External link to Juveniles with Mental Illness Paper

Juveniles with Mental Illness Paper

Write a 350 word paper on treatment planning for juveniles with mental illness. Include the following: Issues related to suicide prevention Strategies for motivational engagement The efficacy of cognitive-behavioral, substance abuse, and group treatment The role of family engagement in treatment Include a minimum of three sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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There are many facets involved in cognition and plenty of research that looks at various aspects of age-related changes in cognitive abilities. If you decide to work with the elderly in the helping profession as a therapist or in some other helping capacity, it is important to know what cognitive changes take place. I’ve included a nicely detailed article on this topic. While it is lengthy, […]

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Include full sentences Include at least 3-5 paragraphs (introduction, body [at least one], and conclusion) Include reference citations Part 1. Describe two recent occasions when you’ve experienced stress. For each case identify the type(s) of stress you experienced and whatever emotional, physiological, and/or behavioral responses to stress you made. Part 2. How did you handle the stress in these two situations? Do you have any […]

External link to is addiction a brain disease or not

is addiction a brain disease or not

Locate any article discussing addiction and its impact to the individual. Select any article connecting to any aspect of addiction that interests you. The article can connect to either side of the coin with addiction being considered a brain disease or addiction not being considered a brain disease. Read through the article and create a descriptive summary as well as an inclusion of newly gained […]

External link to Reaction/Opinion Paper/DisordersintheUS

Reaction/Opinion Paper/DisordersintheUS

Disorders in the US  No SPACING AT ALL!! ONE FULL PAGE Write a one page opinion/research paper on the topic listed below.  The assignment is due in on the submission button/page in this assignment page by Thursday at 11:59pm.  Be prepared to discuss this topic in class and defend your thoughts and opinions.  This assignment is worth 10 points.  You will have ONLY one (1) attempt […]

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Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in approximately 200 words.  1) What are your thoughts about inclusion policy?_How would you design a classroom experience for children with and without special needs?_What potential challenges would you need to consider, and how might you address these? 2) Llewellyn (2013) writes that “international literature suggests that parents with intellectual disability can provide ‘good enough’ parenting given […]

External link to Psychology Discussion

Psychology Discussion

Use attached book for reference/sources 350 words –  For your final group question, you will need to watch the YouTube video: “What is consciousness? /The Economist”.  You can find a link to the video in Module 14.This video provides a big picture overview of the course and its content – your discussion question is in two parts:  1) What was the most salient or significant […]

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Your answer should be at least 230 words, with intext citations and a  2 reference list at the bottom. These questions come from one of your textbooks, so this should be your first reference. Your grade will be based on the quality of your response.  Instructions for individual assignments1.Make sure that you answer the question correctly and fully. Your answer should be at least 230 […]

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Essay: QEP Global Citizen Essay Explain the characteristics of a global citizen At least 200 words, 2) At least 2 in text citations and 3) At least 2 references IMPORTANT Using terms found in the thesaurus of PsycINFO EBSCO {i.e. Globalization, or global and characteristics, or “Population” and Globalization, (or other related terms) find 2 journal articles (or books) from PsycINFO. Use these and/or our […]

External link to Discussion Paragraph/somatoformdisorders

Discussion Paragraph/somatoformdisorders

Discussion Thread topic: Why do you believe that Somatoform disorder really exist in individuals, when there is no physcial indication of problems? In this thread you are to build the discussion from the topic above. Each student is to address the conversation with ONE full thought in a well designed and complete paragraph. Each student will be graded on the ONE paragraph, additional paragraphs are […]

External link to BPS Reactions to Disasters

BPS Reactions to Disasters

In review of our course materials this week, we are introduced to several excellent theories aiding our understanding in the survivors’ experience in coping after disaster events. The complex nature of disasters results in reactions manifested in many ways including psychological, biological, and social. The architect of modern-day positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, speaks to the foundational basis of the psychological approach in his Ted […]

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Choosing Your Focus Prior to beginning this assignment, review all the required readings from the first three weeks. During this course, you have been developing your knowledge in the area of learning and cognition and in the final week of this course, you will develop a Final Project based on the topics we will explore throughout the course. This writing assignment supports your success on […]

External link to public health

public health

part 1: In review of this week’s content, reflect upon your understanding of the role of qi and prana in balancing one’s health and wellness. Discuss their similarities, differences, and how you can apply these concepts to your health journey. Journal Requirements: 1) 1.5 – 2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 2) Use of textbook, PowerPoints, Course resources 3) No additional research necessary – use […]

External link to Rogers and self- Actualization

Rogers and self- Actualization

This is a short essay related to Chapter 5 and 6 on Carl Rogers theory of personality.  Please read these chapters of your text before submitting this short essay.Follow the instructions below to complete this essay assignment.Rogers proposed that the fundamental human motive is self-actualization: a positive, growth-oriented human motive.  That sounds like a very nice idea. And it is easy to think of cases in […]

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Carlos, a 63-year-old divorced male was self-referred to you through his Employee Assistance Program. He presents as a lonely and withdrawn older adult requesting assistance with what he describes as “life issues.” The purpose of this paper is for you to present a developmental conceptualization of a client over four developmental stages that explains individual growth using biological, social, psychosocial, cognitive, and environmental theories. For […]



important!!!!!! !!!!!Select interventions from journal articles published within the past five years to ensure use of the most up-to- date resources.!!!!!! You may use articles from the Mental Health Counseling Guide or from other sources, as long as the intervention is grounded in research._ _ _ _ paper that includes the following: Provide a brief description of the intervention including: (1) to whom it can […]

External link to Family Project Paper Assignment

Family Project Paper Assignment

Refer to the grading rubric posted in the Baby project module for  grading details.  Your goal is to apply the theories and concepts listed  on the rubric to make a cohesive story of your child’s life from birth  through age 18.  You are expected to incorporate the information you created for the  individual stage assignments throughout the semester.  But you also have  to add a […]

External link to Essay Social Psychology

Essay Social Psychology

PSY/400: Social Psychology Wk 5 – Conflict Resolution Program [due Mon] Wk 5 – Conflict Resolution Program [due Mon] Assignment Content In this assignment, you will integrate the concepts of conflict resolution, group influence, and attribution to develop a program of conflict resolution to a current conflict situation. Identify a conflict between two groups, and obtain approval from your instructor. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you create a […]

External link to research paper outline due in 3 hours. help!

research paper outline due in 3 hours. help!

Research Paper: Working Outline Assignment Instructions Overview Using current APA format, you will create a Research Paper: Working Outline Assignmenttowards your Research Paper: Final Submission Assignment. This outline will include a title page and a references page, making any corrections from your Research Paper: TopicRationale Assignment feedback. Instructions You will outline your proposed Research Paper: Final Submission Assignment into various sections. You must include a […]

External link to Psychology Reaction Paper 1

Psychology Reaction Paper 1

REACTION PAPER #1 consists of 3 numbered pages sent as an upload. Page 1 is the title page of the reaction paper. Always place only the following five items on page 1 of each Reaction Paper (points are deducted for omitting any of the five items): 1. The Reaction Paper #1 which is the title of the paper. 2. Reaction Paper due date. 3.  Course Name and section number, e.g., General Psy-101-000WB, Abnormal Psy-102-111LS, Developmental […]

External link to Outline for Final Loss Across the Lifespan Paper

Outline for Final Loss Across the Lifespan Paper

Outline for Final Loss Across the Lifespan Paper The purpose of this paper is to integrate the theory and practice principles we have learned and to apply them to a living person’s experience of loss. The outline below is provided as a guide, not a rigid format. Each subsection should be labeled, but not all questions are appropriate to your respondent’s loss. The order is […]

External link to Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

Visit the Stanford Prison Experiment (Links to an external site.) film site (in fact, explore the whole site!) and answer one of the discussion questions on the page.  Your answer should be thoughtful and in-depth. (https://www.prisonexp.org/discussion-questions) Written assignments must be original writing, include citations and adhere to APA (Links to an external site.) style guidelines. Please note that all assignments will be submitted to Turnitin. Turnitin is […]

External link to Initial Case Conceptualization on grief and loss, depression, or anxiety

Initial Case Conceptualization on grief and loss, depression, or anxiety

In this assignment, you will discuss the theoretical approach you chose for working with a specific client during your fieldwork experience and how you used this perspective as you collected information about the client and developed counseling goals. Complete this assignment by addressing the following topics in a four-part format. Part 1: Client Information Select a client with whom you have worked in individual counseling […]

External link to graph activities ABA

graph activities ABA

There are 10 graphs attached,. Prior to each graph, there will be a brief description of the study with which it is associated. Based on that description and your interpretation of the data presented, you will write a results and discussion section. For each graph, you will describe the change in the dependent variable based on the independent variable(s) presented for the results section. This should […]

External link to Case Conceptualization: Interventions and Evaluation

Case Conceptualization: Interventions and Evaluation

In this assignment, you will continue to discuss your work with the client you presented in your Unit 5 Case Conceptualization paper. Complete this assignment by addressing the following topics in a four-part format. Part 1: Interventions List the three goals you formulated for this client and presented in your Unit 5 paper. (If your instructor provided feedback or comments about your goals on that […]

External link to for all work solver

for all work solver

Comment  from instructor   Good start. Make sure that you are utilizing several references. Make sure to give more detail about what the client is struggling with.  Give background/childhood information, more information about him and his wife etc. Overall good start but I was not seeing what approach you chose and I was not seeing many details about the case study, The approach is under […]

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