External link to Schizophrenia Help

Schizophrenia Help

17.What is Schizophrenia?1. Tell me what is Schizophrenia, the Physiology of Schizophrenia.2. What medications are used to treat Schizophrenia?3. What other treatments are used to treat Schizophrenia?4. The symptoms of Schizophrenia5. The types of Schizophrenia6. Comorbidities, causes, impact, of SchizophreniaYou must type a 3-page paper on Schizophrenia, answering the questions above. The paper must be in APA 7 format, information must be no less than […]

External link to Physical Fitness For The Elderly In Your Community – 4 Pages

Physical Fitness For The Elderly In Your Community – 4 Pages

12.A tremendous amount of research that points to the importance of exercise for successful aging is availabletoday. This project allows you to see if this message is getting out to the public. For this project, investigate thephysical fitness programs available for elderly people in your community. Call or visit the websites of anysenior centers in your area to find out what programs are available. You […]

External link to Discussion 11 Post

Discussion 11 Post

10. Lesson 11 – DiscussionExplain the relative emphasis that would be placed on advertising or personal selling in each of the following situations: (a) manufacturer of an infusion pump therapy kit for use in hospitals, (b) a hospital offering a nutrition work-shop for seniors, (c) an academic medical center offering a helicopter service for trauma cases within a 200-mile radius of the facility.Discussion Requirements:Your initial […]

External link to Advantage And Disadvantage Of Collaborating With Physician Organizations When Pursuing FPA Legislation

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Collaborating With Physician Organizations When Pursuing FPA Legislation

7.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with physician organizations when pursuing FPA legislation. During formulation policy, especially in the healthcare field, all relevant stakeholders must be included at each phase of the formulation process. In terms of the law for enhanced nurse practitioners, the input of organizations representing authority physicians can be of major benefit; most importantly, coordination with such organizations is essential (Berwick, […]

External link to Age and Cancer Correlation

Age and Cancer Correlation

32. Based on the module resources, please discuss following:1. Why is cancer more likely to occur in older people?2. What are some reasons for the differing outcomes (e.g. death) from cancer between certain populations? Please provide an example of different outcomes between populations that is not included in the module.3. What aspect of this testimonial affected you most and how can it benefit you? The […]

External link to MCOs versus other Health Organizations

MCOs versus other Health Organizations

29. What is the purpose of an MCO?What are the major differences between MCOs, Health Managed Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs)?MCOs provide monetary incentives to physicians who keep the costs of caring for patients as low as possible. Do you feel it is ethical? Why or why not? Managed care companies are integrated parts of the healthcare system, working […]

External link to An ideal health care system

An ideal health care system

27. Describe what a high-quality hospital or hospital system looks like and explain why. Identify three of the most important quality measures for hospitals, and explain why these are the most important. I’d like to suggest that the majority of people support of a system of health care that provides quick access to medical treatment quickly and encourages advancement of cutting-edge diagnostic instruments and therapeutic […]

External link to Unit 3 Assignment

Unit 3 Assignment

14. In this assignment, you will develop social material for a public awareness campaign on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Your target audience is middle and late adolescents and you plan to use social media. You will address the signs and symptoms, where to go if you think you might have one, and how you can protect yourself from them. A majority of sexually transmitted diseases […]

External link to The Disease Can Be Hepatitis B Or Tuberculosis

The Disease Can Be Hepatitis B Or Tuberculosis

9. 1. Identify your disease. What are the symptoms of your disease? b. Who does the disease affect ?. Is this disease chronic?2. What normal organ system does your disease affect?a. Explain the anatomy and physiology (how does the normal system work) of the organ system involved (organs/tissues)3. What goes wrong to the organ system when this disease is contracted? (Anatomy and physiology changes)4. What […]

External link to Paper Requirements

Paper Requirements

19. 1. Employ strategies to impact the development, implementation, and consequences of holistic healthcare policies using evidence-based practice principles (CO1) 2. Critically analyze how healthcare systems and APRN practice are organized and influenced by ethical, legal, economic and political factors (CO2) 3. Demonstrate professional and personal growth concerning the advocacy role of the advanced practice nursing in fostering policy within diverse healthcare settings (CO3) 4. […]

External link to W11 Discussion Replies

W11 Discussion Replies

11. Please respond to both students discussion. Use APA format and 3 APA sources no older than 5 years. Student 1 Andrea Long Patient involvement in their treatment plan is extremely important. Evidence-based medicine should begin and end with the patient. ?(Hoffmann et al., 2014)? Decision aids are distinct from patient education programs in that they serve as tools to enable patients to make an […]

External link to Please Reply To The Following 2 Discussion Posts

Please Reply To The Following 2 Discussion Posts

47. Please Reply to the following 2 Discussion posts:RequirementAPA format with intext citationWord count minimum of 150 words per postReferences at least one high-level scholarly reference per post within the last 5 years in APA format.Plagiarism free.Turnitin receipt. Thank you for your time, and I thank you for allowing me to respond to your post. I have to say that your piece is well examined and […]

External link to Congestive heart failure therapy with a diuretic medication.

Congestive heart failure therapy with a diuretic medication.

22. Use of prednisone in childhood severe asthma.Metformin and lactic acidosis.Congestive heart failure therapy with a diuretic medication.Immunization schedule in childhood.Type 2 diabetes mellitus and bile acid sequestrant.Urge incontinence, or overactive bladder diagnoses and management.Implications and regulations related to transitioning NP programs to the doctoral level.Dosing regimen principles in a pediatric population.Testing for type 2 diabetes in all adults.Instructions: Select one of the topic mentioned […]

External link to The Future of Public Health

The Future of Public Health

Purpose: Define the role of the public health professional in addressing community needs in the future.This will help health administrators better appreciate the role of multiple agencies that must collaborateto prevent and respond to health emergencies.post: Reflect on what you have learned about public health. How would you describe the role of the publichealth professional in ensuring the health of the population? Identify key issues […]

External link to Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Explore this week’s required readings addressing Incorporating Innovations in the Workplace. Write a500-750 word APA formatted essay discussing ways in which you as a leader can help foster a culture ofinnovation in the workplace. Please know that there is no right or wrong answer. You are encouraged tobe creative with your ideas.Please address the following information in your essay:Describe your current healthcare leadership position or […]

External link to HSA315 Assignment

HSA315 Assignment

2. Discuss when or where the revenue cycle process begins for inpatient and outpatient/ambulatory services.Describe how inpatient charges are captured in an inpatient setting.Describe how ambulatory charges are captured in an ambulatory setting.Describe the importance of the information in the physician office encounter form.Analyze the similarities and differences between the UB-04 and the CMS-1500.Discuss one reason a medical claim would be denied? The system that […]

External link to Agency Responsibility for Health Policy

Agency Responsibility for Health Policy

Post: Research how your local community organizes health services and describe the structures. Howdo these structures reflect the population needs in your community? How are key decisions made?You should answer the discussion question prompt with a minimum of 300 words, referencing thereadings and resources provided in the week. Agency Responsibility for Health Policy Different organizations help shape the capacity of a community to tackle issues […]

External link to Population and Community Healthcare Needs

Population and Community Healthcare Needs

Instructions: Imagine you are a manager at the local health department in your community. You wouldlike to collaborate with your care team to identify priorities for advancing the overall health andwellbeing of the patients you serve in the community. For this assignment, spend some time exploring theHealthy People 2030 website and objectives and answer the following questions/prompts:Describe the purpose of the Healthy People initiative.How can […]

External link to Telehealth Services: The Patient Experience and Potential Barriers

Telehealth Services: The Patient Experience and Potential Barriers

BARRIERSTelehealth has the potential to enhance the patient experience of care by improving cost, quality, andaccess; however, barriers still exist for various populations. In this week’s discussion, we will exploresome of these barriers while also recommending ways to address them.Post: respond to the following three prompts:Discuss how telehealth can improve healthcare cost, quality, and access.Describe two challenges or barriers that might impact a patient’s ability […]

External link to Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

32. What regulations exist to safeguard data and patients when using an EHR?What legal considerations play a role in use and maintenance of an EHR?What role does the nurse play in upholding legal, ethical, and regulatory integrity of the EHR?Why does JCAHO care about informatics? What can accreditation offer a hospital? If a facility is found non-compliant, what could be the result?Additionally, please read the […]

External link to Privacy and confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality

27. What is the ethical or legal issue that may affect a nurse. Is this issue common one in nursing. Nurses face a number of ethical dilemmas in securing the privacy and confidentiality of patients. Legal implications and severe consequences for healthcare providers can result from the improper execution of these. In the United States, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPA) provides high standards and […]

External link to Cost Accounting in the Healthcare System

Cost Accounting in the Healthcare System

21. What is cost accounting in the healthcare system?How are costs classified by accounting function and management function?Describe one cost classified by traceability and one cost classified by behavior.What are the four methods of cost allocation used in healthcare organizations? Cost accounting is utilized by hospitals to determine the entire costs of healthcare for patients that includes all the supplies and services. Material, labor depreciation, overhead, […]

External link to Production of Health

Production of Health

18. How is the production of health achieved?What are some inputs and outputs related to the production of health?What is a subjective measure of health and how is health measured at the population level. The healthcare industry is an essential and rapidly growing sector of the American economy. In addition, it’s a sector in which the government plays an increasing role. ‘ The majority of medical research […]

External link to Literature Review

Literature Review

17. Can you give me literature reviews about this study’sonly one page. Ositadimma Oranye, N., Ahmad, C. A., Ahmad, N., & Abu Bakar, R. (2012). Assessing nursing clinical skills competence through objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) for open distance learning students in Open University Malaysia. Contemporary nurse, 41(2), 233-241. In this research we will examine the level of preparation distance-learning nursing students were on the […]

External link to Gastrointestinal Disorder

Gastrointestinal Disorder

16. Patient and family education is important in increasing adherence. To provide education to patient and families, you are going to create a poster about a gastrointestinal disorder that will be displayed in a physician’s office.InstructionsPlease be sure to include the following in your poster design.· Overview of the disorder· Causes of the disorder· Diagnostic tests to diagnosis the disorder· Assessment findings· Multidimensional nursing care […]

External link to Nursing Shortages in America

Nursing Shortages in America

29. Analyze two issues that contribute to the current nursing shortage in the United States and propose a strategy to rectify this employment issue. There is often referred to as an unacceptably high shortage of nurses who are clinical in the field of nursing. Companies are struggling to keep their current staff and acquiring new nurses (Klug 2-19). Between 2008 between 2008 and 2018 between 2008 and […]

External link to Strategies for Encouraging Culturally Competent Care of Native Americans

Strategies for Encouraging Culturally Competent Care of Native Americans

28. And in Your Own Experience, What Strategies Would You Recommend Encouraging Culturally Competent Care Of Native Americans? Since mortality rates for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) patients tend to increase the emphasis should be placed on the importance of cultural competence when taking care of these patients. The primary care providers of these patients need to adopt preventive measures. Early interventions include referrals for nutritionists, […]

External link to Impact of COVID 19 on the healthcare safety and quality initiatives set forth in KSA’s Vision 2030.

Impact of COVID 19 on the healthcare safety and quality initiatives set forth in KSA’s Vision 2030.

4. Discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the healthcare safety and quality initiatives set forth in KSA’s Vision 2030.Describe the barriers that the COVID-19 pandemic has created.Analyze the role of the healthcare quality improvement specialist to mitigate these barriers and drive quality in healthcare in the future.Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (which require supporting citations) in your initial response along with at […]

External link to Health Risk Assessment Report

Health Risk Assessment Report

As the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professional for a manufacturing company,you have been asked to conduct a risk assessment of potential issues within your facility.Specifically, you have been asked to identify whether these issues present a hazard byconducting a risk assessment using the quantitative risk assessment form, which you canaccess by clicking here. Once the risk assessments have been identified, your assignment isto provide control […]

External link to Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Obesity is a condition which is caused by excess body fat which could cause the development of health issues. CDC (2022) declares that obesity in childhood is a complicated issue that occurs when the health body weight of children exceeds by their normal weight. In the US there is a high rate of obesity among children and can cause serious health issues. The rate of obesity among children […]

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