External link to Week 10 Posts

Week 10 Posts

Read chapter 7 in the book attached below and write at least 400 words on Chap 7. This should include an analysis/summary, what you found interesting from the chapters, questions you had while reading, connecting what you read to what is happening in the world and more.  This  is due Tuesday April 13 at 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

External link to discussion 2

discussion 2

Excited utterances are exceptions to the hearsay rule. The rationale for allowing excited utterances into evidence is that such utterances, while made in the midst of a startling event would be reliable because there is no time to fabricate a false response to the event. Do you agree with this rationale? Support your position. paragraph minimum

External link to CJ-7104 v1: Strategic Planning and Implementation in Criminal Justice (8303770836)Evaluate a Criminal Justice Organization’s Strategy

CJ-7104 v1: Strategic Planning and Implementation in Criminal Justice (8303770836)Evaluate a Criminal Justice Organization’s Strategy

locate a strategic plan, and then analyze and respond to the following. For the plan that you choose, please address the following: Discuss the strategic plan mission. Discuss the strategic plan purpose. Discuss the collaboration on the strategic plan. Discuss the scope of the strategic plan. Outline strategic priorities. Identify and discuss the action plan. Length:  3-5 pages

External link to W7: Community-Oriented Policing & Police Perception

W7: Community-Oriented Policing & Police Perception

1. Discuss the community policing philosophy.  2. Search your local or regional news web page and locate a current event involving law enforcement officers, summarize the article or post, and discuss your perception of the police officers’ actions. What contributed to your perception? Please consider the media’s role in the event, the leadership of the department’s role, and the community’s role.

External link to Study Guide

Study Guide

Suppose that you are the instructor for this course. Create a study guide for this week’s reading for your class. Include important terms and their definitions as well as major concepts and learning objectives. If appropriate, use various learning techniques such as mnemonic devices, acronyms, comparison charts, etc.  *Book name : Wrightman’s Psychology and the legal system *This week reading : Chapter 8 & 9

External link to LE003 Adapting Internal Policies and Practices

LE003 Adapting Internal Policies and Practices

2 attachments for questions.  1st attachment has discussion topics and Preassessment 1 and 3 2nd attachment is the assessment that has Part 1 and 2 (Part 1 on word document and Part 2 is a power point presentation) Power Point Presentation has been Attached.  DO NOT CHANGE THE FONT sizes on the Power point attached Please follow the rubric for the final Assessment and ensure […]

External link to An important role of the computer security profession involves efforts to uphold policy and training. What does the Supreme Court of Canada say about the role that an organization’s computer use policy

An important role of the computer security profession involves efforts to uphold policy and training. What does the Supreme Court of Canada say about the role that an organization’s computer use policy

An important role of the computer security profession involves efforts to uphold policy and training. What does the Supreme Court of Canada say about the role that an organization’s computer use policy and practices may play in the assessment of whether there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in a work laptop computer where employees are permitted to use the laptop computer for personal matters? […]

External link to Forensic Assignment #9

Forensic Assignment #9

1. Excess heat energy liberated by an oxidation reaction is called the heat of combustion. a. True b. False  2. All reactions require energy input to start them. a. True b. False 3. The minimum temperature at which a fuel burn is known as the heat temperature. a. True b. False  4. A fuel achieves a sufficient reaction rate with oxygen to produce a flame […]

External link to Forensic Assignment #6

Forensic Assignment #6

1. The minutiae points located on a fingerprint will help determine the _________________ of a fingerprint since it has been empirically demonstrated that no two fingerprints are alike.  2. A fingerprint will remain ______________ during an individual’s lifetime.  3. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin, while the ___________ is the inner layer of the skin.  4. The ____________ is formed by ridges […]

External link to Forensic Assignment #7

Forensic Assignment #7

1. Revolvers feature several firing chambers within a revolving cylinder. a. True b. False  2. Shotguns feature a barrel with lands and grooves. a. True b. False  3. The diameter of the shotgun barrel is expressed by the term gauge. a. True b. False  4. The microscopic drill marks left on the barrel’s inner surface are randomly irregular and serve to impart uniqueness to each […]

External link to Extremist Groups

Extremist Groups

For this week, please watch the two videos listed below. After watching the videos, please write an analysis of both videos while comparing them to the three texts we covered this semester. Animal Rights Extremists: Trespassing to “Save” Chickens If a Tree Falls There are dozens of ways that we (the class) can approach these topics. Your response should be at least 300 words and […]

External link to HW 10(12)

HW 10(12)

Requirements: –  1. For Scenario#1: A fly in the ointment. Briefly describe each mistake and what could have been done to avoid the mistake.  2. For Scenario#2: Invasion of the kernel snatchers. Briefly describe each mistake and what could have been done to avoid the mistake. 3. For Scenario#3: Silence of the worms . Briefly describe each mistake and what could have been done to […]

External link to Written 8

Written 8

1. In which devices can electronic evidence be found? 2. List five types of files that may be created by the computer user.  3. What are metadata? Why is this type of data important? 4. What are event logs? Why are they important? 5. What are volatile data? 6. What is encryption? 7. What is steganography? 8. Name five types of files that are created […]

External link to Veterans Court

Veterans Court

Specialty courts have been created around the country as an alternative to traditional prosecution of cases. These courts focus on mental health, substance abuse, young adults, or other specialized groups, creating a specific community-based treatment program to rehabilitate offenders. Veterans courts have become more popular as a way to treat non-violent, veteran offenders without incarceration. Watch this video. In a two (2) page reflection, compare […]

External link to Journal: Recruiting for the Interview 8360

Journal: Recruiting for the Interview 8360

For this week’s Journal entry, respond to the following two prompts: Regarding the research plan, address the following: What are the best sources for finding participants who fit your criteria for inclusion in the sample? Who do you need to contact to get permission to distribute your announcement? How do you choose information-rich cases? Regarding your practice interviews for the course, address the following: Brainstorm […]

External link to Serial killers 300 WORDS

Serial killers 300 WORDS

Serial killers usually pursue a particular type of victim. Analyzing the characteristics of a killer’s victims can greatly assist the effort to create a typology of the killer. What does “demographics of victimization” mean? How can location relate to the demographics of victimization? Discuss how serial killers with different typologies use different methods for victim selection. How are the methods used for victim selection by […]

External link to 3 page Essay on Criminal Justice system

3 page Essay on Criminal Justice system

The United States has 51 criminal justice systems that include policing, courts, and correctional responsibilities. In this assignment, select your state criminal justice system, and examine and contrast key issues. In your essay, use your state to report on the areas listed below: jurisdictional boundaries (state versus federal), classification of crimes, and penalties. Your essay must be at least three pages in length, not counting […]

External link to Assignment 1: Complete Final Project Step II

Assignment 1: Complete Final Project Step II

The Final Project is a stepwise process, and its goal is to leave you well-prepared by the end of this course to execute on your qualitative research study plan. In Week 7, you will finish Step II of the Final Project; you started this step in Week 6. To complete Step II, do the following: ASSIGNMENT  Revise your interview instrument  Prepare a document that includes […]

External link to Assignment #8

Assignment #8

1. DNA is constructed as a very large molecule made of a linked series of repeating units called nucleotides. a. True b. Fales  2. Mitochondrial DNA is located outside the cell’s nucleus and is inherited from the father. a. True b. False  3. CODIS is a computer software program developed by the FBI that maintains local, state, and national databases of DNA profiles. It also […]

External link to Unit VII Assessment

Unit VII Assessment

QUESTION 1 Describe the provisions of the Norris-LaGuardia Act. Your response must consist of at least 75 words.   QUESTION 2 Outline the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Your response must consist of at least 75 words. QUESTION 3 Define retaliatory discharge. How can an employee defend against such an action by his or her employer? Your response must consist of […]

External link to Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation

Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation

Imagine that you are the administrator of a city hospital and you have been asked by your hospital’s legal counsel to prepare a presentation for your hospital’s medical team that discusses negligence in the healthcare environment. Create a presentation consisting of at least 10 slides, not including your title slide and references slide, that covers the following issues: potential legal risks that physicians, nurses, and […]

External link to Discussion: Prison Overcrowding

Discussion: Prison Overcrowding

QUESTION: What can states (In the United States) do to address the following: What can these states do to reduce the prison overcrowding? What challenges or issues does prison overcrowding cause for prison staff? RESOURCES:  Marcum, C. D., Hilinski-rosick, C., & Freiburger, T. L. (2014). Examining the correlates of male and female inmate misconduct. Security Journal, 27(3), 284-303.  MacKenzie, D. L. (2013). First do no […]

External link to Paper 5 pages

Paper 5 pages

Policing in America Today – This is the title of your paper and should be included on the ‘cover page’ Please submit a three to five page paper that will discuss the above listed topic. Your paper will first define issues facing the police today (SP 2021). Discuss the positive changes that you see taking place as well as the negatives of the changes expected. Discuss […]

External link to Treating Mental Illness in Corrections Paper

Treating Mental Illness in Corrections Paper

Review the following case study: Kasey is a 29-year-old male inmate who was arrested 3 days ago for possessing and selling marijuana. During his intake and assessment, Kasey reported incidences of depression, followed by recurrent manic episodes. He reported that he uses marijuana to feel normal. He also reported that he drinks alcoholic beverages 3 or 4 days per week and experiences blackouts at least once […]

External link to Collections


My practice area is (((PROPERTY LAW))) Find, organize, and contextualize a collection of at least 3 credible sources that will help someone explore and better understand your practice area and its relevance to modern life. Your collection must include a description of each source.  It should also explain the connection between the source your practice area. Wherever possible connect the specific aspects/concepts in the Preface […]

External link to questions


Define opinion evidence, expert witness, and nonexpert witness. When an expert gives an opinion regarding handwriting, must the expert state that he or she is positive that the samples are identical? Does requiring a suspect to give a handwriting specimen violate the Fifth Amendment? Define hearsay under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Define the following terms as they are used in relation to the admission […]

External link to discussion


Chapter Assignment: Read CHAPTER 10. Chapter 10 discusses law enforcement contact with gangs, victims of human trafficking, the homeless, and the mentally ill, groups representing additional facets of America’s multicultural communities and cities. Discuss the following topics. Gangs: Identify and describe active gangs in your community (or others) and discuss three strategies a police department could use to curtail each gang’s membership and criminal activity. Homelessness: […]

External link to Part 2

Part 2

100% Original Work   Zero Plagiarism Graduate Level Writing Required. DUE: Saturday, April ,17 2021 by 5pm Eastern Standard BACKGROUND:  You will be working on the Criminal Justice Program Proposal throughout this course. This is a cumulative assignment, this is a follow up on the previous assignment.  This Project will be based on the following subject:                       Information Sharing (SEE ATTACHED CASE STUDY)

External link to Create a Criminal Justice Report Job-Aid

Create a Criminal Justice Report Job-Aid

Scenario Your Chief has just asked you to lead a professional development seminar for your unit. Since you have become familiar with the various types of reports your department uses, the Chief has asked you to create a job-aid for your colleagues on this topic. Your job-aid should focus on teaching your colleagues about five commonly used criminal justice reports, along with a summary of […]

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