External link to Teamwork Project tool

Teamwork Project tool

Week 4 Course Project: Scope and Schedule – Part 1 0 3 Jul 2022 – 23:59 5 Jul 2022 – 23:59 100Summary:Scope and Schedule: At the end of week 4, you are to finalize the initially approved scope from week two and start building the project schedule. In this week, you are also to work on building the project Work-BreakdownStructure (WBS). Project scope and schedule will […]

External link to Skills Building

Skills Building

19. What must be considered by a supplier to select which inputs to use to produce health related goods and services?Describe some of the inputs that must be considered to produce health related goods and services?What is the production possibility frontier and how is it used to determine the goods and services a firm can produce? A thorough review of price lists is just one […]

External link to Groups and Teams

Groups and Teams

Contrast groups and teams.Describe the five types of teams.Analyze the characteristics of effective teams.Contrast strengths and weaknesses of group decision making.Include a discussion of how a team’s composition impacts its effectiveness. Groups and Teams. To achieve organizational goals requires different individuals to be part of team or groups. This article focuses on teams and groups in a way that contrasts them by explaining five kinds of […]



Discuss the following:Explain the characteristics of conscious leadership as defined by Mackey and Sisodia. Providecitations to strengthen your claims.Choose two historical management theories and explain their influence on the field of organizationalbehavior. Provide citations to strengthen your claims.Describe the importance of self-awareness, self-concept, and emotional intelligence and the role theyplay in enabling effective conscious leadership and effective self-leadership. Provide citations tostrengthen your claims.Briefly summarize the […]

External link to Teamwork Project tool

Teamwork Project tool

Week 4 Course Project: Scope and Schedule – Part 1 0 3 Jul 2022 – 23:59 5 Jul 2022 – 23:59 100Summary:Scope and Schedule: At the end of week 4, you are to finalize the initially approved scope from week two and start building the project schedule. In this week, you are also to work on building the project Work-BreakdownStructure (WBS). Project scope and schedule will […]

External link to Change Analysis

Change Analysis

Write a 2-3 page APA formatted paper (must be at least 2 full pages) describing your progression throughthe Kübler-Ross Change Curve or Lewin’s change model for a workplace change effort that you havepersonally experienced. You should reference the course material in your paper.chapters 8 & 9 Change Analysis Because of the constantly changing nature of the world, companies of all sizes must constantly review their […]

External link to Identifying Planned Changes

Identifying Planned Changes

This discussion will help you identify previous experience with planned change efforts in theworkplace. It serves as a foundation for future discussions and course content on change theories.In your post, discuss your experience with a planned change effort at your workplace. Ideally, thischange should have taken place in the last year. Consider the following questions:What was the change?Why was the change needed?How was the change […]

External link to Developing Management Theory

Developing Management Theory

Write an essay describing your theory in detail. The following “steps” should help in developing yourmanagement theory. Include all of the developmental steps in your essay.Step #1:Develop at least five “functions or roles” of management for your theory.Step # 2:Develop a statement of purpose for your theory, meaning, why did you develop it? What wasmissing from any of the other theories that you felt you […]

External link to The Organization’s Response to Change

The Organization’s Response to Change

Week 9 Assignment – The Organization’s Response to ChangeOverviewFrom the same case that you have chosen for Deliverables 1 to 3, you will advise the CEO on how best toposition the organization to be responsive to change in order to take advantage of the strategies you haverecommended.InstructionsGive your opinion as to whether your chosen company’s industry is maturing or declining, based on itsevolution history. Justify […]

External link to Benefit of Psychology to an Organization

Benefit of Psychology to an Organization

25. In terms of its impact on business, name the 3 most important concepts positive psychology that can benefit an organizationHow would you apply these concepts as a leader in an organization?What would be the anticipated outcome of their application? A specialization in organizational psychology can bring numerous advantages. It’s a fresh branch of psychology that is focused on the interests of the workers and the […]

External link to Leadership Management

Leadership Management

13. Identify one specific leadership activity and one specific maintenance activity that should be encouraged. Identify the most significant disruptive behavior that should be discouraged. If you assume a leadership position the first of your tasks is to direct your team members in a direction that yields optimal outcomes for the company overall. Motivation is a particular kind of leadership practice that needs to be carried […]

External link to Leadership Evaluation and Philosophy

Leadership Evaluation and Philosophy

Leadership studies demonstrate that the most effective leaders know how to draw upon self-leadershipskills to in turn motivate and lead others to expand their strengths to ultimately better serve the goals ofan organization. For this assignment, you will continue to study conscious leadership and look at aleadership example from contemporary media and evaluate how well the particular leader exemplifiesthe qualities of effective and ethical conscious […]

External link to Osha


Consider the scenario below.Your company is starting a project that will utilize outside contractors and subcontractors. It is your jobto oversee the safety of the entire project. The contractors will be performing work that may or may notbe familiar to you and to your normal work environment.Based on your background reading and additional research, develop a plan to get participation and buy-infrom all contractors by […]

External link to MGT-325: Developing an Organizational Change Communications Plan

MGT-325: Developing an Organizational Change Communications Plan

Part 1 Instructions: Complete the company’s name below. Then by using the new question prompts that begin on the 2nd page of the template, you must address each of the 11 sections. Be aware of how these sections are connected to your three-part strategy including a summary, findings and recommendations, and connections with the ADKAR model that you first heard of in Topic 2. In all, your […]

External link to Mainstream Approaches to Addressing Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

Mainstream Approaches to Addressing Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

Are Basically “Too Little, Too Late” Introduction Environmental degradation and climate change are global issues which have had a significant impact on the human condition. Changes in the climate can last for many decades or even millions of years, and at the end of the day, they can result in devastating impacts. Due to dangerous activities like burning fossil fuels as well as poor waste disposal practices […]

External link to General Quality Strategies and Tools

General Quality Strategies and Tools

*Create a comparative table that shows the various definitions, risks, and value of each of the followingquality management tactics:*Establishing customer expectations*Designing quality*Defining metrics*Mistake-proofing*Kaizen*Six Sigma General Quality Strategies and Tools Quality management involves the activities and assignments that must be completed to reach as well as maintain an established degree of excellence within an organisation. The tasks and activities must be completed to ensure that employees to […]

External link to Egornomic Job Hazard Analysis

Egornomic Job Hazard Analysis

Introduction InstructionsYou have been asked to conduct an ergonomic job hazard analysis (JHA) in amanufacturing facility that manufactures metal parts for an automotive company. Onearea of concern is the manual materials handling (MMH) throughout the facility.Specifically, you have been tasked with conducting a JHA on the palletizing of shippingboxes once they are assembled. Given the following worksheet (see the link below todownload the worksheet), calculate […]

External link to Developing Management Theory

Developing Management Theory

The assignment for this week is to develop your own management theory. We discussed severalmanagement theories (behavioral and psychological) in class and you have researched additional ones onyour own. Now it is time to think about what you, as a future manager, would use as your managementtheory.Write an essay describing your theory in detail. The following “steps” should help in developing yourmanagement theory. Include all […]

External link to Strategic Plan: Mission, Vision, and Goals

Strategic Plan: Mission, Vision, and Goals

As the task force responsible for the strategic plan, you must write the organization’s mission and visionstatement, as well as set the short- and long-term goals and objectives.Use the SWOT analysis from Week 2 to develop the plan’s mission, vision, and goals. Verbiage from theSWOT analyses should be evident in the mission, vision, and goals statements.Consider the following in your development:Formulation of specific goal timeframesProcess […]

External link to Strategic Implementation Plan (Implementation of the New Strategy)

Strategic Implementation Plan (Implementation of the New Strategy)

McKinsey 7S Framework The Vetreska pet company’s main strategy is cost-leadership and differentiation of the product line. The two strategies proposed will give the company a substantial and significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. This will allow the company to be the leader in the market by taking a large part of its rivals (Putra and co. 2019,). The currently operating activities of the Vetreska firm are with […]

External link to The MGM Grand Hotel Fire

The MGM Grand Hotel Fire

Using the CSU Online Library, locate one or more articles that give detailed information(at least four pages in length) about a fire in either a hotel or a high-rise office building.Your case study should cover the topics listed below.What were the main factors that caused the fire?Were there any design flaws in the building that contributed either to the start of the fireor the growth […]

External link to OSH 2304

OSH 2304

Acme General Contractors, Inc. is the general contractor for the construction of a multi-storyapartment building that is approximately 40% complete. They received an OSHA citation for nothaving an emergency action plan (EAP). You have been hired as the company safety officer todevelop and implement the program required by OSHA.The apartment building will be 14 stories tall with 250 total apartments. The construction isconcrete masonry units […]

External link to Injury/Illness Prevention Case Study

Injury/Illness Prevention Case Study

As the new Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) manager for the CSU Widget Factory, you recentlycompleted a study of the injuries entered on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)300 form over the past 12 months. To reduce workplace injuries, select three program areas from the analysis above that should receiveimmediate attention. Select three OSH programs from the following:Heat Stress, Powered Industrial Vehicles, Material Handling and […]

External link to Claims and Concepts of Dependency Theory

Claims and Concepts of Dependency Theory

Question 5.1 What are the main claims and concepts of ‘dependency theory’? Provided lecture notesand slides for your reference. Claims and Concepts of Dependency Theory The theory of dependency and underdevelopment gained in popularity during the 1970s and 1960s especially in countries of the third world. It was created by scholars like Samir Amin, and André Gunder Frank to criticize the modernization theory which claimed that […]

External link to Community Parks Solution

Community Parks Solution

Following the Assignment Guidelines below, choose an argumentative topic to research. This will be yourtopic throughout the entire course, so the activities required for this assignment will provide thefoundation for your future Touchstones. The topic for an argumentative research paper must be adebatable topic, meaning that it involves conflicting viewpoints. Additionally, it cannot be a topic that isalready decided or agreed upon by most of […]

External link to Job Discrimination

Job Discrimination

Job discrimination (Chapter 11, pages 401-433), is the topic for this week. We will explore areas such asdisparity, affirmative action policies, bias wage systems, hostile work environments, sexual harassment,and many other job discrimination topics.For this week’s discussion, I want you to think about the concept of comparable work for comparable pay.Most companies provide a job description that details the work involved for the positions, the […]

External link to Source Evaluation

Source Evaluation

Touchstone 2.1: Evaluate a SourceASSIGNMENT: For this essay, you will select one of the sources you have found through your preliminaryresearch about your research topic. Which source you choose is up to you; however, it should besubstantial enough that you will be able to talk about it at length, and intricate enough that it will keepyou (and your reader) interested. Once you have chosen a […]

External link to AIS Implementation Failure

AIS Implementation Failure

Having a business process implemented means that you must have full knowledge of the organization’sproducts, operations, and goals. Research a company that implemented an AIS change to its operationsand did not fully succeed. AIS Implementation Failure Accounting Information Systems (AISs) are systems used by companies to manage their financial data. In this instance, handling involves the collection, storage, and management and retrieving financial data to auditors, […]

External link to Internal Company Controls

Internal Company Controls

Evaluate the company’s practices against COSO’s internal control frameworks. If you chose a companythat you would like to start, then you are going to establish the COSO internal controls based on yourselection of the company’s operations.Identify at least one possible risk in the current practice/potential practice that could limit theeffectiveness of COSO’s internal control framework. How would you discover and fix this issue? Internal Company […]

External link to Project Charter

Project Charter

After completing your stakeholder analysis and developing your stakeholder register, you started working onyour next project, which will be to develop a project charter. You started to gather information from variousstakeholders via interviews and e-mails. The latest e-mail you sent caused quite a response. Several meetingswere centered on the project charter, statement of work (SOW), work breakdown structure (WBS), andenterprise environmental factors and organizational process […]

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