Tech Companies that Provide Biography Writing Services

Before we even list the best tech companies that provide biography writing services, it is important first we have a brief conversation about biography writing, the importance of a good professional biography, and why you need to select the best tech company for your biography.

Biography Writing

A biography is a story of a person’s life written by another person.

The author of a biography is known as a biographer while the person whose story iswritten is known as the biographee or subject.

Biographies take the form of a narration written in a chronological manner through the stages of a person’s life.

Tech Companies that Provide Biography Writing Services are essential for your professional success

It is important to note that a biography is very selective and focusses on key experiences and events in a biographee’s life.

Your professional biography must be thorough and comprehensive, giving your audience a perfect idea of who you are and what you represent.

The reader of your biography must feel like they know a great deal about you by the time they are done reading.

NB/A good biography adheres to all the grammar and writing conventions.

The Importance of a Good Professional Biography

  • A good biography describes your personality, education, your history, and the way you relate to your industry. It is therefore, more than your resume.
  • Unlike a resume which is only used when applying for jobs, a professional biography is produced everywhere in:

1. Networking opportunities,

2. Promotional materials

3. Pitches for presentations, public speaking, or training.

4. Linkedin and and a shorter version in twitter

5. Job search

6. Publications of books, reports,e-books, guest blog posts, and any other professional document.

7. Proposals and quotes meant for prospective customers

8. The ‘about us’ page in your blog or website

Why you Need to Select the Best Tech Companies for your Biography

Writing a biography is not an easy task bearing in mind that people are extra cautious with what they want to share to the rest of the world about themselves.

For professional biographers who have no authority to write on their subject’s lives, it becomes harder as they have to rely on second-hand information about the subject.

Writing a biography is also quite challenging because the narrative has to be engaging to the reader.

This means that you have to ensure that the biography is interesting, otherwise, you won’t have an audience to read your boring biography.

You, therefore, need to get a professional who is able to craft the biography in a way that compels the reader from the start to the end.

You need professionals who have the skills and experience with writing hundreds of biographies from subjects coming from all walks of life.

Tech Companies that Provide Biography Writing Services 


Smart Custom Essays is a professional company with a dozen years in the field of preparing academic and professional work for clients globally.

  • Other than making your story engaging and interesting to the reader, Smart Custom Essays keeps your story professional.
  • Out of the many online content creators, Smart Custom Essays is among the best insofar as satisfying clients’ needs is concerned.
  • The company is very reliable and offering flexible and affordable costs. All you need is to contact the support team and you will get a quotation from your requirements.
  • Its staff is very competent, passionate, and professional.
  • You can be sure that the biography will be delivered according to your requirements.
  • Their professional biographies range from the shorts ones to the lengthy biographies, depending on their clients’ preferences.
  • The professional biographers serve everyone across the globe and houses a team of writers from across the globe too. The team assists you by offering you ideas and implementing exactly what you agree on.
  • If a client is not happy with a specific part of the biography or the whole biography, Smart Custom Essays immediately reassigns the order to another writer who understands your biography better.


Elite custom essays is another company that has been around for about a decade.

Just like Smart Customs, the company has seasoned biography writers who give you precisely what you want at affordable prices and within the timeframe that you agree on.

Elite offers a wide range of services and they are as reliable as Smart Custom Essays.

What to Look out for Before Selecting a Tech Company for Biography Writing Services

1. How much do they charge?

While it is not a great idea to choose the cheapest company in the market, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a company with great work and a reasonable price. Reasonable price means the price that you are prepared to pay.

2. Do they Provide the Services that you Need?

You will be surprised by how many people hire the wrong individuals to work on their biographies only to get a shoddy job. Do not hire a web developer to prepare your professional biography. Take time to do research before you hire a tech company to work for you on your bibliography.

3. Do they have time for you?

Make sure that the company you choose also has time for you. Be upfront about your deadlines so that the tech company can tell you sooner whether they can fit in your schedule.

If a company is not ready or available when you need them to be, don’t be afraid to look for others. You can in fact ask for referrals.

4. Ask the Company whether they have any questions

It is good to ask whether they have any question regarding the bibliography to get a feel of whether they know what the job entails.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Biography Writing Services


Q. What is the Process of having a biography written?

A. You are first expected to contact us and discuss with us on your needs. We will then provide you with a draft of what is required for your bio, where you will have a chance to review and inform us any refinements that you need. We will then issue you with the final copy of your bio within the stipulated time.

Alternatively, you can click on the ordering page and input all the requirements for your bio, then our automated system will issue you with an invoice for which you will be required to pay as we work on a draft for your biography.


Q. Which Countries do you Serve?

A. We serve everyone across the globe. Despite the fact that our physical location is in the United States, we conduct our services online. We can contact and serve our clients from any part of the world.


Q. What if I change my mind on what I need in the bio, or I am otherwise unhappy with the final copy?

A. We have bio writers on stand-by to make the necessary revisions upon your request. It is your bio, you are our esteemed customer, and it is our objective to ensure that you are satisfied.


Q. What if I need bios with different lengths to serve different purposes?

A. We have professional writers to write bios according to your specifications. We write both long and short bios.


Q. What if I don’t know what to put in my Bio?

A. Do not worry! Let your challenge be our concern. With our team of experienced writers, we will ask you the right questions to get the required information for your bio. We will then tailor the information together to showcase your experience, skills, and talents.


Q. When will you deliver my complete biography?

A. It is up to you to choose when you want your complete biography. Our writers always deliver your bio even before your deadline to give you time to make comments and suggestions in the case of a revision.

Q. In addition to your bio services, can you also assist in web content creation, web design, or set up my LinkedIn account?

A. Yes. We have graphic designers who will create a professional pdf file with your photo, contact information, and logo.Our graphic designers will redesign your website to fit your preferences or your LinkedIn profile to make it presentable.


Q. What is your preferred payment method

A. We accept numerous payment methods which you can view in our ordering page. We have installed the prerequisite security measures to ensure that while you are making the transactions, your personal data is safe from hackers. Our website has an SSL certificate.

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