External link to 4G Model

4G Model

Discussion Board – 4G Model After watching the required video “Profit’s not always the point” by Harish Manwani and reading the article “Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold After Screen Failures” by Sam Kim and Mark Gurman, discuss the 4G Model and the purpose firms must have beyond the products they sale or the service they provide. Pretend you are the executive officer at Samsung […]

External link to activity 1

activity 1

Activity 1 Case Study 1.1 MegaTech, Inc.MegaTech, Inc. is designed to highlight some of the reasons why an organization that had operated in a relatively stable and predictable environment would seek to move to an emphasis on project-based work. The trigger event, in this case is the advent of the NAFTA treaty, which opened up competition on a more price-competitive basis.Questions  What is it about […]

External link to executing the project

executing the project

Reflection and Discussion Forum Week 1Reflection and Discussion Forum Week 1 Assigned Readings: Chapter 1. Introduction: Why Project Management?_ Chapter 2. The Organizational Context: Strategy, Structure, and Culture_ Initial Postings: Read and reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Then post what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding in […]

External link to Case Study

Case Study

Instructions Waterways (Chapter 27) For this assignment, you will apply what you have learned from the unit lesson and required unit resources. The Waterways (WP27) case is located on page 27-35 of the textbook.Waterways puts much emphasis on cash flow when it plans for capital investments. The company chose its discount rate of 8% based on the rate of return that it must pay its […]

External link to Difference between financial accounting and managerial accounting

Difference between financial accounting and managerial accounting

For your discussion board post in week one I would like you to discuss the difference between financial and managerial accounting. Are there any regulations/rules that need to be followed under either method. If so what are they?   Your initial response to the discussion question should be 250-300 words. You must have at least one course (our text) and one non-course scholarly/peer reviewed source in your […]

External link to Week 1 Discussion (BUS2113 Principles of Accounting)

Week 1 Discussion (BUS2113 Principles of Accounting)

Discussion 1.1 Chapter 1 discusses careers in the accounting field. (Public, Private, and Government/Education careers) Pretend like you want to become an accountant. Tell me the steps that you are going to take in the next few years to have a successful start to your career. Also, Tell me in YOUR OWN WORDS what is the difference between Public and Private accounting.  Discussion 1.2 Describe […]

External link to Journal VI

Journal VI

Instructions Identify a business you visited in the  past month. Thinking back to your visit and using it as a source of  information, hypothesize the market structure for the firm you visited  by explaining why you think the firm would or would not meet each of the  characteristics of market structures. Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or […]

External link to Method and Philosophy Contrast

Method and Philosophy Contrast

Locate two advertisements for automobiles. One must be from the 1950s or 1960s and one from within the last two years. It is recommended that both ads are from the same manufacturer to eliminate the need to account for philosophic differences between companies. Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) in which you contrast the two advertisements noting the differences in method and philosophy between them. Include […]

External link to Emotional intelligence and career goals. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

Emotional intelligence and career goals. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

Briefly outline your career objective and the role of emotional intelligence in your chosen profession. How will you use emotional intelligence in reaching your career objective? What aspects of emotional intelligence do you find the most challenging? Outline a plan to strengthen your emotional intelligence skills in areas that are most challenging to you. Use notes in powerpoint to provide an explanation of each slide. […]

External link to Globalization Opinion Exploration

Globalization Opinion Exploration

In your introduction assignment, you stated whether you felt that globalization was a positive or a negative movement. In a one- to two-page typed paper please research globalization and argue the opposite viewpoint. Your paper should adhere to the following guidelines: Use 11-point Times or Arial font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins. Length does not include any header, cover page, or references list. Please use only authoritative […]

External link to Sanitation: Waste Transfer Station

Sanitation: Waste Transfer Station

Sanitation: Waste Transfer Station A First Nation in Northern Ontario has developed a waste transfer station to manage solid waste from the community as there isn’t additional space at the current landfill. Now operational, the transfer station faces some challenges – the waste is trucked about an hour away and has basically put the First Nation’s problem in the backyard of someone else; the bins […]

External link to Business Law & Ethics

Business Law & Ethics

Scenario: Don, an elderly man, lives with his nephew Evan. Don is entirely dependent on Evan for support and his care. Evan advised Don to “invest” in Evan’s new consulting business or Evan will no longer support him. Don liquidated his other investments and a trust fund, and signed a contract with Evan giving all his investments and trust funds to Evan for Evan’s new […]

External link to Marketing


1.  Do television advertisements influence consumer markets or do consumer markets influence television advertisements?    2.     Marc Gobe is President and CEO of a brand image creation firm.  In his book, Emotional Branding, he says, “Consumers think more with their heart or gut than with their head when choosing a product (p. xvi).”  Consequently, he argues, “a crucial part of a strong brand-presence program must […]

External link to Advertising Strategy A1 1500 words proof reading(Cloud: 22/08/2021)

Advertising Strategy A1 1500 words proof reading(Cloud: 22/08/2021)

The a-s-s-e-s-s-m-e-n-t will be 1500 words long. Please see the questions shown in the screenshot. I will send you all info after being hired, eg PPTs, student access etc. Please send a draft in 12hrs-1 day time, day 2, and day 3 as well. + Will need to to draft some questions to ask the teacher and revise base on feedback (Send bk ard in […]

External link to 1.4 Assignment: Leadership Competencies

1.4 Assignment: Leadership Competencies

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. Read Chapter 3, “Skills for Developing Yourself as a Leader,” and also review Chapters 1 and 2 in our textbook. Considering the information in Chapters 1 through 3, think of the elements of developing a personal leadership plan.  Review Figures 3.2 and 3.3 in our textbook.  Develop your own GAPS analysis:   Follow the […]

External link to ETHICAL CASE STUDY


1. Read the case a day or two early…. to think about it. Your assignment is not an opinion survey; it is an argument of logic and evidence supporting that opinion. Your initial feelings are usually right but not easy to explain. 2. Read the Questions closely; be sure you know what is being asked. Write a brief outline of what you want to fit […]

External link to Module 03 Course Project – State Policy

Module 03 Course Project – State Policy

Instructions As new illnesses, conditions, diseases, technology or approaches to treatment are discovered and/or used in healthcare we often create new policies to accompany them. Policies are typically enacted to prevent situations from becoming worse and oftentimes to improve outcomes. Some policies are implemented on a national level while others only apply to specific states. Conduct research within the state that you live (MINNESOTA) and find a […]

External link to ECON


1.    Explain major problems faced by savers in channeling funds to investors.2.    Explain major components of the financial system.  3.    How does the financial system resolve those problems? 4.    Divide these into money market instruments, capital market instruments, debt instruments and equity instruments.  Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, Stocks, 5 year Debentures, Commercial Paper

External link to Unit V Assignment

Unit V Assignment

Instructions Tracy, the manager at Ruby Red Movie  Theater, is extremely worried about concession stand sales. Tracy has  indicated that she is at a loss regarding how many employees should be  working in the concession stand area and how many concession stand items  should be sold per day. Tracy is even considering closing the  concession stand area.  Output, labor, and price information  for items sold […]

External link to Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Company: Amazon. Provide  an overall summary of the company and the product/service offerings. What  is the product or service you will redefine or introduce as new?  Why  is it a good time for the company to explore this opportunity now?         What  are the short term and long-term goals? Does  this product or service support the company Mission, Vision and Core      Values.  (Yes/No and why? […]

External link to marketing


1) Choose a product and evaluate and explain how it is or could be impacted by changes in each of the elements of the external environment:  economic, political, legal, technological, and cultural. 2)   Current events on market strategies for baby boomers in 2021. include a link to the full article.

External link to Apply: Signature Assignment: Aligning Operational Needs with Business Strategy

Apply: Signature Assignment: Aligning Operational Needs with Business Strategy

Assignment Content Use your selected company from Weeks 1-2 for this week’s assessment. A primary technique of deeper analysis of an organization is the Porter’s Five Forces Model. This technique is often used when looking at your competitive advantage. Looking at your competitive advantage is important to aligning your operational needs with your business strategies. Review sources on your company. Write a 700- to 1050- […]

External link to Research Paper

Research Paper

Select a company that competes in an industry in which you are interested. What are some of the recent demands that stakeholders have placed on this company? Can you find examples of how the company is trying to develop “symbiosis” (interdependence and mutual benefit) among its stakeholders? (Use the Internet and library resources.) This is to be in narrative form and should be as thorough […]

External link to Advanced Topics in Project Management

Advanced Topics in Project Management

1.   Identify staffing and resource requirements for your project and develop a communications and stakeholder management plan using RACI matrix.  (300 words) 2.   Describe the roles of outsourcing and procurement planning as that would relate to your project. (100-150 words) 3.   What is the one most important thing that you took away from this lesson?  How will that help you achieve your goals you set […]

External link to Unit VI Assignment

Unit VI Assignment

Instructions You are continuing to serve as a  private economic consultant for Ruby Red Movie Theater in town. The  theater is starting to work on its marketing plan to draw more customers  into the theater. Manager Tracy has provided you with the necessary  information concerning various characteristics of the theater’s market. Complete the Unit VI Assignment  Worksheet. This worksheet contains information and a series of […]

External link to Discussion


Defend or critique the primary alternative sources of health care funding in the United States. Analyze the main effect on the resource owner of one of the following means of financing health care: insurance premiums, tax subsidies, and mandated benefits. Provide at least one example that illustrates the selected effect to support your response. Analyze the key types of policies required for the delivery of […]

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