External link to Literature Review

Literature Review

Literature Review A Literature Review is an integral part of your final project. You will be using the four (4) peer review articles that you researched and summarized for Unit 4 plus additional resources as needed. Write a literature review highlighting the important trends, thresholds (tolerances), and research appropriate for your initiative. Collect data and provide a descriptive analysis of that data, which supports the […]

External link to Workplace violence

Workplace violence

Workplace violence ****400 Words**** Assignment Details Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Research. Using the Internet or library resources, find answers to the following questions:Why does workplace violence occur? What are some examples of workplace violence? How does workplace harassment differ from workplace violence? What are some warning signs that indicate violence might occur in the workplace? What are some ways to reduce violence in […]

External link to business law

business law

business law Directions Submit one Word document with clear labeling and distinctions for each response. To obtain full points you must apply the concepts weve studied to date and use the tools and skills studied in your response. Always cite any paraphrasing and quotes from your textbook, lecture, or other sources. Answer: Chapter 13 – Questions 4, 5, 7. Answer: Chapter 14 – Case 14.1 […]

External link to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Law and Governance

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Law and Governance

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Law and Governance Write a report on the methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) available. Discuss to what extent ADR currently provides effective methods of resolving commercial disputes in today’s business arena. 1. Define your topic – give your report an adequate topic and explain in your introduction your choice of topic. 2. Define scope of topic – What is […]

External link to Officer bird essay

Officer bird essay

Officer bird essay Read the scenario and answer in detail the questions that follow using key terms and concepts from the textbook: Officer Bird was patrolling downtown Center City late Saturday night. Primarily, she was on the lookout for drunk drivers after the bars closed, but violent incidents were on the rise in the area, so she was also looking for suspicious activity. She had […]

External link to 1200 words and three scholarly references

1200 words and three scholarly references

1200 words and three scholarly references 1. In appropriate depth and detail, and utilizing scholarly references, describe the basic characteristics of Judaism, including but not limited to: its history, its primary beliefs, its criticisms, its practices, and its organization. 2. In appropriate depth and detail, and utilizing scholarly references, describe the themes found in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the concept of the ÐGospelÓ […]

External link to Discussion


Discussion Students must both address the Discussion Forum issue(s), as well as comment on the posts of a minimum two of their classmates toadequatelycomplete the assignment. There is no minimum or maximum length as long as all the issues are fully addressed. Students striving for a superlative grade should go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the assignment. Topic: Religious Affinity Scams Before addressing […]

External link to In need of someone to complete my psychology class

In need of someone to complete my psychology class

In need of someone to complete my psychology class The courts have one of the most important roles in the criminal justice system. They are responsible for the interpretation and application of law when crimes are committed, They exert some of their greatest influence when it involves due process under the law. The due process model argues that the greatest concern of the justice system […]

External link to Political Systems Analysis Brief: Global North

Political Systems Analysis Brief: Global North

Political Systems Analysis Brief: Global North You will discuss the following from both a Biblical and a political perspective: ˆ What strengths and weaknesses exist within the nation states political structures and arrangements? ˆ What strengths and weaknesses exist within the nation states economic structure? ˆ In conclusion, how well does this nation-state balance liberty, justice, stability and prosperity (LJSP)? General Guidelines: ˆ All ideas […]

External link to Due tomorrow 5pm

Due tomorrow 5pm

Due tomorrow 5pm PDF submission required. Review course Writing Tips before you get started. Instructions. Respond to each of the following essay style prompts. For each question, you should include an introduction paragraph that states the purpose of the assignment and outlines the course concepts you will address in your response. Students should address each issue outlined in the question and incorporate ideas learned in […]

External link to Week 5 final

Week 5 final

Week 5 final Final Project: Caroline Fuqua Case_Trust Preparation Mary’s 44-year-old unmarried sister, Caroline Fuqua wants to create a simple revocable trust agreement so she can leave money to Marys two children. Since Marys son David, now 18 years old, has been getting into trouble with the law, Caroline wants the trust to ensure that David receives his inheritance at age 30. Caroline is the […]

External link to due tomorrow midnight

due tomorrow midnight

due tomorrow midnight https://www.pbs.org/video/trafficked-in-america-pppgmt/ For this assignment watch the PBS Frontline documentary “Trafficked in America” introducing the story of Guatemalan teens forced to work against their will in the Midwest. PBS uncovers a criminal network that exploited undocumented minors, companies that profited from forced labor and the U.S. governments role. Analyze this case critically in terms of the push and pull factors that led the […]

External link to Research Paper

Research Paper

Research Paper Your are expected to prepare a 4 page paper based on the evaluation of the needs, problems, and expectations related to the scenario, and produce a broad-based action plan that discusses how you plan to address those needs, problems, and expectations. You will be expected to identify leadership issues arising from or related to the events you are evaluating. You are also be […]

External link to CJUS 745-Discussion Forum 4-Reply2

CJUS 745-Discussion Forum 4-Reply2

CJUS 745-Discussion Forum 4-Reply2 Reply must be at least 200-300 words. For each thread, you must support your assertions with at least 2 citations from sources such as your textbook, peer-reviewed journal articles, and the Bible. Field, A. P. (2018). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics (5th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage. ***Lovetta*** Research Methods and Surveys Data collection is described as a process for […]

External link to Adjusting to Terrorism

Adjusting to Terrorism

Adjusting to Terrorism Writea 700- to 1,050-word paper on an administrative change you would propose to make in a criminal justice agency in an effort to combat terrorism more effectively. Describethe prior situation, the reasons for the proposed change, and the anticipated positive results or potential negative consequences of the change. Identifythe resources the change would require or make available–financial resources, human resources, and training […]

External link to CJUS 745-SPSS 8


CJUS 745-SPSS 8 Please read the following article which was provided in the “Reading & Study” folder for this week: Sabia, J. J., & Bass, B. (2017). Do anti-bullying laws work? New evidence on school safety and youth violence. Journal of Population Economics, 30(2), 473-502. Then answer the following questions: What does the data tell us? If you were a lawmaker or policy maker, what […]



NEED PLAGIARISM FREE “A” WORK IN 12 HOURS or LESS For this assignment, analyze and argue both sides of the following two issues. In your responses, be sure to explain the interrelationship between the classifications of crimes based on their potential harm to society. Issues 1) Compare and contrast your jurisdictions definition of ÐburglaryÓ compared to the Common Law definition. 2) Should the Dodd-Frank Wall […]



NEED “A” WORK DISCUSSION IN 10 HOURS or LESS The literature for this unit involves the classification of how crime information influences the development and implementation of mitigation strategies to minimize criminal behavior within our communities. Explain your thoughts on how neighborhood economic and social structural conditions might affect the level of criminal behavior experienced? What theoretical explanation can be applied to your response? Your […]

External link to scholar research paper

scholar research paper

scholar research paper Scholarly Paper 2 Instructions CRM 220 Module 5 The United States has a dual-court system, which means there are courts at both the state and federal levels. The majority of crimes are tried at the state and local levels. Each level has trial courts and appellate courts _ the state appellate courts oversee the state constitution and laws, and the federal appellate […]

External link to Due asap

Due asap

Due asap 1. After reading the attached article i.e., The ÐPre-ColombianÓ Era of Drug Trafficking in the Americas: Cocaine, 1945-1965, please discuss the postwar decades of cocaine’s resurgence into two stages, 1947-59 and 1959-64. 2. Please discuss in your own words (no quotes) theMexican Cartels and how they have defied U.S. Drug Policies. In doing so, discussOperation Intercept, andOperation Condor. The response to each question […]

External link to Ethical themes and value systems

Ethical themes and value systems

Ethical themes and value systems Ethical Themes and Value Systems Prologue: Brooke Lynn Heights is a dispatcher for the Grantham County Sheriffs Office. Heights works the relief shift that covers the other dispatchers and Badpenny the supervisor, on their days off. At 11:30 a.m., calls coming into police dispatch have slowed down enough that Heights could go grab her lunch from the refrigerator. Heights is […]

External link to Official Misconduct

Official Misconduct

Official Misconduct Official Misconduct Prologue: Today at noon, an undercover, Federal Agent, Hans Cuff arranged a briefing at the sheriffs department. All the ATF agents, Grantham County Deputies, and University City Officers involved in the drug investigation regarding the large shipment of meth were present for this meeting. Cuff informed the officers that the confidential informant, Mookie, called him this morning to fill him in […]

External link to Essay Assignment

Essay Assignment

Essay Assignment 3 page paper apa format using the following book : Please Read Force Decisions: A Citizens Guide By Miller, pages 1 through 48. (Chapters 1.1 to 1.7.) 1. Present chapter specifics and demonstrate an understanding of the assigned materials. 2. Threepages of content, plus a titlepage.Please use size12 font, double spaced and include a title page. 3. Use of proper grammar, spelling and […]

External link to Reducing Misconduct

Reducing Misconduct

Reducing Misconduct Week 4 Case Study Scenario: University City Police Department has problems with officer misconduct that may lead to civil lawsuits. When Lou Tennent accepted the position of chief of police for University City, the city manager, Hardy Harr, had him come to his office for a meeting with the mayor. While in the city manager’s office, Hardy Harr said, ÐLou, the reason the […]

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