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– Direction: Write a Reflective journal, given an overview of their theory and then give your own reflection as to what interests you about this theory and how you would use it as a teacher (I choose Piaget’s theory of cognitive development) – no advanced English skill, just simple – need 1 page – NEED WITHIN 10HRS

External link to Week 1

Week 1

Start your discussion by responding to these questions: Introduce yourself to your peers by sharing something unique about your background. Explain how you expect this course will help you move forward in your current or future career. What is a scarcity problem you’ve experienced in your work or home life? What system could you use to manage your scarcity problem?

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You will choose what you think is an important clashing viewpoint in adulthood development and describe both viewpoints (make sure to cite your sources). After each issue is described, describe and justify your opinion on these viewpoints and whether you agree or not with each side. There is no correct answer here, you should just justify your response. paper must be written in APA 7th […]

External link to Disscusiion week 2

Disscusiion week 2

Please respond to the following: Read the case study titled Religion or Free Speech [PDF]. Next, watch the Kaltura video presentation, How to Use Case Precedent to Interpret Case Law. Next, propose an argument justifying if free speech and equal access rights of the Christian and Bible club are being or not being violated. Support your argument using two cases from the textbook. Respond to at […]

External link to Part B: Crisis Management (NELP 6.3)

Part B: Crisis Management (NELP 6.3)

One of your teachers who was driving home came upon the accident. She reports to you that emergency vehicles are on the scene, and some students have exited the bus through the emergency exits. Other students and the driver are still inside the bus, and the extent of injuries is not known. The teacher reports some students are currently standing on the road, and many […]

External link to Using What-If Analysis

Using What-If Analysis

Accountants are counted on to provide management with analyzing data to determine best and worst-case scenarios. As future planning becomes more complex, these what-if analyses can increase in complexity and usefulness. Identify and discuss at least three types of what-if analyses that an accountant should be able to perform to measure a firm’s performance over a period. Be sure to include the type of data that […]

External link to forum 3

forum 3

Samaritan Ministries is a Christian organization that has an alternative to insurance. Go to SamaritanMinistries. Read through the “How it Works” section, and look at the “Frequently Asked Questions.” Do you think that this system would work? Do you think that this is the biblical way of handling health expenses? Your replies should not be used as an opportunity to simply complement the writer; rather, you should […]

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DUE IN 3 HOURS!! CASE STUDY ATTACHED Case Study Analysis (100 points) Please select one of the case studies located at the end of the chapter (selected from chapters 1 – 6) and answer the associated discussion probe questions located at the end of the case study. Submissions should also include a brief introduction to the case study. Please limit your response to no more […]

External link to Research Planning Paper

Research Planning Paper

Research Planning Paper [due Mon] Assignment Content Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper based on the case you identified in the Wk 2 assignment. Discuss the following issues, and include justification: Preliminary decisions that need to be made relative to types and sources of evidence Sampling strategies to be used for each type or source of evidence Strategies for choosing the most appropriate technology tools for data […]

External link to Md. 5 assignment

Md. 5 assignment

3-page paper( 2 full pages of info Doube space Apa style intext citations and references page included) Write a 3pg paper in which you identify the change you would like to implement and explain the plan you would use to bring about the change. Be sure to address all the topics outlined in the template: goals, actions, time frame, stakeholders, and an evaluation strategy. Also […]

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mod 5/6

Choose ONE of the below prompts to answer: Describe two or three techniques you can apply when delivering an effective bad-news message and why each is important. Discuss two or three strategies you can utilize when writing or speaking to persuade others to accept your point of view. Discuss at least two DOs and two DON’Ts for writing a convincing and effective formal report.  Explain the […]

External link to Article Summary – Virtual physical education

Article Summary – Virtual physical education

Article Summaries: Read any article related to VIRTUAL physical education. Professional journals are preferred sources. Use the format explained below for writing assignments to summarize these articles. Be prepared to discuss these articles in class on the date due.  Writing Activities: All article reviews and writing assignments should follow the format outlined in the syllabus.  Each review should include a summary of the reading, how […]

External link to buis 300

buis 300

Choose ONE of the below prompts to answer: Discuss two or three barriers to effective communication and how you can overcome each. Describe the role of nonverbal messages in communication and why it is important to be aware of nonverbal cues when communicating. Listening takes skill and intentionality; explain this truth by discussing ways you can avoid bad listening habits, and identify the benefits of being an […]



Review the “Topic B: The Education Evolution” video from Educational Impact.  Reflect on how education has evolved in your own lifetime.  Create a timeline using an online resource (e.g., Office Timeline, MyHistro, OurStory, Timeline JS) to display how educational policies and practices have evolved throughout your lifetime. Include a      minimum of eight entries. At least six of those entries must describe      important government mandates that […]

External link to Differences in State Governance Model

Differences in State Governance Model

Use attachments to help with answer!! Fletcher and Friedel’s 2017 article, “Typology of State-level Community College Governance Structures”, and Reed’s 2017 article, “Community Colleges, Shared Governance, and Democracy,” present differences in governance models. There are several examples of community college governance from state to state, from highly centralized to decentralized and even no government. Question: In your answer, identify the model of state governance for […]

External link to Policy Governance

Policy Governance

Observe one of the board meetings available on the following site:    Video and Audio Recordings of Trustee Meetings | Johnson County Community College (jccc.edu)  ^^Use link above to help with answer!!^^   Please note if a schedule does not permit observing a live meeting, many institutions do record their public session and you can view one of those. Discuss your observations of how your board […]

External link to Analyze Complex Relationships of Distributive Leadership

Analyze Complex Relationships of Distributive Leadership

Instructions You have taken a leadership position in an organization that is new to you. In this scenario, present what leadership knowledge and skills you will need to address the following in understanding your new organization. Use real-life experiences and relevant situations, which become a description of your interaction with the new organization. How will you develop trust? How will you develop two-way communication? How […]

External link to jkJOURNAL2


For this journal, you will practice observing and recording your observations and making a connection to domains and PILES. Instructions First, view the following video: To Make a Path of Stones Next, your journal entry should contain the following two parts: Part One – Observational Notes Use observational notes in a K-W-L chart. Document your observations using a method of your choice. Based on your […]

External link to Topic 1 DQ 1

Topic 1 DQ 1

In the argument chapter, you learned about expressed arguments (overt arguments attempting to persuade the audience towards a point of view) and implied arguments (arguments that appear on the surface not to be arguments but actually seek to persuade the audience of a point of view or views). For this DQ, provide a specific example from the media of an expressed argument and an implied […]

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Reading is both a pleasurable pastime and an academic skill. To get the most out of any reading, whether it is a relaxing novel, a textbook, or a report from your employer, you must be able to read it carefully and comprehend it fully. This is called close reading. For this assignment, you will choose one passage from a piece of literature, just a couple […]

External link to Assignment due in 36 hours

Assignment due in 36 hours

Research Article Summaries This assignment is the first step toward completing the literature review in Week 3. · Choose a general topic that you are interested in. Use the Area of Interest interactive downloadto guide your efforts. Narrow the topic so that you are looking for research to answer a particular question. For example: “What is the experience of military families when their soldier is […]

External link to Education


For this assignment, you will complete the Module by reviewing content under the Challenge, Initial Thoughts, Perspectives and Resources, and Wrap it up. You will complete the provide questions afterwards. Be sure to answer incomplete sentences, references information from the module and not use your personal opinion. https://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/module/at/#content  Click or copy and paste the module link . Assistive Technology: An Overview Assessment Take some time […]

External link to WrittenAssignment2JK


Now that the educators in the program have been trained in observation and assessment practices, the families will need to be informed as well. In this assignment, you will be writing a letter/email communication to families describing observation and assessment and how the program will ensure ethical practices. Instructions Write a letter/email communication that contains: A welcome (1 paragraph) that Includes an appropriate opening salutation. […]

External link to Peer Response 2

Peer Response 2

Indicate how their story is different than, or similar to, your own. Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences or program of study and career choice   should be 100 words  PEERS RESPONSE:   In 5 years personally, I want to have a second income coming in outside of the military. Whether it be my own business, Stocks or even a […]

External link to RGdiscussion2


The written word has had an impact on the human condition for centuries. We have all been touched in some way or another by literature. This week, you will take a literary journey by searching the Internet for the pieces below. In addition to reading the story, you should find out something about the author of your chosen piece as well. After making your choice, […]

External link to Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation Educators strive to create a classroom that instills creativity and innovation. In this discussion, you will think about the creative and innovative instructional approach known as the flipped classroom (Links to an external site.) while making direct connections to the Common Core State Standards and teacher decision-making based on student assessments. Reflecting on your previous discussion on CCSS (Links to an external site.) in […]

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