External link to Week 3 Discussion: SPECIAL TOPIC: WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT


Topics: The Cost of Natural Resources Discussion: Advance work on Week 4 Assignment   Multimedia The Future of Energy? [14:49].   The Cost of Natural Resources Click the link to get started with the weekly discussion. If you need help with completing discussions, please watch this video for more information. Class,  In preparation for your first assignment (due in Week 4–next week), I would like for […]

External link to Week 3 discussion

Week 3 discussion

Read the case file from Brandl, Criminal Investigations, “He Hit Her Until She Fell . . . and Then consider if you were the criminal investigator assigned to investigate this case, what interview questions would you have asked the witnesses and why?  Then, respond to the posts of at least two (2) other peers with substantive feedback. Week 3 Hot Topic: Extra Credit With more […]

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Objective: Identify and evaluate key figures, events, and themes in the history of the Americas, Europe, and Africa from pre-Columbian times to early European settlement. ( (CLSLO #3) Rubric: Please review the grading rubric  (CRQ Rubric – 20 points.pdf_) for this assignment. When you get your score, please refer to the rubric. If you have any questions, or would like additional feedback, please make a […]

External link to Engineering articles review

Engineering articles review

submit a summary of an article or news report about something to do with the construction industry.  Consult professional journals (Concrete Construction, Concrete Products, Asphalt Journal, Asphalt Magazine, etc.),  web sites (NRMCA, PCA, CalCIMA, Asphalt Institute, etc.), newspapers, magazines (ENR), or individual corporation web sites for news and articles on projects, materials, or processes that sound interesting to you. Organize your summary to include: 1. […]

External link to Terrorism and organized crime

Terrorism and organized crime

Strategic Operational Plan Proposal (SOPP) DraftClick here to download the Strategic Operational Plan Proposal (SOPP) template that is needed to complete this deliverable.You are an operations officer for the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and you were instructed by the special agent in charge (SAC) of the task force to develop a Strategic Operational Plan Proposal (SOPP) and to have the first draft as detailed […]

External link to Week 10 Chapter 10

Week 10 Chapter 10

using APA format, in a minimum of 150 words, submit your initial post to this posting board utilizing scholarly sources. You must submit your initial post and one response to another students’ posts for credit. If you have any questions get with your instructor. Do inmate rehabilitation programs truly make a difference?  Why or why not? (your first paragraph should explain rehabilitation programs and what […]

External link to Chapter 10 Discussion

Chapter 10 Discussion

List the 3 main types of facilities found in correctional systems throughout the United States.  What was the Percy Amendment?  List the types of correctional facilities operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Compare and contrast the Pennsylvania and New York prison models. Discuss some criticisms of the two systems and explain which system was more widely adopted in the United States, and why.  What are […]

External link to Case study

Case study

My topic I chose already is :  Water deficits and providing updates in the area of  Palm Beach County, Florida.   Instructions Now that you’ve begun researching your narrowed topic for the case study project, a draft of your responses to the first two questions is due on Tuesday, October 27th: Describe the background of the issue/concern. Where does it occur? (Neighborhood? County? State?) Why is […]

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In Unit IV, we discussed how the police have been under a microscope due to the shooting deaths of unarmed African American males. Based on this information, do you believe that these are just unfortunate incidents or a pattern of bad policing? Explain your reasoning. ANSWER AND THEN REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF […]

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The topic of your project is to be arranged in consultation with the instructor by the second week of class._ The presentation/paper must fall within the purview of this course, that is, it must be related to some aspect of the intersection of law, morality, and war._ It may cover the theoretical and/or practical connections between the existence of law and the conduct of war, […]

External link to NEED IN 15 HOURS or LESS


Examine a case that occurred within the last 5 years where the suspect accepted a plea bargain. Provide an overview of the case while reviewing the plea-bargaining process. Additionally, discuss the importance of ethics throughout the plea-bargaining progression. Your case study must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. A minimum of two references must be used, one […]

External link to Week 5 Project: Final Report

Week 5 Project: Final Report

Week 5 Project: Final Report Based on your readings, discussions with your peers, and research, consolidate the concepts from this course into a report that addresses the following points. This high-stakes assignment represents 25% of the final overall grade, so provide adequate depth. One of the themes of this course has been the comparison between business leadership and leadership in the criminal justice field. In […]

External link to Final


This assignment puts all the pieces of crime analysis together. To complete the totality of the course, you will summarize the crime reports from your crime analysis. Instructions: • Utilizing the crime reports, summarize each category of incidents: robberies, burglaries, etc.o Identify any crime patterns. Explain why these patterns are meaningful in crime analysis.o Explain how basic statistics are useful in crime analysis. What statistics […]

External link to Leadership paper

Leadership paper

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M7SWWMV/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_i_hrEIFbQ1YK2D5 report die Nov.13 Book Report for the Book-One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey By Ken Blanchard. – 11/18/2020Title of book (APA format) Copy of Table of Contents Review: I. Book overview A. About the author – brief biography, why is he/she credible to write this book? B. Primary audience for which the book was written C. Main theme/purpose of book D. Briefly summarize the main […]

External link to Question 3

Question 3

Exam 3: Each exam must be formatted in the APA 7th edition format. Title page, Content pages (no more then 1 page per answer0. One reference page, 2 references per question. The question is not required to be retyped in the content of each page. For APA 7th edition help, attached is the Purdue Online Writing Lab  url. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/apa_changes_7th_edition.html Question 1 What are the advantages […]

External link to Assignment 3 – Create a Questionnaire/Survey

Assignment 3 – Create a Questionnaire/Survey

The data collection step of the research process is a lot of fun. As a researcher, you control the questions you ask as well as how you ask them because you created them. Whether it is completing a questionnaire or survey and/or conducting interviews, you can collect valuable information about your research topic. This assignment is two-fold. First, you will prepare a restatement of your […]

External link to Criminal justice 1

Criminal justice 1

Submit a 4-5 page paper answering all questions below. It is also expected that you conduct research outside of the textbook. Your paper should not be full of direct quotes. Please use your own words and/or paraphrase and provide a supporting citation. You should have an introduction and a conclusion.This assignment is worth 150 points.Probation and Parole:What is probation? How it is enforced?What is parole? […]

External link to Reading Assignment

Reading Assignment

Answer any two questions (10 points each): 1.  List and summarize the legal classification scheme used by the UCR to define public order offenses. 2.  List and discuss the various public order crime syndromes. 3.  Public order crimes are often called “victimless.” Do you think this is      an accurate description? In your answer, focuses especially on the victim-offender relationship. PreviousNext

External link to exam 2

exam 2

Exam 2: Each exam must be formatted in the APA 7th edition format. Title page, Content pages (no more then 1 page per answer0. One reference page, 2 references per question. The question is not required to be retyped in the content of each page. For APA 7th edition help, attached is the Purdue Online Writing Lab  url. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/apa_changes_7th_edition.html Question 1 What If You are […]

External link to Research Paper on Deleted Files and Partitions

Research Paper on Deleted Files and Partitions

PLEASE FOLLOW OUTLINE ATTACHED. IN APA FORMAT, REFERENCES NOT OLDER THAN 10 YEARS. PLEASE PROVIDE TURNIT IN REPORT TO SHOW NO PLAGIARISM. Instructions: You are required to write a 5-8 page research paper on Deleted Files and Partitions. Your final draft is due at the end of Week 7. Submission Instructions: Be sure your paper meets the following requirements: You will be required to write […]

External link to Research Methods in Criminal Justice – Chapter 11.

Research Methods in Criminal Justice – Chapter 11.

Required Textbook: Hagan, Frank E., Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology, Pearson Education, Inc., 2014. ISBN: 978-0-13-300861-6. Answer the Review Questions at the end of Chapter 11: APA Formatting, no plagiarism, answer in an essay format and like teaching others. 1.  How does evaluation research fit into the general scheme of policy analysis? Using the NIJ program, what role can research have in public […]

External link to Proposal


Statistical data is used to solve crime and find patterns of behavior. This is especially relevant when working to develop new policies. You have been asked to submit a proposal to your local city council in support of a community or proactive policing. In this assignment you will provide some context related to the collection, analysis, and application of data in creating policies. Research a […]

External link to Reading Assignment

Reading Assignment

Answer any two questions (10 points each): 1.  In the history of feminist criminology, distinguish among the following: liberal feminists; Marxist feminists; radical feminists. How have these three overwhelmingly “white” feminisms gradually joined with that of women of color to analyze the triple oppression of race, class, and gender? 2.  Discuss how negative stereotypes of race/ethnicity, class, and gender are reflected in the criminal justice […]

External link to Mod 7 Discussion

Mod 7 Discussion

Compare and contrast Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” and O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” In what ways are the stories similar, and how are they different in their use of elements typical of the Southern Renaissance? Identify and compare 1-2 examples from each story that qualify as elements of the Southern Renaissance. Respond to two peer posts. https://repositorio.ufsc.br/bitstream/handle/123456789/160332/A%20good%20man%20is%20hard%20to%20find%20-%20Flannery%20O%27Connor.pdf https://www.sps186.org/downloads/blurbs/80923/Faulkner%20A%20Rose%20for%20Emily.pdf

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