Autobiography Examples

Autobiography Examples

 This page seeks to cover several autobiography examples that will offer a comprehensive guideline for preparing your autobiography.

An autobiography is different from a feature article or even a biography, which is precisely your life story written by someone else.

before preparing the final copy be sure that you first note intriguing life events about you

before preparing the final copy be sure that you first note intriguing life events about you

However, some people prefer when another person prepares their life story because they are not professional writers, but they are still considered the authors of the autobiographies as they provide the requisite information for making the autobiography.

Autobiographies in Brief

An autobiography is a story about the life of a person written or told by the same person. An autobiography can also be a narrative or story from an inanimate or imagery point of view. Find below the best Autobiography examples for:

  • A Student and
  • A Pet

Autobiography Example of a Student

My name is Elias Barkley. I was born on March 8, 1990, in Sydney, Australia, where I lived till the time I went to the University in the United Kingdom. I am the third child and the only son in a family of four. My father, Mr Nicholas Josephs is a retired civil servant, and he is currently a real estate agent in the countryside. My mother, Mrs Lucy Barkley, on the other hand, is a farmer, grows mushrooms for sale in the local restaurants as well as for exports. She also assists my father in the real estate business and takes care of her grandchildren whenever my elder sister has travelled.

I went to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School for my elementary education and completed my high school education at the Australian International High School. I then proceeded to the University of Edinburg in the United Kingdom, where I did my degree in Computing and Electronics.

Since I was the only boy in our family, my parents exposed me to several menial jobs at our home. From farming to fixing our electronics gadgets and light bulbs. I was basically the “Mr. fix it”. I remember how my father made me prepare large holes for planting bananas over the weekends. He always insisted that he is preparing me to be a real man. Sometimes I complained, I even cried. Imagine losing all the playtime to be in the farm digging holes or be at his real estate business painting walls for the already finished houses? It was no joke. However, I do not complain today as I believe that the tasks I was subjected to made me who I am today. The assignments made me responsible and innovative. I will forever thank my father, and I will definitely make my son follow the same steps in life.

I believe I adopted my brilliant brains from my grandfather, who was an innovative architect, and he was always the best student in their architectural studies class at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, my talents were not only limited to the classroom alone; students associated me with Michael Phelps because of my prowess in swimming. I participated in my high school swimming competition, and I have a dozen trophies on the same.

I have a talent in writing feature articles on celebrities as well as studying art. I spend most of my leisure time reading books and watching international tv. Channels such as CNN and BBC. I believe that it is from the way I spend my leisure time that I have developed a passion for writing articles. I hope that soon I will write a complete book or novel addressing current affairs ranging from world politics to fashion and style.

My most significant break came in 2016 when the United Nations Volunteers hired me. I have participated in numerous volunteer activities across the globe. It is a fantastic experience seeing the impact that one has towards the less privileged members of our society. Recently we travelled to Kenya, to a county called Turkana, an arid region where children have lost their lives out of starvation. Helping the children get at least one meal for a day was mission accomplished to me. We also teach underprivileged survival tactics, including ways of harnessing water for farming. We not only give the poor food, but we also leave them having sustainable means for survival. The volunteer program has also made me meet new friends across the globe, improved my social and relationship skills, and most importantly, brings fun and fulfilment, into my life. There is a lot I would say about volunteer missions, but I urge everyone, especially individuals who love adventure to try out volunteering, and you will reap amazing fruits as you touch the lives of the underprivileged.

During my volunteer with the United Nations, I met the love of my life, Tiffany Haddish. She was a journalist doing her work, she interviewed me, liked me, invited her for a date, and the rest is history. It’s incredible when you meet a person and feel like Deja Vu, that’s what we felt. Tiffany supports me in my work, and I also encourage her with her journalism career. We hope to get three kids in the near future.

Because of the fantastic experience and my commitment to volunteering, the United Nations awarded me a scholarship to study masters in social studies at a university of my preference across the globe. I intend to take the scholarship next year. However, I am torn between settling for South Africa or Egypt. I am still making inquiries with my international friends on the best University to do the degree.

My main belief is that to be happy, you must make your environment happy too. You can never relay negative energy to your environment and expect to get happiness in return. That’s the rule of nature. Helping other people gives anyone the ultimate joy, and that’s the life that I have chosen.

I also believe that people need to keep a balance in all areas of life, including family, friendship, work, society, and so forth. Excelling in my academics, participating in volunteer programs, and opting to do a masters course that is entirely different from my undergraduate degree is my way to keep the balance. My passion for travelling the world has driven me. The journeys have made me learn more about other cultures as well as myself. Besides, travelling the world has made me dynamic, and able to comfortably blend in diverse, multicultural settings.

I believe that a masters in social studies in Africa will allow me to become a real professional in volunteer activities, and possibly propel me to higher ranks in the United Nations Organization.

 Autobiography Example of a Pet

The Autobiography of a Dog

Howdy, my name is Terry. I am a Chihuahua. I had a life with a mixture of great and bad times, and now I am 16 years old, that’s like 80 in dog years. I was born in a pack of 7, my mother, three brothers and three sisters. I never learned who my father was.

My mother used numbers instead of names so that when our owner came, they could give us the proper names and also learn our names quickly. Since I was the third born, I was given the number three, and I grew attached to number 5. She was the prettiest of the pack, with beautiful eyes and a brown nose. Her tail was quite short for a dog, with a white tip.

We were separated from our mother when we got old enough and taken to a new kernel, a life that we had not been used. We missed our mother. We later learned that the new kernel was a pet shop.

Unfortunately, the owner of the dog shop did not care about us anymore; he was only concerned with the profits he made from my sisters and brothers. The living conditions were horrible. They even never changed the newspaper on the floor of the kernels. The food was satisfactory, though they never served it in a dish like before. They occasionally gave us water. Our fur matted and became dull because the vendor never took us out to have a shower.

One day our dog shop opened, and a young girl with her father came in. They were both in shock to see how we were being treated. I could see how they were shocked and disgusted to the extent of even covering their noses because of the stench that emanated from the kernel. The little girl spotted me and rushed over crying “Chihuahua!” in the most amazing and adorable voice I had ever heard in my life.

I was startled. The man and her daughter bought my friend five and me. They put us in a carrier box, moved us to a car. I panicked when we started running, but 5 comforted me and I relaxed.

We were taken to a large house, larger than I had ever seen. The house had a dining room, a lounge, two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. We were taken into one of the bathrooms, and the little girl put us in a bath tab which was shallow and warm. They added shampoo and soap into the water; she then washed us gently using a flannel, which reminded me of my late mother’s tongue. I missed her.

After the stunning bath, the little girl dried us using a towel. By the time she was done drying five, she looked like a cotton ball. After they were done cleaning us, the man asked the little girl to name us. The little girl giggled and answered, “Okay, Terry and Tiffany”. That’s how we acquired our names. I loved my name.

They then served us with natural grain, and it was delicious. Both Tiffany and I licked our dishes clean. Our new hosts were seated on the dining table, eating something that smelt like fish and potatoes. We were then taken to the lounge where the little girl (Whom we later learned her name as Naomi) played with us, using a ball with a string. It was fun. I thank Naomi for picking us from the filthy dog shop.

How do you Write an Autobiography?

  • An autobiography must be written in the first person’s viewpoint. Remember that an autobiography is the story of the life of a person written by that person. Therefore, it must be written in the first person. The first person pronoun such as me and I must be used when referring to the person writing the autobiography.
  • When writing about an inanimate object or an animal, put yourself in the shoes of the object or animal and imagine the things it would think, see, or say if it were alive.
  • When preparing an outline for your autobiography, think about what you want to write and note the thoughts down in the form of points
  • The points to write must be lifetime events and facts about your life
  • The lifetime events must be arranged in chronological order, describe the events in the order that they occurred in a person’s life. Start with the earliest event and end with the most recent event
  • The title of your autobiography must be in title casing. This means that the main words must begin with capital letters
  • The autobiography must be divided into paragraphs, with every paragraph having a maximum of one point.
  • Just like a story, the autobiography can also be divided into three parts:

a) The beginning or the introduction

Try interestingly introduce your autobiography.

The introduction should start in the present, followed by mentioning your birth.

Tell an exciting story about your birth by using a funny dialogue that you said at your birth.

b) The middle or the body

The body may have more than one paragraph. The body of your autobiography is developed by including:

I. What you were like when younger

II. How you are like today

III. Your personality

IV. Your favourite subject in school

 V. Your friends

VI. Conclude by indicating what you hope to become in future

c) The end or the conclusion

The conclusion summarizes everything that you have discussed or described.

Explain why you wrote the autobiography and be sure to end it on a positive note.

  • Proofread your autobiography and make appropriate changes. Ensure that all the significant points that you mentioned in the outline have been included and that the purpose of the story as well as the life events are easy to understand. Also, ensure that the language used is descriptive, simple, and engaging to your audience.
  • Ensure that your story is interesting, and it does not deviate from the truth.
  • As you proofread, also ensure that your capitalization, spelling, and grammar are well checked.


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