External link to Strategic management for Almarai Company

Strategic management for Almarai Company

24. The report should include the following elements in clear specific points: 1. State organization’s vision, mission and goals/objectives. Critically analyze the vision and mission as discussed in the class 2. Identify targeted market segment and customers or people the organization provide services/product to. 3. What type of products and/or services does the organization provide? 4. What is the philosophy in producing the above goods […]

External link to International Finance

International Finance

13. You are required to choose a public company in Consumer Goods industry (you can find it in the list https://consumergoods.com/top-100-consumer-goods- companies-2021) and prepare a report on the following eight tasks, using its annual report for year 2021 (in comparison with year 2020) and any additional information that you can find publicly on Internet.1. Explain briefly the company mission, business activities, corporate values and anything […]

External link to Economics Forum

Economics Forum

7. You need to analyse the tools of the trade policy your countries (Moldova) are applying towards the trading partners. 1) describe the measures to protect the local producers (tariffs, quotas, subsidies) – the size, the products that are covered, the time when they are (were) applied; 2) what are the reasons of applying these measures and how it benefits the local economy In terms […]

External link to Bank of America

Bank of America

19. In order to make effective change within an organization, an analysis of the current organizational state is essential. Analyze the current innovative status within Bank of America. In 750-word organizational analysis, address the following:1.What are your organization’s competitors’ current trends of innovation?2.How does your organization’s innovativeness compare to its competitors’?3.Within your organization, which stakeholders are responsible for supporting innovation? In what capacity?4.Examining your organization’s […]

External link to Trade Policy Tools Analysis

Trade Policy Tools Analysis

14. You need to analyse the tools of the trade policy your countries are applying towards the trading partners. Country ?China 1) describe the measures to protect the local producers (tariffs, quotas, subsidies) – the size, the products that are covered, the time when they are (were) applied; 2) what are the reasons of applying these measures and how it benefits the local economy? 3) […]

External link to Assess Innovation Readiness

Assess Innovation Readiness

1. 1.Analyze and explain a successful organization’s structures and conditions that facilitated creativity and innovation. What structures inhibited creativity and innovation? Provide examples and explain. Would a lean business model help those structures support or inhibit creativity and why? 150-words, one reference 2.Watch the TED Talk, “TedX Bay Area – Daniel Burres: Using Flash Foresight to Drive Innovation and Growth,” located in the topic Resources. […]

External link to HCM 400 Milestone One 

HCM 400 Milestone One 

22. Submit a draft proposal for Section I, parts A and B (see below), defining the major forces affecting the delivery of healthcare. You must describe the opportunities and challenges as they relate to healthcare leaders. Additionally, you should include the types of leases that might be considered for financial operations. Please remember to consider the opportunities and challenges for today’s healthcare leaders. This is […]

External link to opportunities in your value stream

opportunities in your value stream

21. Applying Lean in Your Organization this week, you learned how Lean is used to reduce inventory, eliminate waste, and improve processes. In preparation for Course Project Part B, answer the questions below. Be sure to include specific references to this week’s course materials to support your response.Now that you have completed your value stream assignment, what are some opportunities in your value stream where […]

External link to Project


20. APA format175 – 265 wordsCite at least one (1) peer-reviewed referenceRespond to the following:Consider the most complex project you’ve ever been involved in. Briefly describe the project, giving examples of the following as they pertain to the project:The work breakdown structureTasksSubtasksWork packageWere you on the critical path?Additionally, explain the role the project manager played in managing the project’s success or failure. Include an example. […]

External link to The Impact Of Market Failure

The Impact Of Market Failure

11. When you think of forms of market failure, what comes to mind? Have you ever identified a market failure that has affected your job or industry? What about any products or services that you use or have used? Consider how these failures are addressed, if at all, by government entities or regulators. Does the intervention help to improve outcomes? In this Discussion, you will […]

External link to Wk 3, OPS 574: Service System Applications

Wk 3, OPS 574: Service System Applications

7. The purpose of this assignment is to align proper service system applications to certain industries. You will also analyze and evaluate a company’s customer service strengths and challenges. Select a company you are familiar with, such as your own employer or a public company that you know you can find customer service data on. Identify the type(s) of service system used in the company […]

External link to What Social Media saya about being a boy or man and girl or woman in the society

What Social Media saya about being a boy or man and girl or woman in the society

20. Pick from one of the following forms of media, and examine the gendered images and messages created about what it means to be a man and woman in society: magazines (American Girl and Scout Life are great choices), television advertisements, a film, or social media.As you examine your form of media, write your answers to these questions:What messages are being conveyed about what it […]

External link to Collaboration when Working Remotely

Collaboration when Working Remotely

6. As many businesses shift to remote work, there is an increased need to utilize collaboration tools. At the end of this course, you will deliver a presentation trying to persuade your organization to adopt a collaboration tool of your choosing. To prepare for that presentation, select one of the categories listed below (e.g., communication) and choose a collaboration tool from the category you’ve selected. […]

External link to Action of A Leader

Action of A Leader

4. Determine two actions that a leader could take to convey a sense of authority.Suggest two ways that a leader could use his or her power to influence team members to be more productive and ethically responsible. It is a common belief that when you “dress to be successful,” others will perceive you as assured and prosperous. If your outfit is the only thing that makes […]

External link to Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

23. Analyze a Fortune 500 multinational company’s most recent social responsibility report. Prepare an approximately 1000-word analysis that 1) identifies CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues important to the company, 2) describes the company’s CSR philosophy and approach, 3) explains strategies used by the company in addressing CSR issues, and 4) analyzes the company’s approach to CSR in the context of CSR concepts discussed in Coombs […]

External link to Entrepreneurial Qualities

Entrepreneurial Qualities

24. Think of an entrepreneur currently in the news, or someone you admire. What qualities and traits does that person demonstrate that make him or her entrepreneurial? Are those traits different today than they were in the time of Ford and Edison?How are the current economic, political, and social environments of today different from those of 125 years ago? How are they similar?Does demand have […]

External link to Cash Flow and Financial Analysis

Cash Flow and Financial Analysis

20. Discussion 2: Cash Flow and Financial Analysis- 450 words APA citationPart 1: Importance of CashGenerating cash is the ultimate responsibility for managers today. Cash and cash flow are considered the “lifeblood” of a business.How important has cash generation been for your current company or a prior employer? How is cash generation different from the concept of profit and loss (P&L) in accounting? Provide an […]

External link to Tesla Company and its Competitors

Tesla Company and its Competitors

17. Part OneFirst, use the provided MS Excel Spreadsheet to gather the requested information about the publicly-traded company TESLA.Under the Week 2 tab, gather the revenue, operating income, and net income of your chosen company and its closest competitor.Part TwoIn a memo to the Chief Executive Officer, answer the following questions, which are pre-loaded in your Memo Template:1. Which of the two companies you reviewed […]

External link to Select any publicly listed Saudi Company that operates in Europe and/or Africa

Select any publicly listed Saudi Company that operates in Europe and/or Africa

14. Select any publicly listed Saudi Company that operates in Europe and/or Africa, and write a (minimum of 2000 word) report covering the following points:1. Present the study report with clear Introduction and Conclusion including your own views. (minimum words: 500)2. Using SWOT analysis, analyze the external and internal environment of your selected company. (minimum words: 900) Strengths: Explain the strengths of the selected company; […]

External link to Importance of the Correlation Coefficient

Importance of the Correlation Coefficient

10. Explain the importance of the correlation coefficient in a multiple regression model.Support your reasoning with an example. The degree to which two variables are linked linearly can be measured by using the correlation coefficient an indicator of statistical significance. Variables that range between 1 and -1 are feasible. If the values of one series rise, while those in another series decline and reversed the correlation coefficient […]

External link to Overview of McDonalds

Overview of McDonalds

7. Provide an overview of McDonald’sHistoryOriginExpansion globally /footprintLeadership McDonald’s is an internationally-known chain of restaurants with quick service which operates more than 35,000 locations across more than 100 countries. It employs over 4 million people around the world. It is thought the fact that McDonald’s provides food to 70 million customers each day that’s greater than the total people of France. According to IBISWorld In the year 2014 […]

External link to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine

5. · investigate at least six sources related to the current state of these major world issues· Write a well-structured essay that examines the major factors that are driving this issue. Consider the impact on globalization and the free trade policies that have shaped the world over the past sixty years.· Consider the role that “nationalism” is playing and will continue to play. In the […]

External link to Constructing and Evaluating Budgets

Constructing and Evaluating Budgets

4. Please refer to the syllabus for discussion board grading criteria! Be sure to post One original post and reply to Two other students. Explain the goals of budgeting and steps required to build a budget.Explain how a contribution margin and break-even analysis are calculated. What are those important?What is financial benchmarking?Explain why the value of monies received in the future is lower than the […]

External link to Starbucks business-level strategy

Starbucks business-level strategy

1. 1 · Evaluate the business-level strategy of either Starbucks or Lockheed Martin to determine whether you believe the strategy is appropriate to offset forces in the industry. Provide specific examples to support your response. · Make recommendations for improving this strategy as well as describing any challenges you foresee in executing those recommendations. Provide specific examples to support your response. 2. · Let’s talk […]

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