON” and not on “Turn it in”.  Topic:  Using the OCEAN Five Factor Personality Model how does it influnence and determine an individuals personality, personality traits, functionality in […]

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Chapter #13 1. Explain the terms Computationalism and Culturalism and their effects on Learning 2. Explain  the implications of Pedagogy and Social practices in the development of adult learners Chapter #15 3. According to Ziehe (2018), what are some normal Learning problems in youth. Name and explain at least 3 Chapters #16 and #17 4. Describe the four components of the Social Theory of Learning 5.Explain the Psychological theories: […]

External link to Includes Filomena, Nilda, La Doctora Barr. Five essay questions.

Includes Filomena, Nilda, La Doctora Barr. Five essay questions.

How does Nilda feel about Sophie’s presence in her home? Describe the incident with the vanilla ice cream. Why was it so upsetting for Nilda? In “Filomena” by Roberta Fernandez, how is the pilgrimage to Janitzio described? How is bilingualism used in the story “Filomena”? Support your opinions with examples from the story. In “La Doctora Barr”, how does Mary Helen Ponce describe the traditional way Mexican-American women prepared for a […]

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4/20/2021 Using one of the cases labeled “Insanity Defense Transcripts and Documents” in Course Info, discuss the outcome under each of these insanity standards: M’Naughten, Durham, and A.L.I. Using the standard, discuss how the evidence would be interpreted and predict the outcome. Be sure you choose one scenario, and interpret it through the lens of all three standards. https://famous-trials.com/johnhinckley https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/salvi/ https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/crime/ralph/

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Research Proposal Assignment

1_ Outcomes of a positive activity intervention in addressing depression 2_ Cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects of depression in young adults 3_ Psychosocial risks factors associated with depression 4_ Internet based depression interventions addressing depression Hope some of these ideas may help. With research proposal, survey method may be best. When doing this assignment you are NOT doing the “experiment”, you will solely be guiding […]

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Include full sentences Include at least 3-5 paragraphs (introduction, body [at least one], and conclusion) Include reference citations.  A major difference between insight therapies and behavior therapies is in their position about whether it’s necessary or useful to seek out the origin of psychological difficulties.  A compromise position might be that this kind of information is important for some patients with disorders, but not for […]

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Ann started you with some topics and thoughts to ponder. Now, conduct more thorough research, considering how the topics below play a role in homelessness: Substance dependence/addiction Psychosis/Schizophrenia Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (combat-related and other) Neurocognitive Deficits Domestic Violence Perceptions of the homeless and homelessness by others Other forms of mental illness Write an email to your friend Lisa explaining what you found, offering some suggestions […]

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Improving Performance

There is a lot of stigma surrounding being a follower. In fact, many people don’t want to be called a follower. But just as leadership is an art, so is followership. “Putting Your Best Foot Forward,” and do the following: 1. Report your score. MY SCORE WAS 135 = Outstanding job performance. I scored lower in flexibility, conflict resolution & patience.  2. Give the evaluation. […]

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psychologydiscussion This is the place to post your proposal and respond to at least two other students for the “Change the World” discussion conference in our third and fourth weeks.   You are required to provide a proposal for cultural change.  Please read the requirements in the Syllabus carefully and note the format for the “Change the World” requirement.  Remember, your proposal must be realistic.  For […]

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week 7 assignment 2

Submit a 2-3 page reaction to this statement of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Describe what you think is the role of social workers in equal rights and access to LGBTQ populations. Next provide a detailed explanation of your reaction to the United Nations Address on Global LGBT Rights. Then, explain why, in the context of practicing social work in North America, it is important […]

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psychology assignment

This is the place to post your proposal and respond to at least two other students for the “Change the World” discussion conference in our third and fourth weeks.   You are required to provide a proposal for cultural change.  Please read the requirements in the Syllabus carefully and note the format for the “Change the World” requirement.  Remember, your proposal must be realistic.  For example, […]

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Week 6 Discussion

Discussion 6A Discuss how communication might influence and/or contribute to conflict in relationships. Discussion 6B Research what resources are available for abuse victims by doing an online map search within a 10 mile radius of where you live, (Sumter, South Carolina.) Please write a summary of your findings and what it might mean for victims of abuse in your area.    Gender Discussion 6  Take […]

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SWHD-Hmwk 6-Essay-Teenagers

Students will examine the stages, changes, and challenges of psychosocial development in adolescence through an analytical essay. The essay should be at least two pages long. The students will incorporate at least five terms from the Core Course Terminology section into their essay. A. Be sure to write according to APA guidelines, including citations and references, and proofreading your written work to ensure correct grammar and […]

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emerging adulthood

In this activity we will examine the concept of “emerging adulthood.” Listen to the interview with an expert on developmental psychology at https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=jeffrey+arnett+emerging+adulthood+interview#id=1&vid=5f1b97d3c2e8b1e752b24f554e2dfb15&action=click Next, take the inventory at http://www.midss.org/sites/default/files/inventory_of_the_dimensions_of_emerging_adulthood.pdf Read about emerging adulthood at http://www.jeffreyarnett.com/articles/Arnett_2007_Socialization_in_Emerging_Adulthood.pdf . What do you think of Arnett’s ideas? If you agree, why? If you disagree, why? How does culture factor into this concept? You might want to talk to someone who has […]

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women in the military

Women have served in the military since the American Revolutionary War. In a 7-page paper, describe the experience of women in the military and how it has changed over time. Discuss some of the difficulties experienced previously and those still being experienced today. Based upon the course materials reviewed, include each of the following areas. Describe the experience of women in the military. Describe the […]

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Imagine that you are a professor teaching a psychology ethics course and you have to decide on a hypothetical case that you will use to educate your students for a couples and family therapy learning module. In the case analysis, please include the following information: Describe a hypothetical couple or family (choose one) and the issues and concerns one or the other brings to you. […]

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middle age

This week we are discussing middle age.  As you recall from Chapter 1, there are several aspects of aging: 1) Biological aging refers to how the body functions and changes over time especially in relation to metabolic changes. In middle age, the body is undergoing catabolism (slow deterioration from the body’s peak to death). 2) Psychological aging – how one feels about his/her age; perception of […]

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What is FlexPath? In a FlexPath program you earn your degree or certificate by demonstrating that you can perform your program’s competencies rather than by accumulating credits or spending time in class. (Competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities, and professional attributes relevant to success in your chosen field.) You’ll do that by completing course assignments, called assessments, designed to allow you to demonstrate competencies. As […]

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Recall a classic love story between two people that you have read

Topic 5 Paper Recall a classic love story between two people that you have read (this can include children’s stories, historical figures, or fictional characters) or have seen in a movie or television show. In 1500 words, describe the attraction between the two characters using the concepts of associated effects of emotion, proximity, repeated exposure, similarity, physical beauty, and familiarity. Use two to three scholarly […]

External link to Best Personailty Traits/One Paragraph

Best Personailty Traits/One Paragraph

Discussion Thread topic: Using the information from the text and other research, which are the best/top five (5) Personality Traits for an individual to have? In this thread you are to build the discussion from the topic above. Each student is to address the conversation with ONE full thought in a well designed and complete paragraph. Each student will be graded on the ONE paragraph, […]

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Discussion 1: Conformity Fashion is a fascinating phenomenon, largely because people seem to conform to its dictates. Be it clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, home décor, lifestyle, and even body styles, people tend to go along with the latest trends. Media fashion images are inescapable; at supermarket checkouts, fashion magazine covers feature perfectly dressed, coifed, accessorized women and tanned, broad-shouldered, men with six-pack abs and […]

External link to psychology 1

psychology 1

ASSIGNMENT 04 S01 Introduction to Psychology I Directions: Be sure to save an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling, and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be double_spaced; refer to the “Format_ section at the end of these […]

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Mat – 8 4/15/2021 Mass murder of any kind is devastating and tragic, but when a person kills his or her entire family, it is particularly difficult for the extended family and the community. In many cases of familicide, a series of behaviors precede the incident. These indicators can be very visible to outsiders, or they can be hidden deep within the family structure. As […]

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4/20/2021 To prepare: ·  Review the Learning Resource document “Problem Solution Preparation.” ·  Review the Learning Resources related to positive social change. ·  Review the causes and effects that you described in Week 7. ·  Think about some potential solutions to your identified problem and the advantages and challenges of each. ·  Think about the social change that could result from the potential solutions. · […]

External link to 350 word discussion

350 word discussion

In module 11, you learned about the various ways that language-minority students are currently educated in our public K-12 school system. There is a debate, however, as to which is the best way to ensure language-minority students are successful in their academic, socio-emotional and cognitive endeavors. See http://www.ascd.org/publications/newsletters/education_update/jun94/vol36/num05/Teaching_Language-Minority_Students.aspx for an article on this topic. Some have argued that ESL (English as Second Language) is the […]

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