External link to DOC/741


Please refer to the resources provided on CDS Central. They are intended to help you engage effectively on the discussionN Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following: Review CDS Central – Doctoral Journey Tab – Phase 4. Discuss the focus of the Phase and resources available to assist you in this Phase.     Review your classmates’ posts. Respond to at least one of your […]

External link to Unit 3 : software application

Unit 3 : software application

Primary Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 200–250 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.  For this Discussion Board, please complete the following: Many people feel vulnerable when they are sick. Sometimes, they do not want […]

External link to Content Analysis for Cultural Competency

Content Analysis for Cultural Competency

Educators are often tasked with selecting reading materials for students. These texts might be used in whole class, small group, or one-on-one instruction, or they might be used during independent reading time. It is critical that educators are aware of the types of reading materials offered in their classroom to present students with a range of books and perspectives, as well as provide reading materials […]

External link to Project 1: Lesson Plan-Online

Project 1: Lesson Plan-Online

Topic: division algorithm  Design a lesson plan on one subject from Topic 1 or 2 from the list that is provided by your instructor. Include the following: Overview: Write an introduction to the class activity. Include the purpose of the activity and desired outcome. Objectives: The objectives should be specific and measurable. Time: How long will the activity take when implemented in the classroom? Materials: […]

External link to Research 7

Research 7

For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography. Creating an annotated bibliography calls for the application of a variety of intellectual skills: concise exposition, succinct analysis, and informed library research. Below, you will find a sample annotation from annotated bibliographies: Sample SWS Annotation 1. Brett Snyder. 2009. December Premium Air Traffic Down More Than 13 Percent. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/december-premium-air-traffic-down-more-than-13-percent/ In this news segment, Snyder informs why […]

External link to Assightnent 8

Assightnent 8

For this assignment, you will complete a Literature Synthesis Matrix using the attached worksheet. You will break down information from each of your articles and include 1–2 sentences summarizing the key points of each article. Requirements Complete the attached Literature Synthesis Matrix Worksheet [DOCX]: List each article from your Annotated Bibliography. Break information from each article listing author, source, and 1–2 sentences summarizing key points

External link to Discussion 7

Discussion 7

Please respond to the following: Post your research topic and research question. Explain how you will collect either qualitative or quantitative data for your study. Provide a thorough explanation of how you will collect either qualitative or quantitative data for your study using examples from your readings. Respond to at least one classmate and give constructive feedback about their data collection plan.

External link to Discussion 3

Discussion 3

Search for a qualitative research study in education from the past six months and post the link. Identify the research design, purpose, and focus of the study. (See Table 6.1 in your text.) What is at least one ethical consideration of the researchers for this study? Respond to at least one of your classmates and provide feedback on their identification of the research design, purpose, […]

External link to Discussion 8

Discussion 8

Using your research topic, develop a list of possible research questions using only descriptive statistical analysistechniques. Explain how you will analyze the data. Respond to at least one classmate and give constructive feedback about their research questions and data analysis plan.

External link to Classroom Management Letter

Classroom Management Letter

Teachers should be intentional and systematic in the way they manage their classroom considering the linguistic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds of the students. Clear classroom management plans help to reduce confusion and set clear expectations for students accounting for their interests, academic, social and behavioral needs. It is also beneficial for teachers to share their classroom management plans with other stakeholders such as the parents […]

External link to Where to buy top quality tee shirts online?

Where to buy top quality tee shirts online?

One of the basic requirements of people is clothing. Nevertheless, some are not satisfied of having something to use but they additionally wish to have fashionable clothes. The good thing is that you can currently locate affordable clothes that can currently make you look fashionable like raglan shirts. This can be an optimal present that you can provide to your liked ones since you can […]

External link to Week 9 Blog

Week 9 Blog

From a description of the brain as a kind of central processing unit, we discussed memory and how information is processed through sensory memory to short-term memory and finally on to long-term memory storage. Let’s focus on how aging affects memory. Do you feel that memory loss affects the everyday learning activities of adult learners? If so, how would you make sure the adult learner […]

External link to Educational Assessment of L.D

Educational Assessment of L.D

Describe a Response To Intervention model used at your school. If your school is not using a specific RTI, research one that would be appropriate for your setting. Visit http://www.intensiveintervention .org/chart/instructional-intervention-tools – Intervention Instructional Tools Charts for a list of RTI’s (Samples: Reading Recovery, Math Recovery, Wilson Reading Program, Failure Free Reading, Lexia Reading, Reading 180).  What is the name of your RTI? (1 point) […]

External link to Discussion Forum 250

Discussion Forum 250

ntroduction After a careful review of the lecture narrative and reading assignments for this module, you should have a better understanding of teacher licensure in North Carolina and employment options for birth-kindergarten licensed teachers. For this discussion assignment, you will make connections to this information and your future goals and plans. The Prompt Respond to the following prompt for this module.What are your professional goals […]

External link to Art History Gallery: Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Contemporary Art Movements

Art History Gallery: Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Contemporary Art Movements

See Attachment….  ART101_Movements_Final WITH IMAGES (edgecastcdn.net)   MoMA | Abstract Expressionism   (151) Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction | HOW TO SEE the art movement with MoMA curator Starr Figura – YouTube   ART101_Movements_Final WITH IMAGES (edgecastcdn.net)   What is Pop Art? – 7 Masterpieces That Define the Pop Art Movement (mymodernmet.com)   ART101_Movements_Final WITH IMAGES (edgecastcdn.net)   Contemporary Art, an introduction (article) | Khan Academy   Kehinde Wiley Studio | Brooklyn, […]

External link to Essay writing techniques: Best 5 Tips and Tricks

Essay writing techniques: Best 5 Tips and Tricks

We all know that sometimes, completing a college assignment can be extra hard. Whether it’s because you’re just too exhausted from all the work you had to do throughout this semester or you just don’t feel like writing, you’re not the only one. Many college students have had similar experiences as you, and everyone had to force themselves to focus on a project. So please, […]

External link to Comm class discussion due Thursday

Comm class discussion due Thursday

As online students, the topic of Social Media and Education should resonate with your educational experience with APUS. In fact, APUS has a myriad of social media sites specifically for current and prospective students. Our school utilizes these social media sites to inform and to collect feedback. Obviously, social media has a place in marketing for higher education, but do you think it has a […]

External link to Article Summary Help

Article Summary Help

Introduction True Then, Truer Now: The Enduring Contributions of Arnold Gesell  The Assignment Summarize the attached article, in your own words, by answering the three questions listed below. Each question should have an answer that has at least 5-7 sentences. Please make sure you read the statement on Plagiarism. Also, do not copy and paste the article – that is plagiarism. 1.    What is the […]

External link to Entr 20 discussion due Thursday

Entr 20 discussion due Thursday

Evaluate the email correspondence below.  Has a contract been created between the parties? Answer the following questions as part of your determination as to whether a contract has been formed. Who are the parties?   Is there an offer?   Is there an acceptance?   Is there consideration?   Is there an agreement? If so, what for?   Please detail why you have determined there is or is not an agreement. […]

External link to Homework


* You’ve done a lot of reflection about your goals this term. Now, take the time to create a career vision board. A vision board is a collection of words or images that reflect your goals and personal motivations. Every element included conveys meaning, whether it is a picture, an abbreviation, a number, or an inspirational quote.

External link to Sec Ad Req

Sec Ad Req

Introduction In order to become a licensed birth-kindergarten teacher in the state of North Carolina, candidates must complete a state-approved teacher education program from a regionally accredited college or university. All universities have a secondary admissions requirement to enter into the program of study within the university.Using the list of 12 public universities under the transfer articulation agreement, you will conduct research on 6 of […]

External link to Childrens Books

Childrens Books

Promoting children’s health requires attention to all areas of children’s development. As teachers of young children, we need to intentionally include strategies that support children’s well-being in the curriculum and be proactive in terms of supporting social and emotional competence. For this assignment you will be focusing on children’s well-being and researching a children’s library for resources to help you develop effective learning activities that […]

External link to Journal Entry 188

Journal Entry 188

Introduction This journal assignment will help you reflect on your advocacy strategies from your article readings and any other outside sources you find. Remember advocacy is defined as public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.  The Assignment Complete the Reflective Journal assignment using the topic assigned. Journal TopicThink about advocacy strategies.  What strategies do you find yourself using most often and […]

External link to Explore the Meaning of School Climate and Culture

Explore the Meaning of School Climate and Culture

I need tutoring with this question: As an educational leader, you will be asked to evaluate a school’s climate and culture, as well as determine where they can be improved. For this task, you will reflect on your school’s climate and culture, and develop a critique, which provides a description of each area with corresponding strengths and potential weaknesses. End your critique with a brief […]

External link to fix chapter 1 and 2 proposal reflecting instructor’s comments

fix chapter 1 and 2 proposal reflecting instructor’s comments

please make revisions: The current formatting is problematic. It does not look like the information was transferred over properly. All definitions must be cited Anticipated limitations is not formatted correctly (please fix, refer to the attached template format) The timeline must be adjusted with actual soft dates Delete the dissertation timeline plan Utilize and incorporate the alignment table in the template How will the theoretical […]

External link to Early Childhood and Special education

Early Childhood and Special education

DQ1 Why should a behavioral intervention plan (BIP), (also called behavioral change plan or behavioral support plan) be based on the results of a functional behavior assessment (FBA)? Explain.   DQ2 Imagine you have a student who consistently avoids or tries to escape working with others by behaving aggressively toward other students and himself. Explain two ways a teacher can help this student become less […]

External link to After School Programs

After School Programs

After school programs, early childcare and education programs (such as Head Start), and family support programs are all important elements of life for a young child. Explore one of these programs that is offered in your own community. What help does it offer children and families? Who provides it and how is it funded? Do you think this program, and others similar, do enough to […]

External link to Checklist Feedback

Checklist Feedback

Share with your peers a checklist you intend to use in your classroom observation and the place in which it will be utilized. How have you adapted your checklist (if at all) to match your chosen site? Why have you chosen the site you have? Use peer feedback to better prepare for your upcoming visit.

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