External link to Ways for sending information securely over the Internet.

Ways for sending information securely over the Internet.

22. Imagine yourself as a health IT technician. Discuss two options for securely transmitting information over the Internet. Compare and contrast these two options. Collaboration in file-sharing apps allows for quick and secure information transfer between group members. You can access your data from anywhere you are using an internet-connected device. You can also add options such as document management access, permissions checks and audit trails encryption […]

External link to CHP 7 Discussion – Security Architecture And Design Course

CHP 7 Discussion – Security Architecture And Design Course

13. If an attacker can retrieve the API and libraries, then use these to write an agent, and then get the attacker’s agent installed, how should Digital Diskus protect itself from such an attack? The business analytics system should provide an authentication method for valid agents to prevent malicious ones. Does the agent offer a worthwhile attack surface? If the enemy has a malignant agent, […]

External link to Link


27. In your post, you discuss the utilization of email and Linkedin platforms to disseminate information to all members of a company. What level of security can be provided to an organization from a social platform in a way that insures privacy and discretion? I am unfamiliar with this level of LinkedIn services. What are some of the risks organizations take, when utilizing information technology? […]

External link to Discussion 4

Discussion 4

35. App development for mobile devices is both simular and different from development for desktop platforms. Navigation within an app has some of these similarities and differences; different functionality is provided on different screens. App designers have to provide both the capacity to switch between those screens and make it easy and relatively obvious for users to do so when they want or need the […]

External link to Internet search on Internet marketing

Internet search on Internet marketing

15. Conduct an Internet search on Internet marketing. Identify major types of Internet marketing strategies that are widely used and their relative effectiveness. Also, identify the major trends that may be observed for Internet marketing. Which trend, in your opinion, is likely to be most effective today? Advertising online isn’t an easy job. If you are unsure regarding this, you should consult the owners of a […]

External link to Iti R12

Iti R12

20. The COSO framework of internal controls is practiced within companies around the world. The objectives of the COSO framework are closely related to its five components. For this assignment, please discuss these five components of the COSO framework. Be sure to include each components’ impact on each of the COSO framework objectives. What do you feel an auditor would most be concerned with during […]

External link to Application of Blockchain Technology

Application of Blockchain Technology

Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business ofmost IT professionals in the next five years. Pick an industry you feel will be most affected byblockchain and how blockchain may be used in that industry. As an IT manager, how would youembrace blockchain? For instance, how would training occur for your team, what strategies might youuse, what security […]

External link to IS Strategy

IS Strategy

Why is it important for business strategy to drive organizational strategy and IS strategy? What mighthappen if the business strategy was not the driver?References Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 7th Edition by Keri E. Pearlson, CarolS. Saunders, and Dennis F, Galletta. WILEY. 2020. IS Strategy The strategy is the general direction that is set by an organization’s components to ensure the achievement […]

External link to Pen Test Attack Plan

Pen Test Attack Plan

The target organization from your Passive Footprinting Report in Week 1 has hired your company toconduct a penetration (pen) test. You will present your client an explanation of how you will prepare andexecute the attack as part of the pen test.Explain the techniques and tools you will use to do all of the following:• Identify services the network provides• Identify operating systems• Identify initial targets• […]

External link to Difference between Data and Information

Difference between Data and Information

6.Explain the differences between data and information.What is data? Explain with an example. What are the different types of data? What is information? Explain with an example. Use an Essay Format In everyday speech in everyday speech, the terms “data” as well as “information” are commonly utilized in the same way. This is because the two concepts are incredibly linked to one another. Data is a set […]

External link to Types of Computer Hardware

Types of Computer Hardware

22. This week’s reading focuses on various types of computer hardware.Think about your ideal IT career. It may be what you are currently doing or what you hope to be doing after completing your IT program.Do some internet research on your ideal career to learn what hardware is typically used by someone in that role.Share what you found in the discussion and explain whether or […]

External link to Penetration Test Plan

Penetration Test Plan

For improving your cybersecurity company’s sales process, you must provide potential clients a clearunderstanding of what takes place during penetration testing. The sales team has asked you toconstruct an outline of a penetration test plan, detailing what each step will entail so potential clientscan better understand the process, the techniques, and the tools involved. They also want to provideclients with the kind of information they […]

External link to Server Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Server Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Research Paper: Server Virtualization and Cloud ComputingThis week, you have read about server virtualization and cloud computing. For your written assignmentthis week, complete a case study of the organization you work for (use a hypothetical or “other”organization if more applicable) that will address the following prompts: Describe the organization’s environment and evaluate its preparedness for virtualization. Explain Microsoft (or another product) licensing for virtualized environments. […]

External link to Signal Detection Analysis

Signal Detection Analysis

InstructionsThe goal of this assignment is to think critically about how signal detection theory applies to onlinesearching and web design. You will analyze a website via searching for information based on a given goaland fictional scenario.Step 1: Imagine that you are a student at the ASU Polytechnic Campus. Review the Polytechnic Campuswebsite Links to an external site. to orient yourself.Step 2: Go to Yelp (Links […]

External link to Identifying Planned Changes

Identifying Planned Changes

In the post, you should answer the discussion question prompt, referencing the readings andresources provided in the week. Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words.This discussion will help you identify previous experience with planned change efforts in theworkplace. It serves as a foundation for future discussions and course content on change theories.In your post, discuss your experience with a planned change effort […]

External link to Cybersecurity


The work you’ve done for your clients at the flooring company has helped them realize they have nottaken cybersecurity seriously enough. Now that they realize the threats from hackers are more seriousthan they thought, they want to learn more about how to detect intruders in their systems to try toprevent the problems from happening because of a hack.Write a 2- to 3-page summary explaining how […]

External link to Virtualization Software

Virtualization Software

Discuss the benefits of virtualization software. Do you agree/disagree with these benefits? Also, discussthe security concerns highlighted by server sprawl and how you would propose to solve those in your(real or hypothetical) organization. Virtualization Software As defined by Shamir (2021), virtualization is the practice of creating an abstraction layer in software over physical computer components. The advantages of virtualization and cloud computing are many, as […]

External link to Small Business – Social Media Consultancy

Small Business – Social Media Consultancy

You plan to open a small business and want to establish an accounting information system (AIS) tohelp you in day-to-day operations.In a 3–4 page paper:Describe the business you want to open, the types of products you will sell, operational activities,whether you will operate a traditional store or online.Explain two accounting software selection options, describing clearly which functions would help yoube more successful in your operations.Explain […]

External link to Develop a Computer and Internet Security Policy

Develop a Computer and Internet Security Policy

Research Paper: Develop a Computer/Internet Security PolicyYou have been hired as the CSO (Chief Security Officer) for an organization. Your job isto develop a computer and internet security policy for the organization that covers thefollowing areas:Computer and email acceptable use policyInternet acceptable use policyPassword protection policyMake sure you are sufficiently specific in addressing each area. There are plenty of securitypolicy and guideline templates available online […]

External link to IS Strategy

IS Strategy

Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, ortheories of this course have been applied or could be applied in a practical manner to your current workenvironment. If you are not currently working, share times when you have or could observe thesetheories and knowledge that could be applied to an employment opportunity in your field […]

External link to 5-2 Milestone Two: Report

5-2 Milestone Two: Report

V. Report for ManagementA. Using Microsoft Access, generate an enterprise-level report to submit along with your executive summary.B. Alter labels (identifiers) that appear in the report so they are consumable for management to comprehend.VI. Executive Summary: Compose an executive summary in which you explain what your process was to create the enterprise level report as well as whyyou performed the actions you did. Within your […]

External link to Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Portfolio Project InstructionThis assignment is a three- part activity. You will respond to three separate prompts but prepare your paper as one research paper. Be sure to include at least one UC library source per prompt, in addition to your textbook (which means you’ll have at least 4 sources cited).Start your paper with an introductory paragraph. Data Analysis The specifications needed to define the present […]

External link to COSO Framework Components and Objectives

COSO Framework Components and Objectives

Research Paper: COSO Framework The COSO framework of internal controls is practiced within companies around the world. The objectives of the COSO framework are closely related to its five components. For this week’s activity, please discuss these five components of the COSO framework. Be sure to include each components’ impact on each of the COSO framework objectives. What do you feel an auditor would most […]

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