External link to Trade Stocks

Trade Stocks

This weeks assignment: Pick a company (Netflix) that you like that offers stock. Write a two-page report on the history of that stock, include: What is the company?; when was stock first offered?; how much was it per share when it was first offered?; how is it doing now? If you bought 1,000 shares when it was first offered – how much money would you […]

External link to Discussion 2

Discussion 2

We know that it is important to have a good working relationship between carriers and shippers to ensure a quality, professional delivery is made each time.  What are some of the factors that we need to consider when we are looking to make a solid, positive relationship with our potential shippers? And how does our relationship effect customer service?  250 words

External link to Week 2

Week 2

The impact of weak internal controls can affect an employee’s fraud behavior. The role of information technology (IT) controls facilitate and help detect fraud. Design a method from the accounting information system (AIS) readings to help eliminate such employee fraud activity. Chapter 3 in your textbook discusses the need for a code of ethics and internal controls

External link to 8-1 follow up

8-1 follow up

Good discussion of the steps and how Lewin’s model should occur in the workplace. Sometimes the application may not always work as well as the theory might describe. Sometimes there might be additional changes, a slow down in the process, uncompleted steps, etc. Sometimes changes are successful and sometimes they are not. Have you ever experienced a change that was unsuccessful?

External link to Discussion 2 Part 2

Discussion 2 Part 2

How does an infinitely or indefinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma game differ from a finitely repeated or one-time game? Review the Prisoner Dilemma game from the textbook or internet search and discuss the game; the players; the process; the outcomes or wanted/not wanted outcomes, etc… This question is left wide open so you can discuss the game wan how it applies to transportation.   250 words

External link to Discussion 2 Part 3

Discussion 2 Part 3

As world trade continues to increase due to supply and demand, how will ports accommodate this increase in cargo? What are the issues facing ports as they promote themselves and increase cargo? What are some specific solutions that address these issues and problems both in short-term and long-term operations? In addressing these questions, choose a port as an example in your discussion.  250 words

External link to Product X

Product X

Pretend that you have just been hired as the Marketing Manager for a company that produces product X. Describe how you would use all four types of promotion to market this product. Product X can be any good or service, or it can be a person (performer, politician) or an organization. Be very specific and include how each part of the promotion mix will reach […]

External link to 2 slide power Ethical Business Power Point

2 slide power Ethical Business Power Point

One slide per bullet point. Make sure to include in text citations on the slide necessary and provide a 3rd slide with references in APA format  Slide 1 Identify one ethical issue US businesses might face when deciding to open a subsidiary in a foreign country/ foreign corrupt practice Slide 2 Make one recommendation on how businesses can pursue high ethical employment standards when expanding […]



Please follow instructions below for any case write up. 1.Read the case a couple times. 2. Use the same format as a write-up sample posted on canvas 3. One page summary do describe the case itself 4. Identify problems described in the case 5. Analyze problems 6. Come up with solutions (what would you do in that particular situation if you were in charge of […]

External link to WW45


1. What is variable costing analysis. Describe what you learned about this topic and how variable costing differs from absorption costing.  2.  We cover two chapters (20-21) that focus on budgeting. Please choose one of the budgets presented (cash receipts, purchases, production, etc.), provide a brief explanation of how it is calculated/determined, and discuss its importance in the managerial accounting field.

External link to Stock Investment Project

Stock Investment Project

You have $10,000 (of imaginary money) to invest in the stock market.  You are to choose a company, and track its progress for eight weeks.  You will chart its price per share every Friday(after the stock market closes at 4:00PM) from February 12, 2021 through April 2, 2021, and prepare a formal written report.  (NOTE:  You will technically have through Sunday night to look up […]

External link to Financial plan / business plan

Financial plan / business plan

view sample business plan component.  Revise the Financial Plan you developed in FIN/571 as desired to support your overall business plan. Be sure to include the following as they relate to the organization that you created: A description of the organization, including the type of organization Business case (why funding is needed) Source of capital Cost of capital Capital and supply costs Marketing costs Labor […]

External link to SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

How does the Intercontinental Miami compare with its key competitors in Miami? Execute a SWOT analysis using a SWOT Matrix (SWOT analysis stands for: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). *Instructions* -DUE THURSDAY April, 15, 2021 BY 5PM -The Company to do SWOT analysis on is called: INTERCONTINENTAL MIAMI -Conduct a THOROUGH SWOT analysis for the organization -Do not plagiarize from uploaded file -Use other resources […]

External link to OM


Demonstrate process-flow analysis, process design solutions, operations strategies, Inventory Control System and customer services in the business operation.  Assignment Question(s): (Marks 5) A public accounting firm requires the following activities for an audit:  (   IN ATTACHMENT )  a) Draw a network for this project? (Marks 2.0) b) Make a forward pass and a backward pass to determine ES, LS, EF, and LF? (Marks 2.0) c) […]

External link to Individual Paper

Individual Paper

Each student will write an individual paper regarding financial plan in the future. Your write-up will be a paper of 2000 – 2500 words (APA style required).  Financial planning is very important for your future. Some people fail to succeed in financial planning, so they suffer from their financial problems. Others succeed in financial planning, so they can enjoy their life when their old age. […]

External link to Vans’s Mission and Vision

Vans’s Mission and Vision

Share the mission and vision of Vans “Off The Wall”. Write a one-page analysis of how the company is implementing the mission and vision in the business. Use at least one source other than the textbook (David, F.R. & F. David (2016). Strategic Management: Concepts (16th ed.). NJ: Prentice Hall, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-4-15397-1) that supports your position.  Follow all elements of the APA format and include […]

External link to Business Statistics: Written Report

Business Statistics: Written Report

Given a data set that replicates the industry/world, students will be required to perform a wide range of statistical analysis covered in the course, with focus on the analysis of relationships between variables. The response to the assignment must be provided in the form of a business report with no more than 10 pages (excluding cover page).  The structure of your business report must include: […]

External link to Discussion Board

Discussion Board

Incorporate the concepts of game theory with international trade and tariffs. Set up two payoff matrices. Set up the first payoff matrix such that the outcome will be harmful to both countries. Set up the second payoff matrix such that the outcome will be beneficial to the United States. Evaluate the two matrices using current actions by each country to see which matrix is most […]

External link to Project


This class is ECO321, The Economic History of Canada.   Description_ The story of long-run economic growth and welfare in the Canadian economy, with the aid of economic analysis, quantitative data, and other historical materials. Emphasis on the development of the Canadian economy from a resource-based economy to a developed industrial economy within an international setting.  There are all have two questions. This project topic is […]

External link to TM DS 7.

TM DS 7.

Leadership Paradox and Inter-team Relations A. What is the leadership paradox? Have you ever encountered the leadership paradox? Give two reasons why a leader can encounter difficulty in newly formed teams or groups.  B. What are three examples of what might cause inter-team conflict within an organization?  C.    What serious biases or misassumptions do groups that are involved in inter-team conflict sometimes experience? How do these […]

External link to Please answer the following questions

Please answer the following questions

1. Congratulations! You have recently been promoted and are the company’s new Human Resources Manager! You have offices in several countries, so how would you evaluate different compensation packages for employees who are located throughout the world? 200 words + 2 academic journals in APA Format 2. what are some key performance indicators that are used by organizations? How can managers explain the importance of […]

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