External link to Power Point Homework

Power Point Homework

2. As the director of learning and development, you have been tasked with creating a career development program for the senior sales team of your organization. You currently support five individuals on the senior sales team. Each team member has aspirations of becoming either a senior sales manager, sales director, or vice president of sales. None of the team members have any experience in leading […]

External link to Research Paper: Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages

Research Paper: Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages

18.Choose a research topic from the chapter readings or from the list provided by your professor.Research/find a minimum at least four (4), preferably five (5) or more, different peer-reviewed articles on your topic from the University of the Cumberlands Library online business database. The article(s) must be relevant and from a peer-reviewed source. While you may use relevant articles from any time frame, current/published within […]

External link to Wk 4, OPS 574: DR 2

Wk 4, OPS 574: DR 2

6.APA Format175 – 265 wordsCite at least one (1) peer-reviewed referenceRespond to the following:Dr. Peter WilmsBefore beginning any project, senior leadership needs to understand and bought into the project, the results, and the money budgeted for the project. Based on my experience, if you do not have this “buy-in” from senior leadership the project will have a higher probability of failure.Ensuring all the stakeholder who […]

External link to Business costs

Business costs

31. Opportunity costs and sunk costs are two cost concepts managers should understand in making decisions.Differentiate between opportunity and sunk costs.Are they used differently in making business decisions? Explain. Sunk cost is an expense that was already incurred and is not able to be recovered. Since these costs are already in place they are not affected by the result of the decision, and shouldn’t be incorporated […]

External link to Dropshipping


28. Do an analysis regarding drop shipping in the USA. A minimum of 3 pages. The forecasts estimate the amount of the US dropshipping industry at $125.45 billion in 2027, an increase from $36.11 billion in 2019. This is an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) in the range of 17.6 percent from 2020 to 2027. The rapid growth of the Dropshipping business across North America is being […]

External link to How Should Companies Value And Present Their Cryptocurrency Holdings?

How Should Companies Value And Present Their Cryptocurrency Holdings?

20. Prepare 3 pages double-spaced paper covering the below questions.Explain how the above question will be investigated and why the above question is important. What is Crypto Currency?Approach: How crypto has been treated in the past, the new announcement, and Examples of companies with lots of cryptos.Importance: A cryptocurrency is a form of investing that has grown exponentially in recent years with 1 in 5 […]

External link to ASSIGNMENT 15


18. Step 1: Research and discuss the following terms in a 1- to 2-page document:Opportunity costInitial costsContinuing costsInduced costsAverted costsFixed costsVariable costsStep 2: Using one of the studies listed below, research the topics and then formulate two processes to achieve positive outcomes. Then, compare the costs of the two processes by conducting a CEA. You may have to create control and outcome numbers, as well […]

External link to Company Detail Writeup

Company Detail Writeup

6. Introduction, body, conclusion 2. Research and then describe your company’s primary business activities. Include: 3. A brief historical summary, A list of competitors, The company’s position within the industry, Recent developments within the company/industry, Future direction, and Other items of significance to your corporation. 4. Include information from a variety of resources. For example: Consult Form 10-K filed with the SEC. Review the Annual […]



5. What are the advantages of developing a website using a tool such as Artisteer or Joomla? Are there any disadvantages. Explain? Linux is a free and stable operating system, which is a great advantage. What are the disadvantages of adopting it? Give three reasons why Linux has become a popular server operating system. Define Software Piracy. How if affect the software industry. Mention several […]

External link to Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery

30. Address the issue of “last-mile delivery.” Last-mile delivery directly influences customer expectations and satisfaction but also represents an enormous challenge and cost for marketers. Is it worth the expense and effort to deliver products fast? Why or why not? You may wish to consider the impact of last-mile delivery on the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). Over the last 10 years, the direct delivery […]

External link to Business Employment Law

Business Employment Law

29. One of the most important elements in a business plan is the market analysis. A market analysis is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of a market. It includes data collection and estimation in reference to the market size and value, characteristics of the intended customer base, in-depth evaluation of the competition, barriers to entry, and the regulatory environment. An accurate and detailed market analysis […]

External link to Strategic Management

Strategic Management

28. Suppose that you have been recently hired to be the general manager of a healthy-cookies company. The company has been losing money during the last 2 years. The company has been facing financial problems. However, the healthy cookies (products) your company produces taste delicious and have been well received by consumers (according to consumer surveys). Given this scenario, in a 4 to 5-page paper, […]

External link to Economic indicators and principles surrounding Cardiovascular Disease.

Economic indicators and principles surrounding Cardiovascular Disease.

56. A.Outline the underlying economic principles and indicators at play using specific examples. To what extent do those principles and indicators apply in understanding your chosen public health issue?B. Demonstrate the economic impacts of your public health issue. Provide specific examples of each impact.C. Analyze the larger context within which your chosen public health issue exists. To what extent is the issue a product of […]

External link to Change


10. This week, you learned about change. There are things in the organization that you know need to change, and you don’t see a move toward it. So, this is your opportunity to identify a need for change and do something about it. For this assignment, please answer the following: How would you identify the need for a change?How would you present the need for […]

External link to Define Style And Apply The Visual Elements

Define Style And Apply The Visual Elements

49. Watch the video: Van Gogh’s Bedroom. Summarize the features of style in Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom. Identify and describe the colors, lines, texture, pattern, shape, and space. Explain the emotional mood that the artist creates with these visual elements.· Explain the difference between period and regional style. Define personal style. Define iconography.· Watch the video: Why Look at Art? Explain why it is important […]

External link to Choice of leadership styles approach

Choice of leadership styles approach

44. Discuss how you would determine the appropriate leadership style to use with your generational cohort. Style is a term used to describe social norms, behavior patterns, as well as communications preferences that are non-verbal and verbal. A person’s leadership style is the set of decisions they make to make in any particular situation. The Art of Leadership that Gets Results is an important article written by […]

External link to Code of ethics

Code of ethics

39. Discuss how disclosures of a code of ethics by senior management could have a positive effect on public confidence and influence investors’ behavior. Discuss the consequences of not establishing a code of ethics. The financial performance of an organization and other performance indicators could be greatly improved by a publically published and well-implemented ethics code. The most valuable benefit in an ethical code lies in […]

External link to Disction


38. Discuss the implications of big data on regression analysis. How might very large and very small samples impact regression inference? Provide examples to support your opinion. Samples should not be overly large or small, as both have limitations that may influence the conclusions of the research. When conducting research, the size of the sample is important for ethical and scientific grounds as well as concerns […]

External link to Analysis Solving

Analysis Solving

18. Part 1 Briefly discuss the most common mistakes managers make and how they affect economic profit. Must be 400 words not including references. Part 2 1. When Burton Cummings graduated with honors from Canadian Trucking Academy his father gave him a $350,000 tractor-trailer rig. Recently, Burton was boasting to some fellow truckers that his revenues were typically $25,000 per month, while his operating costs […]

External link to MacDonald Company Case Study

MacDonald Company Case Study

16. Organizational analysis (For Parts A-C: no more than 10 full content pages, excluding graphs/tables A. Basic description of the company. Include in your discussion the following: 1. The company’s mission. How has the mission evolved over time?2. Characteristics of the company – leadership, culture, size insales, number of employees, total assets, geographical locations,age.3. The company’s pattern of past objectives and strategies. Howsuccessful has the […]

External link to Unit 4 and 5 Answers

Unit 4 and 5 Answers

11. Unit 4 You are the CEO of a major corporation whose databases were recently hacked, and sensitive customer information was stolen. The media has persistently asked you for some kind of statement regarding the situation and what the corporation is doing to protect its customers and prevent this from happening again. Would you, as the CEO, speak out about the crisis, or would you […]

External link to Assignment Discussion

Assignment Discussion

6. What is design thinking and how is it different from grand design? When is grand desgin more effective in innovation than design thinking? 2. What is WeChat’s approach to innovation? 3. What are some key components to grand design?4. What should innovators take away from WeChat’s experience? The majority of companies that manufacture products operating today employ an approach to business that is built […]

External link to Performance of Strabucks

Performance of Strabucks

3. This report should include a catalog of all brand elements, product attributes, and marketing activities related to the brand. It should be submitted to the course website in the form of a 12-point font, double-spaced Word document. Company: Starbucks Question: 1-) Performance – Market share, trends in both brand and market. The largest coffee shop chain is thought to be Starbucks. The company was founded […]

External link to BUS 411 Unit 3 DB: Competitive Advantage

BUS 411 Unit 3 DB: Competitive Advantage

18. This week, we have analyzed the importance of having a competitive advantage in business. A competitive advantage distinguishes a company from its competitors. It also is the recognition that a company either delivers quality products at a lower cost than the competition or offers support and services at a greater value than the competition.To gain a competitive advantage, a company must often respond to […]

External link to Branding more than Just A Logo

Branding more than Just A Logo

12. For this discussion, pick an airline, domestic or international, and address the following topics: Discuss the airline’s branding strategy. What do you feel is their competitive advantage? How does quality relate to customer satisfaction with the airline brand? Since 2012 American Airlines started to be aware of the necessity to maintain customer loyalty. This is why it is working to restore its relationship with new […]

External link to Quick Ratio

Quick Ratio

10. Post (a) What it is, (b) How to calculate it, and (c) Why it may be of interest to investors. (About: Quick ratio) For Palantir The quick ratio assesses the extent to which the company is able to meet the short-term needs of its clients using its liquid assets. It is a measure of the percentage of the company’s current liabilities that can be met […]

External link to Strategic management for Almarai Company

Strategic management for Almarai Company

24. The report should include the following elements in clear specific points: 1. State organization’s vision, mission and goals/objectives. Critically analyze the vision and mission as discussed in the class 2. Identify targeted market segment and customers or people the organization provide services/product to. 3. What type of products and/or services does the organization provide? 4. What is the philosophy in producing the above goods […]

External link to International Finance

International Finance

13. You are required to choose a public company in Consumer Goods industry (you can find it in the list https://consumergoods.com/top-100-consumer-goods- companies-2021) and prepare a report on the following eight tasks, using its annual report for year 2021 (in comparison with year 2020) and any additional information that you can find publicly on Internet.1. Explain briefly the company mission, business activities, corporate values and anything […]

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