External link to Assignment: The Impact of Organizational Culture on Ethics in Corrections

Assignment: The Impact of Organizational Culture on Ethics in Corrections

The social environment in which a correctional facility exists influences the way it operates when dealing with inmates and employees. Viewing organizational life through the values embedded in its culture can help leaders create and sustain agencies of integrity. Administrative attention to the organizational culture of a correctional facility can promote ethical behavior among employees. Leaders in correctional facilities must have an understanding of how […]

External link to BPCC-Mgmt of Corrections- Controlling Inmates Demands Writing Assign 3

BPCC-Mgmt of Corrections- Controlling Inmates Demands Writing Assign 3

You are a correctional manager at State Correctional Center.  Tyler Johnson, an inmate at State Correctional Center, wants to control where he is housed. Every time he is placed in a housing unit he doesn’t like, Johnson alleges that he’s going to commit suicide.  This actions forces correctional staff to follow policy and place Johnson back in a close supervision unit, where he will remain […]

External link to Unit VIII Course Project

Unit VIII Course Project

Instructions For this assignment, you will be exploring the reasons why the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) was created and the ramifications that it has had on the healthcare system within the United States. You will also define managed care and describe its role within the U.S. healthcare system.Following your introduction, you will outline the reasons why the PPACA was created […]

External link to Research Paper

Research Paper

Instructions Research Paper Assignment Instructions: Each student is required to complete an 8-10 page research paper on a current issue facing law enforcement leaders, utilizing at least 8 scholarly references, and written in APA Style. The paper should have 8-10 pages of content, not including the title page, abstract, and reference page.  Please identify the issue, provide examples and statistics to demonstrate the extent of the issue, and […]

External link to public defense 300 words

public defense 300 words

Historically, defense by a public defender has been considered equivalent to not being defended at all. Although earlier studies indicate that public defense results in high conviction rates, new studies indicate that the public defender system now provides defense comparable with a private attorney. Does the public defense system now provide representation equitable to that by private attorneys? If so, what accounts for this improvement? […]

External link to Write a Discussion post reflecting on your past experiences as they relate to learning outcomes of your degree program (or of this course; or a PLA course).

Write a Discussion post reflecting on your past experiences as they relate to learning outcomes of your degree program (or of this course; or a PLA course).

Write a Discussion post reflecting on your past experiences as they relate to learning outcomes of your degree program (or of this course; or a PLA course).  1.  Research the stated Learning Outcomes of your degree program or this ORGL course.  Briefly list/describe the outcomes in your response. OR…If you hope to gain PLA credit (Prior Learning Assessment), describe the course or courses for which you wish to […]

External link to judicial independence NEED PLAGERISM REPORT

judicial independence NEED PLAGERISM REPORT

According to the American Judicature Society (AJS), judicial independence is the idea that judges should operate independently of outside influences and be able to render a fair and impartial decision. Peter Rose, a California bee keeper, was unemployed at the time he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. His conviction was vacated by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing after he spent 10 years in […]

External link to Create a Criminal Justice Report Job-Aid

Create a Criminal Justice Report Job-Aid

Scenario Your Chief has just asked you to lead a professional development seminar for your unit. Since you have become familiar with the various types of reports your department uses, the Chief has asked you to create a job-aid for your colleagues on this topic. Your job-aid should focus on teaching your colleagues about five commonly used criminal justice reports, along with a summary of […]

External link to Discussion


I need each assignment on its own paper. 160-200 words Please  and thank you   1.) Reflect on your goals and your next move within the criminal justice system and identify at least one agency and position to which you are thinking of applying or a promotion within your current agency that you hope to receive. Discuss your current skills and competencies and outline your strengths […]

External link to Workshop: Qualitative Research Workshop 8360

Workshop: Qualitative Research Workshop 8360

While this exercise simulates the proposal development for conducting interviews, one way in which this is not a direct simulation is in the selection of participants. For your proposal, your intent will be to invite participants who are most likely to meet your criteria for inclusion. For this course, you are requested to invite people you know (i.e., family and friends) and exclude persons who […]

External link to Assignment : Reducing Recidivism

Assignment : Reducing Recidivism

For this Assignment, you will be provided with a scenario in which you are a correctional administrator in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Your warden instructs you to develop a multi-faceted, evidence-based approach to reducing recidivism and improve institutional behavior for inmates. The Assignment requires you to create a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 10 slides. Be sure to address ethical issues in corrections when researching […]

External link to ASSI 10(20)

ASSI 10(20)

Question 1: – You are a corporate risk management executive responsible for insurance, business continuity, and the corporate safety and security departments for all corporate locations. You are challenged by the following list of tasks upon returning to your office. Prioritize these tasks and explain why you placed them in your particular order of importance.  Item A Email message. At your request, an insurance company […]

External link to serial killer’s case NEED PLAGERISM REPORT

serial killer’s case NEED PLAGERISM REPORT

For this assignment you will review a serial killer’s case in depth. The killer you choose to review will also be the subject of your Week 5 final assignment, so keep your research material handy. First, choose one of the following serial killers: David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam”) taunted police over a year and shot 15 people (6 died) in New York City. The movie […]

External link to crime data report

crime data report

Select any city you wish from the links below. The first category/column is the larger Metropolitan Statistical Area that the cities belong to.  You will just be selecting a single city from this group (aka the second column). For the sake of everyone who will pick the proverbial “low hanging fruit” of the Chicago, I am considering that “off limits” as a choice. Give me […]

External link to threaded 4

threaded 4

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week on the basis of the course competencies covered. For this assignment, make sure you post your initial response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. To support your work, use your course and text readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources […]

External link to Unit V Case Study

Unit V Case Study

A patient was being admitted to the emergency room (ER) for dizziness. He also had a dry mouth and blurry vision. The doctor treating him stated that he was exhibiting symptoms of diabetes. The bloodwork and other preliminary tests confirmed the diagnosis of prediabetes. After the patient was stabilized and conscious, the doctor gave him discharge instructions. The doctor told the patient that the patient […]

External link to Assignment 2: Inviting Participants

Assignment 2: Inviting Participants

In this Assignment, you will take the first steps toward putting your interview guide into action. Invite at least five potential participants to participate in your study using the criteria stated in the document, “IRB Requirements for Selecting Participants.” To invite them, you can modify the sample invitation, but use the Informed Consent statement verbatim. These documents are located in the Learning Resources. You can […]

External link to Discussion: Research Questions

Discussion: Research Questions

Creating the research questions is key to designing a study:  Research questions “must have both substance–for example, What is my study about?—and form—for example, Am I asking a ‘who, ‘what,’ ‘where,’ ‘why,’ or ‘how’ question? . . .  The form of the question can provide an important clue regarding the appropriate research method to be used” (Yin, 2014, p. 11). In this Discussion, you will create research […]

External link to Unit VI Case Study

Unit VI Case Study

Instructions We have discussed privacy and patient rights at length. Consider the following scenario. A celebrity patient is admitted to the hospital. Your friend Jennifer is a nurse on the floor where the male celebrity patient is staying. All of the nurses are going out of their way to work on that floor. The patient’s records and privacy must be treated like those of any […]

External link to Assignment: : Research Design, Strengths and Limitations, and Rationale

Assignment: : Research Design, Strengths and Limitations, and Rationale

Research designs and methods are not created equal. Each design and method has its strengths and limitations. True experimental research designs, for example, tend to have higher levels of validity compared to ex post facto designs. Once you decide on your research design this week and the method, which you will cover in Week 8, it is important to evaluate limitations of each and consider how you […]

External link to case


Problem A Fact Scenario: Lucille Loos has a sordid past and a very bad reputation for being unchaste. She accused John Smith of raping her on a Federal installation. After her immediate report of the alleged rape, she was taken to the rape trauma center where a medical exam was conducted and vaginal swabs containing semen were taken. There are no witnesses to the alleged […]

External link to discussion 2

discussion 2

Excited utterances are exceptions to the hearsay rule. The rationale for allowing excited utterances into evidence is that such utterances, while made in the midst of a startling event would be reliable because there is no time to fabricate a false response to the event. Do you agree with this rationale? Support your position. paragraph minimum

External link to W7: Community-Oriented Policing & Police Perception

W7: Community-Oriented Policing & Police Perception

1. Discuss the community policing philosophy.  2. Search your local or regional news web page and locate a current event involving law enforcement officers, summarize the article or post, and discuss your perception of the police officers’ actions. What contributed to your perception? Please consider the media’s role in the event, the leadership of the department’s role, and the community’s role.

External link to Study Guide

Study Guide

Suppose that you are the instructor for this course. Create a study guide for this week’s reading for your class. Include important terms and their definitions as well as major concepts and learning objectives. If appropriate, use various learning techniques such as mnemonic devices, acronyms, comparison charts, etc.  *Book name : Wrightman’s Psychology and the legal system *This week reading : Chapter 8 & 9

External link to An important role of the computer security profession involves efforts to uphold policy and training. What does the Supreme Court of Canada say about the role that an organization’s computer use policy

An important role of the computer security profession involves efforts to uphold policy and training. What does the Supreme Court of Canada say about the role that an organization’s computer use policy

An important role of the computer security profession involves efforts to uphold policy and training. What does the Supreme Court of Canada say about the role that an organization’s computer use policy and practices may play in the assessment of whether there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in a work laptop computer where employees are permitted to use the laptop computer for personal matters? […]

External link to Written 8

Written 8

1. In which devices can electronic evidence be found? 2. List five types of files that may be created by the computer user.  3. What are metadata? Why is this type of data important? 4. What are event logs? Why are they important? 5. What are volatile data? 6. What is encryption? 7. What is steganography? 8. Name five types of files that are created […]

External link to Veterans Court

Veterans Court

Specialty courts have been created around the country as an alternative to traditional prosecution of cases. These courts focus on mental health, substance abuse, young adults, or other specialized groups, creating a specific community-based treatment program to rehabilitate offenders. Veterans courts have become more popular as a way to treat non-violent, veteran offenders without incarceration. Watch this video. In a two (2) page reflection, compare […]

External link to Journal: Recruiting for the Interview 8360

Journal: Recruiting for the Interview 8360

For this week’s Journal entry, respond to the following two prompts: Regarding the research plan, address the following: What are the best sources for finding participants who fit your criteria for inclusion in the sample? Who do you need to contact to get permission to distribute your announcement? How do you choose information-rich cases? Regarding your practice interviews for the course, address the following: Brainstorm […]

External link to Assignment 1: Complete Final Project Step II

Assignment 1: Complete Final Project Step II

The Final Project is a stepwise process, and its goal is to leave you well-prepared by the end of this course to execute on your qualitative research study plan. In Week 7, you will finish Step II of the Final Project; you started this step in Week 6. To complete Step II, do the following: ASSIGNMENT  Revise your interview instrument  Prepare a document that includes […]

External link to Serial killers 300 WORDS

Serial killers 300 WORDS

Serial killers usually pursue a particular type of victim. Analyzing the characteristics of a killer’s victims can greatly assist the effort to create a typology of the killer. What does “demographics of victimization” mean? How can location relate to the demographics of victimization? Discuss how serial killers with different typologies use different methods for victim selection. How are the methods used for victim selection by […]

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