External link to MHA/560 Sustainability

MHA/560 Sustainability

Select a health care setting you want to focus on for your sustainability initiative  ·   Hospital Analyze the setting you have selected and break it down to the main departments, employee roles, operating activities, etc. While doing so, brainstorm opportunities to reduce costs or eliminate waste while improving patient care or outcomes. Review the list of sustainable initiatives from the list below, and select one […]

External link to Deliverable 3 – Evaluating a Company’s Culture for Diversity(Ethnicity)

Deliverable 3 – Evaluating a Company’s Culture for Diversity(Ethnicity)

Scenario Information You have been hired as the Human Resources Director for a global organization that is headquartered in the United States. Your job is to evaluate and make recommendations in the area of diversity for your company. Each section will contain specific areas within diversity for you to focus on. You will be tasked with choosing from one of the diversity areas that are […]

External link to Research proposal (1500 words) & Dissertation (10,000 words) for Msc Management

Research proposal (1500 words) & Dissertation (10,000 words) for Msc Management

Types of Leadership as the Influence of Top Management on Employee’s behavior in the Innovation Process This paper analyzes the various types of leadership and how these leadership styles influence the behavior of the employees in the innovation process. Following this research, the top management leadership styles which can encourage employees to be more innovative will be suggested.

External link to Consumer Insights Assignment #1 – Data-Driven Consumer Study

Consumer Insights Assignment #1 – Data-Driven Consumer Study

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the value and importance of data in  the study of consumer behavior. This is an individual assignment and must be completed entirely  on your own. 1. Choose a data-driven consumer phenomenon to examine. This phenomenon can be based on  one of the following: • You observe some aspect of consumer behavior for a period of […]

External link to Discussion


Write an analytical summary of chapters 9 and 10 (see the provided links). In addition to your analytical summary, address the following: 1.     As a manager, discuss how you would use or have used the concepts presented in chapters 9 and 10. 2.     Why might managers find a flexible-budget analysis more informative than a static-budget analysis? 3.     How might a manager gain insight into the causes of flexible-budget […]

External link to Business Law

Business Law

Based upon this week’s materials and your independent research, answer  the question as to whether it is ethical to download music or movies  without paying, supported by your reasoning as to why or why not? Requirements of the assignment: All papers must use a minimum of 3 sources.   The textbook is an acceptable source. All papers must follow all APA requirements. (10% deduction if not) […]

External link to Journal assignment

Journal assignment

First, review the required module resources, examining the behavioral competencies within the interpersonal domain. As a reminder, the three main clusters within the interpersonal domain are relationship management, global and cultural effectiveness, and communication. Once you are familiar with the interpersonal domain clusters, conduct a self-reflection and analysis by responding to each of the following three questions: Strengths: What are your areas of strength within […]

External link to Statistics Analysis

Statistics Analysis

In preparation for writing your report to senior management next week, conduct the following descriptive statistics analyses with Excel®. Answer the questions below in your Excel sheet or in a separate Word document: Insert a new column in the database that corresponds to “Annual Sales.” Annual Sales is the result of multiplying a restaurant’s “SqFt.” by “Sales/SqFt.” Calculate the mean, standard deviation, skew, 5-number summary, […]

External link to Phoenix LDR 535 Apply: Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model Chart

Phoenix LDR 535 Apply: Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model Chart

Assignment Content     To prepare for the Week 2 Assessment, consider a past or current professional experience where a culture change was needed. Use the professional experience of going from a civilian to military position/lifestyle. Using the Organizational Change Chart, outline information about the experience and organization following Kotter’s 8-Step to Change Model as a guiding line. Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model Step One: Create Urgency. Step Two: Form a […]

External link to BUS 745 Corporate Social Responsibility

BUS 745 Corporate Social Responsibility

Discussion Question 1 – CLO 1 As Thiel (2015) notes, “No matter how much society strives to renew business and economic development for the betterment and advancement of social progress, the strategic role of society apart from economic development must be evaluated. _ How can an organization strategize so as to best demarcate and balance the relative importance of business development and profit versus its […]

External link to DQ


locate three research studies that support the premise that better managers are those who pursue an understanding of the culture and/or climate of their organization. Why does it matter to gain insight about the culture and/or climate in the workplace? Use online, peer-reviewed journal research (case study research is preferred) to inform your writing. Summarize the takeaways from the articles that can support greater skill […]

External link to The Value of Voice and Dignity

The Value of Voice and Dignity

I speak not for myself but for those without a voice…those who have fought for their rights… their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated. ~ Malala Yousafzai The following narrative is an excerpt from an unpublished article by Dr. Blanche Wallace (1). When I was selected to help establish the […]

External link to Data and analysis

Data and analysis

Chellyn, IMPORTANT: This discussion assignment asks you to write about Maruti Suzuki India case study and NOT what you are writing about. I want you to resubmit Week-6 discussion about your research explaining using various Exhibits 1-13 to answer your research question. You can do T-Test and ANOVA to see if there are statistical differences between the three reasons for purchasing the car brand. What are […]

External link to week 1

week 1

Prepare a paper with a minimum of 4 pages (not including APA references) explaining the development of a method for cost estimation that will include contingency reserves. Be sure to include 2 outside references in APA format.  Determine how to evaluate a company’s contingency reserves. Recommend strategies on how companies need to apply risk techniques in order to have contingency reserves. Objectives Define project risk […]

External link to Deliverable 3 – Art Event for Workplace Colleagues(2-3PageProposal)

Deliverable 3 – Art Event for Workplace Colleagues(2-3PageProposal)

Competency Utilize art elements in real-world contexts and the workplace. Scenario Your workplace has a line in its budget for team building events outside of work. In the past, your supervisor has passed out free tickets to minor league baseball games, passes to an amusement park, and even rented a lodge for a hunting retreat.This year, your coworkers and you received an email asking what […]

External link to Deliverable 3 – Emotional Intelligence Reflection

Deliverable 3 – Emotional Intelligence Reflection

Competency Evaluate the importance of emotional intelligence in relationship building and interpersonal communication. Scenario You are interviewing for a new position in middle management at KBR Enterprises. As part of the interview/evaluation process, you have been asked to assess your own emotional intelligence. Write your reflection to the following interview question: Explain how emotionally intelligent you would rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 with […]

External link to Work Ethics

Work Ethics

Southern Crescent Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, located south of Atlanta, delivers relevant technical education, adult education, and learning opportunities via various instructional modalities at the associate degree, diploma, and certificate levels to promote service, workforce development, and economic development. Each work ethic is key to your success as a student and as an employee. After reflecting on the […]

External link to business information system essay

business information system essay

Using a CRM platform of your choice from the previous activity (which is Hubspot) , in addition to two additional CRM platforms, complete the following assignment: You are the Chief Technology Officer at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport. As a large hub and busy airport, your goal is to increase spending within the airport to create a shopping mall-like experience. To do this you need the following:  A […]

External link to Google


Your initial post should be 300 words in length.   From your readings in Chapter 10, please review the Case Study on Google: The Drive to Balance Privacy with Profit. After your review of the video case study, please post a summary on your thoughts about the case study. Please correlate your thoughts to the readings from the chapter and one peer-reviewed article from the library. […]

External link to Week 1 Report

Week 1 Report

Instructions Course Project  For this course, you will have a course project that includes the written assignments in Weeks 1, 3, and 5. The Week 3 and Week 5 assignments are considered major assignments, which combined are worth over half of the total course points. It will likely take you more than one week to complete the Week 3 and 5 major assignments, so begin working on those tasks sooner rather than […]

External link to project


Over the next five weeks, you will research and analyze financial information on two companies listed on an exchange. Choose any two companies that are in the same industry and listed on the NYSE or any other exchange. Collect the financial information for these two companies and make sure you have information that includes balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow for the […]

External link to MGT/526: Managing In A Changing Environment week 2

MGT/526: Managing In A Changing Environment week 2

Assignment Content Managers at each level of the organization use a type of SWOT analysis to identify strategies that will best position the company to achieve its mission and goals. The first step in a SWOT analysis is to identify an organization’s strengths and weaknesses that characterize the present state of the company. The next step requires managers to identify potential opportunities and threats in […]

External link to final paper for business information system like overall what I learned

final paper for business information system like overall what I learned

Question titlee.g: Lorem, IpsumYour questionNormalHeading LargeHeading MediumHeading SmallCode BlockNormalWrite a 2-4 page paper (not including title or reference pages) with your thoughts and opinions based on what you’ve learned in this class on how the landscape of data privacy will change in the next 50 years as it relates to information systems and knowledge sharing. Include your thoughts on:The role of government in data ethics, […]

External link to “A” WORK PLAGIARISM FREE


Using the selected government budget from Parts I and II in the previous units (New York Local Government), expand upon your previous works in discussing the following areas: a) Privatization efforts that have been made as well as recommendations for possible privatization efforts or partnerships with private and nonprofit companies/organizations b) An analysis of financial policy trends towards alternative taxes c) An analysis of relevant […]

External link to econ


When a company advertises on the_ Internet, the company pays the operators of search engines each time an ad for the company appears with search results and someone clicks on the link. Click fraud is when a computer program pretending to be a customer clicks on the link. An analysis of  1,200  clicks coming into a_ company’s site during a week identified  190  of these […]

External link to Culture of an Organization

Culture of an Organization

I work for CoreCivic Tallahatchie Correctional Facility in Tutwiler, MS Describe the culture of the organization for which you work, or one with which you are familiar. Use concepts found in the text and other sources that you find.  Discuss the culture in terms from Schein’s description of the culture or from one of the other definitions of culture described in the text.  Describe whether […]

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