External link to Death Penalty

Death Penalty

15. Death PenaltyYou are being asked by the governor of your new state whether you support or oppose the death penalty. The governor has given you the task to prepare a presentation that will educate her and her staff. In Microsoft PowerPoint, create a presentation with 6 to 7 slides. Use the “Notes” area to elaborate as needed. Make sure you include these issues. Analyze […]

External link to Week4 Ssssss

Week4 Ssssss

14. Typeology, Victim Selection and InvestigationSerial killers, including the “Unabomber,” “Zodiac Killer” and “BTK Killer”, remained free for many years. The Zodiac Killer is still not captured. Select one of the killers listed above to create an 8-10 slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint covering the following points. Please describe the murderer’s actions and select victims.Find out the type of killer.Give a description and critique of […]

External link to Week4 Vicap Program

Week4 Vicap Program

10. ViCAP ProgramRecognizing that multiple victims could be related to the same serial killer has been a major challenge for investigators of serial killers. After the Bundy casting, the FBI launched the ViCAP. Please describe ViCAP and the reasons it was created by Bundy’s case. Does this make it an effective tool? Which type of serial killer could ViCAP help?Describe and answer questions about the […]

External link to Week4 Battered Woman

Week4 Battered Woman

9. Battered Woman’s SyndromeIn the 1984 movie, The Burning Bed, Farah Fawcett plays Francine Hughes, a Michigan housewife who was prosecuted for murder after she set her husband on fire while he slept on their bed. The defense argued that Mrs. Hughes was a victim of 13 years of abuse, which had made her unable to think rationally and leave the relationship, a defense now […]

External link to Question 1

Question 1

8. Outline three ways that the 9/11 Commission used to counter domestic and global terrorism The aim for the Department of Homeland Security Strategy for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence is to implement the White House’s 2017 National Security Strategy and 2018 National Strategy for Counterterrorism, and any other national policies. This framework provides the Department’s plan for fighting the threat of terrorism and violence targeted […]

External link to BL 23

BL 23

7. The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution allows government to take privately owned property if that property is being taken for a public purpose and if the private owner of the property is paid a fair price for the property taken. Questions have arisen under this provision about what a public purpose is and what a fair price is. One of […]

External link to Week4 Vv

Week4 Vv

13.Victims of Domestic AbuseLinda and her eight year old son are regularly beaten and insulted by her husband. Linda is financially dependent on her husband and is too scared to protest or to complain against his violent behavior. Her husband is well-known among the neighborhood as an ill-tempered and violent man.Based on the above scenario, answer the following questions:In your opinion, what kind of help […]

External link to BL1


9. One source of law in the United States is case law, sometimes called common law, which is based on the decisions of courts. The decision of a court resolves the dispute in the particular case that is in the court, but how can decisions of courts create a source of laws that apply beyond the case in which the decision was rendered? “Case law” […]

External link to Question 2

Question 2

7. In 1993 the World Trade Centre was targeted and bombed by Ramzi Yousef. In addition, the terrorists also wanted to introduce cyanide into the ventilation system. What would have the impact been if cyanide have been used? What immediate changes did the World Trade Implement after the 1993 attack to prevent a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) type of attack to the […]

External link to Week4 Discussion

Week4 Discussion

6.Criminal Justice System—Social InfluenceThis week’s discussion will continue the theme of social influence on the criminal justice system. For this assignment you will discuss the role of the community and “social control” in corrections.Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research an example of a restorative justice program and describe it for the class. How does it work? What type of offenders does […]

External link to Unit II Journal

Unit II Journal

5. In Recent Times, as a mechanism to Counter these Insider risks and threats, most Sytes and Federal Agencies have Established Anonymus Whistleblower Hotlines, Wmail Addresses and Online Reporting Forms. Do You Believe that these Mechanism Recue Insider Threats and are Reliable Strategy to Reduce Terrorism Threats? Why or Why Not? Any insider or person with intellectual capital who has current or prior access to […]

External link to Traditional Police Policies

Traditional Police Policies

15.What are the main Components of the Broken Window Theory? Explain The United States is home to the greatest imprisonment rate per capita and the biggest prison system in the world. Despite a decrease, there were still almost 2 million individuals behind bars in 2016. These numbers show why crime control and mass imprisonment are so contentious today. They highlight the efforts of academics, legal […]

External link to Both


7. 1. Discuss your view of determinism and free will. Provide a brief description and definition of each. Determinism is the belief everything happens because of another event. Determinism happens because of internal or external forces, and we do not have control over those. External determinism is things outside the person that we have no control over. For example, our parents’ influence, what is on […]

External link to Criminal Justice Capstone Week 2 Assignment

Criminal Justice Capstone Week 2 Assignment

3. Juvenile justice system Explain the history and different stages of the juvenile justice systemWhat exactly is police discretion and how influential is it concerning the decision to arrest a juvenile?What are the laws constraining police in searches and seizures of juvenile suspects?Describe the alternative dispositions available to the juvenile court.Explain the waivers by which a juvenile from juvenile to criminal court for prosecution as […]

External link to Gun control

Gun control

25. Topic: Pro: Gun control write a 700-1000 word (word count does NOT include Cover page, Abstract, or Reference pages) Argumentative essay Remember emotion has no room in this essay. Stick to the facts to support your argument. You must include aspects of personal responsibility and decision-making in the choices of your argumentative topic. In your essay, you will evaluate choices and actions, and relate […]

External link to Conducting Research Individual Project

Conducting Research Individual Project

20. Importance of combining both qualitative and quantitative research methods In order to ensure that the weaknesses of one type of information are balanced by the benefits of another, the combination of quantitative and qualitative information can improve an assessment. This will ensure that the understanding of the evaluation is improved by the integration of different methods of learning. Most evaluations contain qualitative as well as quantitative […]

External link to Week 5 Assignment

Week 5 Assignment

4. Describe at least two challenges unique to the criminal investigation of serial and mass murders compared to other homicides. Be specific. Explain how to use profiling to address the challenges you described. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation. Investigating serial murders that involve missing people poses particular problems for police. For one, some missing persons are never located or are discovered years […]

External link to Three Strikes Law

Three Strikes Law

46. Respond to the following in a minimum of 250 words:· Three strikes laws are considered by many to be extremely harsh since minor offenses can lead to long sentences. Would you support three-strikes laws for white-collar crimes over $100,000, since a single white-collar crime can cause harm to hundreds of victims and many white-collar crimes are committed by people who live an upper-class lifestyle? […]

External link to How Political Full Officers in European Doctrines of Law Influenced the US Constitution

How Political Full Officers in European Doctrines of Law Influenced the US Constitution

Discuss how political officers in European Doctrines of La influenced the US ConstitutionHow Political Full Officers in European Doctrines of Law Influenced the US Constitution The United States Constitution considers citizenship as a key element of democratic process. In its democratic space citizenship is a crucial element of democracy. US Constitution insists on the necessity of citizens’ participation in various elections to elect those they would […]

External link to Balance between Effective Law Enforcement and Personality Liberty

Balance between Effective Law Enforcement and Personality Liberty

15. Debate the balance between effective law enforcement and personal liberty. Which of these two principles outweighs the other? Are there any situations in which personal freedoms should be limited to ensure that police are able to prevent crime or successfully apprehend offenders? Why or why not? Support your opinion. When it comes to ensuring the law and order of society in the midst of […]

External link to Use of Confidential Informants to Combat Crime

Use of Confidential Informants to Combat Crime

14. Discuss the pros and cons of using confidential informants to combat crime. Discuss what entrapment entails and how entrapment could be used as a defense strategy. Do you believe that using informants can be entrapment? Why or why not? The police rely on confidential informants whenever they require information about criminal activity from an unknown source. Definition of Confidential Informant An anonymous source who provides […]

External link to Media Coverage of Women who Commit Crimes or Use Drugs while Pregnant

Media Coverage of Women who Commit Crimes or Use Drugs while Pregnant

22. Please discuss media coverage of women who commit crimes or use drugs while pregnant. Does the media promote a specific view of these women? How? Provide examples. Health care and the criminal justice media also are concerned over drug usage during the motherhood process and also during pregnancy. There is an ongoing effort to make drug use a crime while pregnant, putting women who use […]

External link to Diversity in Law Enforcement

Diversity in Law Enforcement

18. In 4-5 paragraphs, give your opinion on diversity in law enforcement within the community you reside. Has this diversity or non-diversity been positive or negative? Why or why not? Diversification of police forces is enshrined in political ideologies and in sensationalized media, but that does not make it less of a subject or idea to study (Myers 2020). If you’ve lived only in one particular […]

External link to Diversity in the Police Department

Diversity in the Police Department

17. After viewing the videos selected for this Unit, in a minimum of 1-2 pages, explain and discuss the benefits of a diversified police department. Provide 2-3 examples. Explain why you feel diversity enhances the productivity of the department and the impact on community relations In all fields the discussion about diversity is extremely important. In the case of law enforcement, however, even the most fundamental […]

External link to Writing Assignment 3-Criminology Theories

Writing Assignment 3-Criminology Theories

10. Based on the theories you have learned, write a two-page, double spaced paper on the case located below. Your paper should discuss the elements of crime and recognize the origins of criminal behavior depicted in this case using two different views of crime and two different explanations of crime in the context of different criminological schools of thought. Every crime is subdivided into various […]

External link to Is Violence Socialized?

Is Violence Socialized?

23. Question: Do you think that violence is socialized into Americans through a culture that glamorizes violence through popular media/ and the availability of guns as humorized on the Dailey Show? Or can violence, including self-inflicted violence, be reduced to social isolation and anomie? More importantly what elements in the social environment, in your opinion, do you think keeps most persons from becoming violent? Is […]

External link to CRJS325IndividualProject


13. From 1865 through the early 1900s, various drugs were available and deemed legal. Today, there are even more types of drugs that, while illegal in most countries, are available to the public. Address the following in 3–4 pages: · Pick 3 drugs that were legal from 1865 until some point in the 20th century, and answer the following questions: · What 3 drugs were […]

External link to Kentucky State Policies Regarding an Inpatient Hold

Kentucky State Policies Regarding an Inpatient Hold

Address the following items:   What are your outpatient facility and Kentucky state policies regarding an inpatient hold?o Does the patient have to be suicidal/homicidal or are there other criteria to placesomeone on a hold?o How long are these holds for Kentucky and to have them extended what is required?o Think about either your current place of employment or current clinical site. What are some potential […]

External link to Strategic Plan Summary

Strategic Plan Summary

16. A cross-functional team is a group of people with unique functional expertise who are brought together to reach a common goal.You are part of a cross-functional transition team that is working toward assuming leadership of a criminal justice or security organization in your city or state. Your role is to represent the overall leadership and administrative part of the team that will analyze and […]

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