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Reflection Part I: Purpose In 200-300 words, describe why you are studying in the field of Mental Health and Wellness.  How do you hope to apply the skills you have acquired upon completion of this program? Reflection Part II: Community Connection In 150-200 words, name an organization in your community that treats a mental health disorder and two evidence-based practices (EBPs) they utilize for this particular […]

External link to Collaborative Documentation

Collaborative Documentation

After reviewing the collaborative documentation PowerPoint, identify the essential elements needed to document a service the same day it occurred. In 750-1,000 words, What is collaborative documentation standards and the benefits of using this approach in a community mental health and wellness center. Review at least three scholarly resources on the benefits and limitations of collaborative documentation and write a comparative analysis between the positions […]

External link to Fiona Dava 2

Fiona Dava 2

What are some strengths and challenges of Beck’s Depression Scale for assessing emotional status? Do you feel that this scale is a good method to assess emotional status? Why or why not? Provide specific examples to support your position. Just need 135 words

External link to Fiona Dava 3

Fiona Dava 3

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 16 slides for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2-RF). Address and include the following in your PowerPoint: A title, introduction, and conclusion slide. What is the MMPI-2-RF and what does it measure? What are the legal and ethical requirements for a professional to administer, interpret, and/or report the results of an MMPI-2-RF? How would information gathered from the MMPI-2-RF assist […]

External link to Week 2B/PSY225

Week 2B/PSY225

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that illustrates how people create growth and find meaning out of trauma and suffering. Create a mock case study of a client who is a survivor of a traumatic event, who has overcome the experience, and who is now demonstrating resilience and overall well-being. Include and discuss the following concepts: Introduce the concept of resilience. Describe the event the client experienced. Discuss how the […]

External link to Week 4 Project sexuality

Week 4 Project sexuality

Theories on Love One’s interpretation and understanding of sexuality generally vacillate during his or her lifespan. These experiences are affected by diverse factors that include biopsychosocial, economic, cultural, religious, and spiritual factors. Various theories have come into play and have helped in understanding the concept of love, intimacy, and commitment. Based on your research, complete the following tasks:Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and examples. […]

External link to week 5 Discussion Assignment

week 5 Discussion Assignment

Types of Sexual Behavior Review some case examples:Cite any sources in APA format.NO Plagiarism Sam talks his daughter and her friend into viewing pictures he had taken of other neighborhood children, and then manipulates them into exposing themselves. James loved taking the subway or bus, especially if they were crowded. He described having sexual urges and fantasies that involve touching and rubbing against a nonconsenting […]

External link to Week 3 discussion

Week 3 discussion

Phase Models in Group Development Teach the class: Reflect on a time that you were part of a relatively small group, and with reference to this experience, explain Tuckman’s Model of Group Development stages to the class. Walk your classmates through the forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning stages of this model in relation to the group-development experience that is the basis of your reflection. […]

External link to Week 2/PSY225

Week 2/PSY225

I need help addressing the following Did you experience more positive or negative emotions during the tracking period? What did you notice about the range of emotions you experienced during the 4 days? What type of experiences generated the strongest emotional responses? Explain the psychological benefits of positive emotions as discussed in this week’s readings. What are some strategies to help cultivate positive emotions in […]

External link to Topic 1 DQ 2

Topic 1 DQ 2

Choose one of the diagnoses listed below. Discuss an evidence-based practice (EBP) for the diagnosis. Discuss any disparities in treatment (racial, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, geographical location, social conditions, etc.). Use a scholarly source to cite your description of the EBP and the disparity. Anxiety Bipolar disorders Oppositional defiance disorder Depression Schizoaffective disorde

External link to infographic -Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie

infographic -Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie

from the movie :Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind create an infographic, open Microsoft Office Power Point, select “new”.  (If you are using Microsoft Office 2016, go to “File”.  Then select New”.) In the search box, type “infographic”.  Several templates will appear. You need only to select one.   i attached an example. this is for my class on Psychology in the media. example to put in […]

External link to 9-1 Journal: On Being a Therapist

9-1 Journal: On Being a Therapist

Instructions Read the news article summarizing a court case in which a client stalked her therapist and review the resources on Dr. Kenneth Pope’s website for therapists who are being stalked, threatened, and assaulted by patients. In your journal, discuss your thoughts on the risks faced by therapists working in the field. Were you aware of these situations faced by mental health professionals? Did any […]

External link to Week 2 assignment

Week 2 assignment

In preparation for your final project it will be important that you locate a number of peer-reviewed journal articles which focus on the key variables in your experiment.  For this annotated bibliography you will need to locate at least 4 relevant peer-reviewed journal articles from Keiser’s online library. What is an annotated bibliography?It is an organized list of sources (referenced in APA format), such as books, journals, newspapers, […]

External link to Discussion Assignment-Week 4

Discussion Assignment-Week 4

just answer part one and two questions, Cite any sources in APA format. No PLagerism. Part 1 Sexuality is essential to the way one conceives oneself. It may depend on one’s experiences and considerations that often fluctuate throughout his or her lifespan. It gets impacted by different biopsychosocial, economic, cultural, religious, and spiritual factors. The textbook states that with the passing time, the emotional, intellectual, […]

External link to Newspaper Article WK 1

Newspaper Article WK 1

When you read a newspaper article or magazine article they sometimes use statistics to enhance their story. Find an article that uses statistics in some way. Determine the type of statistics they used. Did they use descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Explain how you came to this conclusion. Be sure to attach a link to your article or attach your article you found.

External link to m14 ADHD

m14 ADHD

In your own words, explain the symptoms of the mental health issue you have identified.  Briefly explain the etiology of this mental health issue; be specific.  Based upon your perceptions as to the etiology, provide some specific current treatment options.  On the Internet, find at least one organization that would be an excellent resource for clients or family members who are dealing with this mental […]

External link to Week 3 Discussion-Human Sexuality

Week 3 Discussion-Human Sexuality

Part 1 research the following terms: Sex Gender Assigned gender Gender identity Gender roles and gender role learning Sexual orientation Based on your understanding, address the following: Explain how these terms are different from each other. Provide an explanation of the perspectives that influence sexual orientation with regard to the assigned gender, gender identity, and gender roles. For example, what did you learn as a […]

External link to Psychology final assignment test

Psychology final assignment test

When Elizabeth was 4 years old, she had a near-drowning incident that resulted in a significant brain injury.Now Elizabeth is a 15 years old high school student. Elizabeth enjoys school but often struggles to understand instructions given to her by teachers and has difficulty concentrating for long periods. Elizabeth dreams of becoming an actress and would like to go to acting school, but her parents […]

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Exercise 3 (Final) As a supervisor one of the ways, you could encourage and support the analysts you supervise is by working with them in developing a professional portfolio of their learning experiences. Your textbook discusses the value of professional work portfolios and provides a rationale for creating an e-portfolio.    Using this as a guide discuss your position on this type of learning/self-reflection teaching strategy. […]

External link to Assignment 2: Mid-Term Evaluation and Self-Assessment

Assignment 2: Mid-Term Evaluation and Self-Assessment

Assignment 2: Mid-Term Evaluation and Self-Assessment Prior to your field education experience, you completed an agency learning agreement that outlined potential goals and objectives related to social work practice skills that you sought to acquire during this course. Like a contract, your agency learning agreement also provided your field instructor a set of criteria that would measure your social work practice skills. For this course, […]

External link to professional work portfolios

professional work portfolios

Exercise 3 (Final) As a supervisor one of the ways, you could encourage and support the analysts you supervise is by working with them in developing a professional portfolio of their learning experiences. Your textbook discusses the value of professional work portfolios and provides a rationale for creating an e-portfolio.  Using this as a guide discuss your position on this type of learning/self-reflection teaching strategy. […]

External link to Week 2 Active Listening

Week 2 Active Listening

Active Listening Review “Habits of Poor Listeners” in Chapter 3 of the required Adams and Galanes text. Reflect on recent conversations that you have had with clients, friends, loved ones, or colleagues. Were you actively listening through the duration of each of these conversations? How or how not? What poor listening habits might you consider working on improving to help in delivery of human services […]

External link to Supervivion and Management in Applied Behavior Analysis

Supervivion and Management in Applied Behavior Analysis

Review the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Fourth Edition Task List. Under Section ll subsection K Pick 3 tasks and outline how you as a supervisor would provide supervision and support to someone pursuing certification.  This assignment will require you to review the task list and research what is involved in each of the tasks you select. In your response you would assume the position that […]

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